Baby Gizmo 2012 Awards – Best Stroller Accessories

Baby Gizmo Awards

Sure, everyone is talking about all the great things that will happen in 2013, but we are taking the opportunity to look back at 2012. Yep, it is that time of year again! Time for the Baby Gizmo 2012 Awards!

We are starting out the awards ceremony this year with the Best Stroller Accessories for 2012. Since most of us love to accessorize, why not take a look at our favorite products to bling up and accessorize your stroller?! We’d love your feedback this year either by either commenting on your favorites or leave us a comment with any products that you think we should have included!

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  1. Thanks for doing these awards , i must admit I do rely heavily on peoples reviews when buying items. SO its always good to see a list of well reviews stroller accessories. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi, It is my humble opinion that you should include the only over the door stroller hanger, the StrollAway! Made of steel, holds up to 40 lbs, with adjustable arms to hold most any stroller model. The StrollAway also includes a spacer to fit any door without screws or drilling (no damage to doors!)
    Gets the stroller off the floor and out of the way!


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