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  1. I love that your videos give all the content. If it is a new release of an older product you mention what has changed and what hasn’t. Also all of the content you can’t find unless you read user review after user review.

  2. I love how detailed you describe all the products you review. Any baby gear I have a question about I can pretty much just hit up your web page and fine out!

  3. I like that the videos have truly honest reviews and you can really see the items being reviewed.
    Amie Olson

  4. The video reviews are always so helpful! I feel like I know more about the strollers than employees at stores 🙂 They are always so shocked when I go in to look at the strollers.

  5. My favorite things about the videos are the honesty and thoroughness. They are super helpful! Especially when purchasing items that I can’t find locally.

  6. I love that you give so much information – even mentioning things that I hadn’t thought to wonder about but would drive me crazy once I had the product.

  7. I love that your reviews are honest and fair! They have helped me pick my strollers for my two girls. Thank you so much.

  8. Love the Bumbleride Stroller I know it would be used all the time. I just love babygizmo. This amazing stroller and with the endorsement you gave and all the information you told about it. I would love it. Also the Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall is a bag that is amazing and has plenty of room, also the matching book.

  9. I love that we can see products in action in the videos, especially for the car seat and stroller reviews. By the way, I am DROOLING over this Bumbleride stroller!!!

  10. You guys save me the hassle of buying and returning products- no trial and error when I go with your picks 🙂

  11. I like Holly’s input is exactly what a parent would want to know about each product. A real mom test driving all the new products!

  12. I like that the videos offer more than just still shots of baby gear. I can get a good idea of how the product moves. We don’t have a lot of high end baby stores around us, so I rely on online shopping and reviews for most major purchases.

  13. Obsessed with the Bumbleride Indie Twin would be putting it ever so lightly. I’ve devoted this past week to researching the PERFECT stroller for our growing family! It came down to a 3 strollers, of course the BR coming out after weighing the pros & cons of my choices and after making a detailed list of the most important necessities I was looking for in a double stroller. The Bumbleride Indie Twin had everything I was looking for and more! It’s completely out of our price range but we’re willing to make it work, somehow! After watching the Baby Gizmo video, I was sold. I’m more than confident that the content in the video is 100% authentic and reliable. Hoping we win so we can add that much more ease and joy to our soon to be family of 4!

  14. We will need a double stroller in 2 months! This would be a lifesaver… =) We enjoyed watching the video to see what this stroller can do.

  15. I like that the videos include changes made to newer models and that you can see how they work rather than just reading it.

  16. They are so helpful when trying to figure out which product is best for you. Especially since most of these items are hard to find in stores to try out.

  17. I love that she explains what is new from the old models and shows you how to use everything. I want to win this for a friend having boy girl twins, this color combo would be perfect

  18. I think I said this before, but I love your video reviews. The only thing I would like to see of are action shots. Show me the gear in action. Push the stroller over grass and mulch and over curbs. You can’t do that inside a BuyBuyBaby! Thanks!

  19. I love how you demo the product.. Ease of use is important so I really watch how easy or hard something is to use from the start. If you can’t figure something out within a few minutes it is not worth it!

  20. I love that your videos are so comprehensive and that you are honest with your statements. Also I love that you feature your own children in the videos! It’s very cool to see them grow 🙂

  21. I love the detail that you put into your videos. You never let anything over look!! I can basically watch your videos and learn everything there is about a product and not have to go to their website for more information.

  22. Your videos are so clear and give so much information. Whenever I want to find out about any baby product this is the first place I look.

  23. You pick such great products to review! I love that they are different price ranges! Your videos are pleasing to watch and the perfect length to get a great review !

  24. I love how hands-on the videos are – I’m being shown exactly what is being discussed instead of just pointing and lecturing. They’re also very detailed and organized which I much appreciate!

  25. I love that the videos give us an inside look at products before we purchase them. It’s so hard to order things online when you can’t actually see all of the features!

  26. It’s nice to have someone demonstrate all the features of products rather than reading about them or having to figure them out on your own.

  27. I love that you take time to provide every single information about a product in your video, it is super helpful and easy to understand!

  28. I really like how well you show how things work and are detailed about the improvements. The commentary on what you actually like and dislike is fantastic.

  29. I love baby gizmo videos because they are so so thorough… and not just stats and features, but realistic “mommy” details. She has a real understanding that all children, parents, families, and scenarios are unique…

  30. I love how informative & well organized the videos are! My sister could really use that stroller, I’d send it her way if I was lucky enough to win.

  31. I love that your videos are so comprehensive. I feel like if I can’t see it in person, these videos give me enough insight to purchase the items

  32. I like seeing how easily you guys are able to get things open/closed. I think it would be cool if you would do straight out of the box videos sometimes so we can see how hard it really is. 🙂

  33. I like how you truly go over every aspect of the product not just some. I also like how you show the negatives as well as the positive.

