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  1. Your videos are great. I would love to see reviews where you categorize by good, better, best or like, love, can’t live without.

  2. I am a big fan of Baby Gizmo! I would like to see ideas of how to set up nurseries/kid rooms. What items should one get for an ideal room? What should one not get? Thanks!

  3. I’m happy with the videos as they are (so thorough!) but I’m loving seeing all the double options this week since I have a 1yo and one due in November.

  4. Agree w previous requests for more visual displays re car seats and stroller breakdown in vehicle! Love the videos so far though!

  5. I would love to see more posts regarding things you don’t have to buy, such as fun things for families to do or new dinner meals

  6. Pick me! Pick me! Ahem…. But seriously. 🙂 love everything about all of these prize packages and it would be a blessing to anyone that gets them. Thankyou for all that you do!

  7. Holly, I love the reviews you do, in fact it was you who sold me on Britax and I’ve been in love with that brand ever since! You are very thorough and cover many points I would never even think of or bother to mention (like the seat back measurements). Now I measure all other reviews I see by your review standards lol. I’d like to see some reviews for baby wearing mamas about baby carriers such as the ergo, etc. You are very thorough with your reviews so I’d love hear your opinion and comparisons on baby carriers.

  8. I have seen some attachments for strollers for a 3rd child I would like to see one and how it works. I saw one the hooks on the middle front? Or if there are scooter attachments for a bumbleride twin.

  9. I would love to see more comparisons as well as children’s size comparisons. I really like to be able to see how items will work for toddlers as well as new babies.

  10. I love your stroller review videos….I’d love to see some real time strolling with kids through the city, park, beach, etc. to see how well they really maneuver!

  11. Baby Gizmo has the BEST reviews! They are accurate and so informative- I LOVE them!!! Thanks for helping so many mommies 🙂

  12. I would love to see more skinny recipes, budget friendly options for baby gear as well as the ability to sort products by age, use, climate, etc.

  13. Your video reviews are very helpful and thorough, but it would be nice to see more of the “negatives” about products you review to get a more well-rounded perspective.

  14. As I am having twins, I am always looking for reviews on double strollers, bassinets, and everything else for multiples.

  15. Thank you for another great giveaway!! I love your reviews… would be nice to see some more affordable options… I think folks would like to see your take on products that aren’t always high end etc… would also love to see you do more babywearing videos…Thanks again!

  16. I think that your videos are actually really thorough. The thing I would like more of would be comparisons between similar strollers and maybe even ones from different price points. I think it would make it a lot easier to buy a stroller that they may only have online. I think it would also help mothers see and hear how things work, the pros and cons mainly. Thank you for all of your research, it has been very helpful to me!

  17. I really can’t think of anything I would like to see more of in your reviews. They are all pretty thorough in my opinion.

  18. Love the videos! I wouldn’t mind seeing more of the multi-item overviews, you know, the smaller things that might not need a full video for each, but you think that people really should know about…

  19. honestly, this is my first time on the site so I don’t have any suggestions for your videos but I wanted to leave a comment for the giveaway. Sorry! But at least I’m honest!

  20. If possible, it would be nice to see how some strollers fit in the trunk of a different vehicles, and how easy or difficult it is to get in and out. Also I really love side by side reviews too, more of those would be great 😀

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  22. I LOVE BABY GIZMO! We always look to your reviews before we purchase any baby gear! I would love to see more side by side comparisons!!! Ah I HOPE I WIN:) Thank you for the GIVEAWAYS!!!

  23. I would like to see how each stroller can maneuver through doors, clothes racks (for shopping), tight spaces, etc. Also, how much stuff can you actually fit in the basket.

  24. I would love to see how each stroller can maneuver through doors and things like clothes racks (for shopping trips). Also, how much baby bag/stuff can fit in the baskets of strollers.

  25. I would like to see more “average” priced products being reviewed. It seems like the majority of the products are higher end, pricier products.

  26. Love the reviews, and all the know it here first on strollers and recalls and other important information. Thanks, love this site.

  27. I like all the videos baby gizmo does cause she explain how all the different stroller work and would like to win the b ready stroller for my two babies

  28. Love all of your reviews. I have a crazy stroller fetish so I would love to see even more stroller reveiws. Maybe some more affordable options for the budget conscious. Also, stroller comparisons would be really great, even comparisons of strollers from the same company. Thanks Baby Gizmo – keep up the good work!