  34. I love the thoroughness of the reviews. I always feel like I have the “whole” picture after listening & watching to your reviews.

  35. A friend suggested this site and I’m just starting to check out the videos. So far, they’re pretty informative and easy to follow, with a variety of topics and ideas that are great!

  36. i love how thorough they are, that you manipulate the products right there so I can really see how they work. Super helpful when we don’t have in real life access to checking a product out

  37. I love how they always sound more like someone I know telling me about what they like/dislike instead of just listing features 🙂

  38. Love Holly’s product reviews. Her walk throughs come across as honest opinion and not mere advertisement. Keep it up.

  39. I love that reviews are actually aimed towards parents/people who use the products. You give the pros and cons and use actual children to show off some of the cool things!

  40. I like the honest information you give. I always get very overwhelmed wondering if certain pieces of baby gear are worth the money and if they’ll truly be necessary.

  41. Baby Gizmo videos are so thorough; you know all the details of the product you’re considering purchasing! How great is that?

  42. I love that every single feature is examined and explained. The “head to toe” approach really helps when local stores don’t carry a brand to try out.

  43. I like that you truly seem informed about the product. It make it very easy for me compare two products that I am thinking about.

  44. Great giveaway. I enjoy your YouTube reviews – informative and helpful when trying to make sense of all the stuff out there. We are having our second child in a few weeks so a double stroller (we keep putting off buying one) is just the ticket. Thanks for celebrating with such a perfect giveaway!

  45. Petunia Picklebottom bags are so awesome! It would be a dream to have one to carry all of my supplies in. THANKS for the giveaway!!!

  46. I love that you go over EVERYTHING! You don’t just say this is cool and here’s a feature but you basically go over every inch of everything and if you don’t love something you say it. Also you do it in a timely manner 🙂 Your reviews are AWESOME!

  47. I love these videos because they don’t just present the good or bad side, you get a well balanced review and all the questions I actually want to know are answered clearly. So amazing to have such helpful info.

  48. I love Baby Gizmo videos because they are real tips from a real mom. We’re not all perfect. We’re not all super mom. I love that Hollie is able to talk to real moms about reality.

  49. My favorite thing is that real mom questions are always answered. Is it heavy? Does the basket hold a lot? Is the canopy sufficient? Love you videos, always a great resource.

  50. I’m a visual person. Seeing different products in video format is very helpful and allows me to check items out from the comfort of my home.

  51. I love these prizes, I mostly look in envy, these are a bit more than I could afford!! I appreciate the shot at winning one!! Love all bumbleride products they are very good looking strollers, I promise I would walk more!! Baby products have come a long way since my kids used this stuff:. Make my grandbabys the proud owner!! Good luck everyone!!

  52. LOVE this giveaway!! especially the petunia pickle bottom 🙂 really really would love to have a petunia pickle bottom bag!!!

  53. These videos are my “consumer reports” when I look into purchasing some baby gear. Very informative yet not overwhelming

  54. I love how it walks me through all the features of the items. I have found that some of the baby gear I have purchased was not clear and so being able to read the reviews and get feedback was hugely important!

  55. I love how thorough they are! There’s nothing like a good video review to give you confidence with an online purchase…..especially a big one like a stroller!

  56. Love the demonstrations in the Baby Gizmo videos and feel like I get all the information I need to make an informed decision. (Features of the stroller that I especially love – eco-friendly fabric [big bamboo fan] and the adjustable handle bar.)

  57. LOVE this giveaway! If I win it would be a tough choice between keeping for myself or gifting to my brother’s family who is expecting twins… 😉

  58. I love how informative the videos are and have used them to make gear decisions for myself and to help others. Manufacturer sites just don’t give all the info or at least not a good visual to go with their info but Baby Gizmo picks up where they leave off. Thanks!

  59. fave thing about your videos is how thourough you review the specific product. you’ve helped me decide what i want to purchase many times! thank you!

  60. I appreciate that you speak clearly and are very easy to understand, and you try to show all parts of the product you’re reviewing.

  61. Seriously love how you show all the little contraptions and conveniences of each piece since sometimes I can’t take them apart like that at the store.

  62. OMG this would be PERFECT. I have a 2nd baby on the way and a 2 year old so a stroller for 2 that is so nice would be great!!!!

  63. I love seeing a hands on demonstration of ALL the things each product does. Videos are so helpful when you are trying to make decisions on what to buy.

  64. My favorite part about Baby Gizmo videos is how thorough you are. You answer questions that I didn’t think to ask! With lots of baby gear options, it’s easy to choose an item that has one or two flashy things but you really cover it all. Thank you!