  29. love the videos but would like to see more of a new parent figuring out the stroller or live feed of them asking questions

  30. I would love to see a special comparison on strollers/items that make travel with kids easier. I often travel alone with two children and it can be tough. I remember seeing a post about the topic that was great. I am always looking for ways to improve! 🙂

  31. Maybe first impressions + impressions after using the product for a length of time? Or some sort of comparison thing would be good.

  32. I would like to see more affordable brands. Yes, we love our Britax but not everyone can afford them. Your videos are awesome and i love how informative they are.

  33. love the videos they are so helpful! I guess any products that dont have videos yet can be added but otherwise the videos seem great! Hope I win!

  34. Would love to see more car seat videos and maybe a ‘top 5 (or 10) toys’. By year for 1-5 year olds maybe. It’d be great for parents and families!

  35. I would like to see more actions shots – like pushing strollers on grass or over mulch. I want to see what the push actually looks like… Thanks!

  36. Love to see examples of how the infant car seats fit into the strollers (I.e., the ones with the universal adapters)

  37. Hard to comment on these, because I love your videos as they are! However, I’d like to see more comparison videos between items within the same company when you introduce new items…ie the Britax chaperone vs the Britax B-Safe infant car seat. Or even compare between two different strollers.

  38. Hard to comment on these, because I love your videos as they are! However, I’d like to see more comparison videos between items within the same company when you introduce new items…ie the Britax chaperone vs the Britax B-Safe infant car seat. Or even compare between two different strollers.

  39. I would love to see lists of websites or locations where these items can be purchased, as well as how much they are sold for.

  40. More affordable gear. Love the giveaways, but I would say the average parent can’t afford to buy this awesome stuff…unfortunately.

  41. Hi I would love to see more reviews on other items such as baby diaper bags and tuff like that.. we can use ur kind of reviews for these things

  42. i love your reviews. id love to see more comparisons in the reviews to similar models and even some models that are a bit of a stretch….

  43. I would love to see more videos on lower cost items. Although I love to drool over the super fancy strollers, etc. most of them will never be in our budget. OR maybe comparison videos with higher priced items vs. similar lower cost items so we can see the real differences for the extra $. 🙂

  44. More toy reviews would be great, especially for older kids. My son is 4-years-old and I would love to get some great gift ideas for him.

  45. love all this giveaways , love this stroller for my 3month first baby!!!! would love more reviews on strollers that can be used from newborn to toddler.

  46. Thanks for all your great reviews! The only question I have sometimes is if a particular stroller would fit in my (small!!) trunk?

  47. I like how the videos demonstrate different features of products but I’d like to learn more about prices and where to purchase the products.

  48. There are actually two things I would like to see more of in your Baby Gizmo Videos. We need products that are more affordable but as good as stokke, britax, bumblebee, oilo, etc. (giveaway items) and second thing is gear for dads!!!!

  49. I’ve been interested in Britax seats since my oldest was born, but unfortunately they have always been too pricey for me (I was a single mom for a time, and now we’re on a limited budget). I have heard almost nothing negative about this brand.

    Two of my kids have refused all kinds of pacifiers except MAM, and now my newborn will only use MAM bottles even. No one in my area carries them, so I had to order the bottles and spare parts especially from the website.

  50. Maybe start doing a segment for the environmentally conscious parents? Organic layette or formaldehyde free strollers

  51. I agree with several others; some more reviews on more affordable/accessible options. The products you have reviewed are awesome, but definitely on the pricey side.

  52. It may stray from the babygizmo name, but I’d love to see reviews on bicycles for toddlers. What you have up now is great though!

  53. I’d love to see daddy doing a few reviews 🙂 Especially with strollers- tall guys tend to have issues with kicking the tires, etc, on some strollers, so I would LOVE to see daddy strolling comfortably so I know it’s one my hubs would use.

  54. I don’t have anything in particular I’d like to see more of right now. You’ve covered a lot for me already and been informational thank you for all that you do!

  55. I honestly cant think of anything to add to your videos! They are all so great! I use them as a reference quite often!