  65. Every baby gear purchase I have made, was based on a Baby Gizmo review, and all have worked out to my expectations. Thank you Baby Gizmo and Congratulations!

  66. I like the fact that your videos are to the point and that you keep things in perspective. They are real honest opinions

  67. I love how thorough the videos are, and they are great entertainment for a stroller junkie. Sometimes, I pour myself a glass of wine and watch stroller reviews! 🙂

  68. I love that Baby Gizmo videos cover anything you could want to know about the product and that it isn’t just talked about, it is demonstrated too. I also like how clear the speech is and quite honestly, I love the music at the beginning….not that the music affects the video but ya…

  69. I love the the videos are very detailed. Even though I can’t afford most of what you review, I still love watching them.

  70. I love that your reviews are through and how they give me so much more insight into the products then I can gather from just reading a description. Thank you for making my decisions that much more easier!

  71. The thing I like most about your videos is they answer the questions I feel too dumb to ask at the store. I appreciate that!

  72. I love all the detail that are put into the videos. It is nice to actually get to watch and see in the product working!

  73. I love Hollie’s glasses! And….the informative 360 product views, specs, and bonus or problems of products, ie the old bumbleride flite bar inbetween the handles.

  74. More than anything, I love the actual review. I don’t have time to get out and try products most of the time, so it helps to have a trustworthy source for reviews!

  75. My favorite thing about the videos is how I always know the tricks of putting together or breaking down an item. Without these I would likely still be standing there staring at my stroller/high chair clueless!

  76. I love the chance to see a kid in the stroller; see some perspective about how heavy the strollers are and I love that you always give us the seat-back and seat-to-canopy heights.

  77. I love how informative they are. They really show you how the product works and really goes in depth about the product you are showing!!!!

  78. Your reviews are the best!!! I rely on them since I have a 3yr old with Leukemia..we can’t go out and “Kick the wheels” on things so to speak to try them out since he can’t be in public watching your reviews is just like being able to see it up close and personal! Thanks!

  79. I love baby gizmo videos because nothing is left unsaid, not even the things that Holly is not too fond of, she mentions. I also like that she incorporates that kids so that you can get an idea of the size of things. I am always sad when I want to know more about a product that Baby Gizmo has not reviewed because then I don’t know if I can trust 100% that I am getting the right feedback. Thanks again!

  80. I’d love to have a nice diaper bag like this. The one I have somehow add so much weight on my stroller and dragged it down. That caused me and my 2months baby to fall one night. Thank god that she didn’t get hurt or I will never forgive myself. I really need a lightweight diaper bags that can serve it purpose and make life goes smoother. Thank you for giving us a chance to win some good/best baby products form this giveaway.

  81. I’d love to have nice diaper bag like that. The one I have is too heavy that dragged my stroller down and caused me to fall with my baby one time. Thank god she was ok because she was only 2months old. I would never forgive myself if she got hurt. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to enter to win this giveaway.

  82. I love the real life set up of the reviews- actually putting kids in the strollers, for instance. That makes it easier to imagine how the product would really work for us.

  83. they are very informative and it’s nice to get somewhat of a demonstration that highlights features that you can’t really get from the manufacturer

  84. i LOVE the detail of the videos and how they are always personable and enjoyable to watch! Just like if I went to a boutique and they showed me in person! Keep it up!

  85. What I love about BabyGizmo Youtube videos… EVERYTHING!!! Thank you for covering everything under the sun in every single review!!! Things that I would never even think of… Yep- you got it!

  86. I love that you are un-bias toward all your reviews. Now a days, many blogs push certain products without honest reviews.

  87. I love the videos. They are so thorough, give you all the details on the products, even covers things I wouldn’t think to look at, like basket size or height for baby and width.

  88. I love how much information there is! They leave no stone unturned and you know exactly what to expect of each product!

  89. Your video on review of the Bumbleride Indie was so helpful in me making the decision to have my husband get me one for my birthday/christmas/valentine’s day present!! Now that we are preparing for two kiddo’s I am now wishing and hoping for the Indie Twin stroller so both can ride with the best together:)

  90. I love how the videos give so much info. When I couldn’t try out every stroller I was looking at I knew the videos would give me the info I needed to make a good purchase. I also loved looking at the older videos to see changes between models through the years.

  91. I would LOVE this new stroller as we just had #2. Also, love my PPB boxy backpack… and would feel even more chic with this bag! Crossing my fingers!!!

  92. I LOVE your videos because they are so thorough and typically talk about what features are NEW for that given model compared to the prior 🙂

  93. I love how informative and unbiased the Baby Gizmo reviews are. They are a huge help when trying to find products for our child since we live in a small town and the nearest baby stores are almost 100 miles away.

  94. Amazing giveaway!! I love that I get to learn about great products and can feel like I have a working knowledge of them before deciding to purchase!!

  95. i love that the videos are unbiased and detailed. they not only show the product in action, but you can see every piece to scale to know if you have enough space and if its functional for your lifestyle.

  96. Love that you show the various features of the stroller…it gives us a ‘hands on’ feel without being able to see it ourselves in a store.

  97. Love this giveaway. The videos are a great way to compare different products and find the features that are important to you.

  98. I review your baby gizmo videos before buying any of my large baby purchases! I always tell my friends before buying a product to see if you have a youtube video on it! I love how detailed you are with so many products!

  99. I have viewed baby gizmo videos for all of my bigger baby purchases, they are very detailed and give both good and bad features of the products!

  100. OOPS! apparently I left my comment on the wrong post! I LOVE BUMBLERIDE & PPB!!! I LOOVE your blog posts and your video reviews, you’re my go-to on baby stuff!!!!!!!

  101. You’re extremely thorough and speak very clearly so I know exactly what you are saying. It’s also helpful that you show kids actually using the products.

  102. I love this giveaway and thanls for the chance. The videos are very informative and its nice we won’t miss nothing

  103. You’re reviews have been so helpful to me over the past 3 years. I just had another baby a month ago and the Bumble Ride Indie Twin would be so ideal for us. Thank you again for all of your information. I hope I get lucky.

  104. I love your opinions! You often share critiques that I would not have thought of and you can tell that you know what you are doing. I also love to see you folding and unfolding the strollers sometimes because I have watched your video to figure out mine when I first get them!!

  105. My favorite thing about the videos is how you show every detail of the item you are showcasing. I know that you are thorough and honest and I can trust that what you say is true!

  106. My favorite thing about the videos is that you do a great job of really showing off the product and discussing pros and cons. It allows me to do my research before going to the store to purchase something. When I am contemplating a purchase, I always check to see if you’ve reviewed it.

  107. I love how informative yet straightforward your videos are. And that you show how to use things instead of just talking about them 🙂

  108. I like the content, and that you can understand/hear all that’s being said. It seems simple, but you can’t always hear everything on youtube videos

  109. The video’s are so helpful, giving tips and pointers on the fold or different tricks to try when you can’t get things to work. We love BabyGizmo videos!

  110. I LOVE how detailed the Baby Gizmo videos are. Seems like as soon as I think of a question, the video answers it. I have used the videos countless times when deciding whether or not to purchase something and have never been disappointed.

  111. I love that the videos are clear, to the point, and show exactly the detail that I’m interested in seeing. They move along quickly so that I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time watching the video and they’re great for evaluating products- especially the ones that I’m likely to order online instead of buying in person.

  112. just love your website you give all the info us new mums need for all the gadgets we need and some we’d just love to have. these prizes are great would love to win …fingers crossed x

  113. Your Baby Gizmo videos are always so informative and show both the pros and cons of the product. You make it so much easier to make decisions!

  114. My favorite thing about the videos is how detail they are. I love all the information they give about the product.

  115. I love that they’re done by real moms who know what features we want to see. They’re so detailed and I love it when you all do comparisons.

  116. I love how thorough and easy to understand baby gizmo videos are – makes its so much easier to understand all the baby/toddler gear out there!

  117. I love that Holly is a Mom and has 3 kids so she explains the real pros and cons of all the baby gear in the videos instead of just reading about it!

  118. I love that they are very detailed and because they are videos i don’t have to read lots. yes, I know… it’s very lazy of me. hehe

  119. Details, details, details…I love how Holly talks about every single details of a product. It is better than test driving it myself.

  120. The videos are great. I love seeing a real person’s perspective and I love that Hollie always shows us all the details. It’s so much easier than trying to read the manual! Hahaha!

  121. I love the content of the videos because they are actually informative and not just a sales pitch. They give real world experience with the products.

  122. I love how detailed you get in describing each product and all the great features each one has, plus showing how it works.

  123. The amount of detail you put into your video reviews is amazing! You cover every possible aspect of the product. ANd you are really cute! 🙂

  124. Love the detailed video reviews and seeing real children test drive the items. It helped me choose last stroller we purchased!

  125. I love all the little details that are given in the reviews that you won’t find on the item’s website description but rather the things that only a mom tester would notice/know that helps us make informed decisions!

  126. I think I already commented ??? Either way, I love the detailed reviews. It helps to visually compare the strollers vs just reading the specs.

  127. I love the reviews period. Add in the stroller details of seat depth, seat height, canopy stretch, & you have a happy momma. It aids my OCD need to research all things a buy for my girls :-).