  56. I think it will help a lot if you compare strollers with other stroller and which stroller is better for a double stroller or a single stroller for new m0ms. =]

  57. comparisons and different priced product alternatives. as for what you do, i think you already do a great job so not much to change about that. with some products it would be nice to have a model to use the product, for example a baby carrier and stuff like that.

  58. I really feel you cover everything in your videos. Things you love and things you wish were different. I like that honesty.

  59. I would love to see more car seat reviews and dad friendly items. I also would like to see more reviews that involve real life situations.

  60. Seriously, I’m not sure if anything needs to be changed. I think, from what I’ve seen, that it is pretty nice…

  61. Cups, I would love to see more videos on picking the right cups for my kids as they transition from one milestone to another.

  62. Comparison reviews would be great. There are so many options out there it is hard to sort through all the info.

  63. I would love to see you compare multiple strollers, or car seats in one video, so we can see the pros and cons of each.

  64. I’d love to see some more affordable gear. I love a lot of what you profile, but couldn’t afford more than half of it. maybe a “best of affordable gear” type deal. =)

  65. Maybe you could have other moms weigh in with their opinion? You could stroll the park and find people to “test out the product”.

  66. I would like to see more reviews on some more affordable options. When I do spend the money on something more expensive I always check to see if you have a review!

  67. I just stumbled onto your blog. I love the Britax brand and I would love to have the B Ready stroller for my boys! Do you do videos on the Britax carseats? I am currently looking for a new carseat/booster for my 3 year old because his baby brother will be needing his Britax Marathon.

  68. I like hearing how products compare to one another. For example, at the end of a review of a given stroller you might mention 2-4 comparable strollers, perhaps at different price points, and how you think they stack up to one another.

  69. Someone else said it best: “You think of things I didn’t know I wanted to know”.
    I agree with other posters though, some more budget friendly items would be nice to see as well!

  70. I love your reviews but maybe do a moms quick review and a dads quick review of the items after the full technical reviews so you can hear mom and dads pros or cons!

  71. More toddler items would be a good add. We are moving out of the tiny baby stage and am looking at more older kid items lately.

  72. You’re videos are great, but I think I would like to see (A) more Convertible Car Seat video’s geared at newborns and infants (because I’m so scared that my little girls head will be flopping around) and (B) More baby wearing video’s. There are so many different ways to baby ear, and with prices starting at very cheap ranging from pretty expensive, it makes things confusing.

  73. You’re videos are great, but I think I would like to see (A) more Convertible Car Seat video’s geared at newborns and infants (because I’m so scared that my little girls head will be flopping around) and (B) More baby wearing video’s. There are so many different ways to baby ear, and with prices starting at very cheap ranging from pretty expensive, it makes things confusing.

  74. I think the baby gizmo videos are fabulous and in use them for all of my mom research needs I can’t think of anything I would like to see more of.

  75. I’d like to see more cost effective baby products. Maybe do like a comparison video with different strollers, car seats, etc. One that is cost conscious and one that is a splurge.

  76. I love love love your reviews!!! They are def my go to for researching items!!! Would possibly like to see comparisons. Of things such as the two top double strollers etc.. but fantastic the way they are too! 🙂

  77. Baby Gizmo videos are already very thorough. If there’s anything I’d like to see more of, it would be to see how accessories are actually used. For example the toddler boards or specific car seats on the strollers.

  78. Thanks for the great review of the Britax stroller. I’m looking for a stroller with more versatility for my toddler & newborn. It’s so helpful to see a real person using/folding the stroller.

  79. I’d like to see more reviews that show both a male and a female using the product (especially baby carriers) so you can compare

  80. I love anything britax honestly, I really enjoy all of the reviews you do..I feel like all I need to do is open and use it with out all the hassle of trying to figure it out, you have taken that step off my hands. You always give the best advice, even though companies advertise I don’t think they give the same perspective as another mom!! I’m a grandma now and my own children range from twelve to twenty three so baby products have changed so much even in just twelve years. It’s all so fashonable yet way easier to use.. I wansnt be a sexy mom but.I.still have it in me to grandma!!( that sounds srange).. I have to.admit that almost every product I see makes me feel a bit kardashianiish as I dream of using good luck everyone!!

  81. I love your videos and watch them all the time! We are waiting for an adoption placement to come up, so we have plenty of time to research! The one thing I would really really love to see–more affordable options! Not all of us can or want to spend $600 on a stroller! You don’t have to do the cheapest stuff out there, but it sure would be nice to have some reviews for those of us who aren’t flush. 🙂 Thanks!

  82. I know your reviews are toward gears, maybe you can do a toy special or something for the holiday.. toy reviews, maybe?

  83. More budget friendly products. For car seat reviews, show how the fit in a compact car and a bigger car (just to give an idea of size).

  84. Would like to see more moderate priced items reviewed. Of course I love all the high quality items but can’t always afford them.

  85. Something I would like to see more of is giveaways and maybe options from the staff. Like what products do you all use personally.

  86. Baby wearing and cloth diapering. Especially reviews/comparisons of WAHM diapers. And not just AIO’s, fitteds and hybrid fitteds too.

  87. I’d like to see some lower priced but still chic options. Maybe a stroller under $200. And the best bang for your buck type items.

  88. My granddaughter is a toddler but my daughter would still like to be able to carry her in a carrier. I don’t know much about them and would like to purchase one. I would love to see some of those.

  89. I think your videos are fabulous!! If I were to be picky though, I’d say I’d like to see a little more testing on a wider range of kiddos for items like strollers and such. I have a two year old so I want to make sure a product is in it for the long haul when I purchase it.

  90. Would live to win the b ready!!! I would like to hear more negatives or more comparisons to other items on the market!

  91. I won’t forget spending days, watching reviews on YouTube for a stroller. And I’d always come back to Baby Gizmo and watch the reviews on the strollers I’m interested in again and again, lol… I wanted to find the right stroller for us. And Baby Gizmo helped out a lot. Congratulations on your 25 million views! 🙂

  92. I really like the reviews the way they are but If I have to say something than.. I guess.. more double stroller reviews 😉

  93. Side by side comparison of similar products. Had trouble deciding between strollers as you highlighted all the good things, had to go to store and compare the top two.

  94. I would like to see more negatives. Not just for the sake of being negative, but after watching reviews and purchasing based on them I have felt that the real life negatives could have been emphasized more. Maybe adding in a real world test st the end of each showing how you would use it outside of the home if applicable?

  95. I think your video reviews are just perfect! They’re not too long, and give all the helpful information we need when deciding to purchase a product. I love that you always have kids in the videos to demonstrate as well! I guess the only thing I would add is to maybe do more toy reviews. There are so many out there and I’m always looking for fun new toys for my little one.

  96. i’d love to see more videos of gear for two babies close in age. either irish twins, or 2 under 2, or 3 under 2 group. thanks

  97. I like to see comparisons of similar products, and it’s always helpful to hear both the positive AND the negative when you’re trying to make up your mind.

  98. also new to baby gizmo – so i am just getting to watch all your reviews. I love all of what i’ve seen so far!!

  99. Maybe a collection of top products for working moms or for breastfeedin moms, or moms of multiples. or best gear for dad.

  100. I’d like to see more comparison videos, with a review of one and showing how it’s better or worse, teh same, as another.

  101. Love your videos…..maybe more videos on how to install car seats and how to put together those items for us mechanically challenged! LOL! 🙂

  102. i love these videos! I’d like to see more car seat installation videos in the future. i love the stroller ones though. keep them coming!

  103. It would be neat to see comparison videos between popular models, such as a few double strollers and how they compare to each other, and a few jogging strollers, etc. It’s hard to choose, even when there are 2-3 frontrunners that we’ve narrowed it down to. That would be cool! But I love your videos! I also enjoy the different size kids in the strollers, it helps me to imagine what the stroller would be like for our family down the line.

  104. I would like to hear more about the negatives, e.g. what do the reviewers in the web dislike the most about the product. For example, I was researching double strollers and was considering one specific model, until I read several people say it is a great stroller, but needs to be taken backwards up curbs. I don’t care how padded the seats are, if the stroller cannot go up the curbs when loaded!

  105. Maybe things at different price points – like, here ‘s a great stroller for $1000, here’s our favorite at $500 and here’s our favorite at $200.

  106. this stroller is truely amazing… i could only hope to be so lucky to win this stroller!!!! It would be like christmas in september!!!!

  107. I love this channel on YouTube 🙂
    It has helped me choose so many of my baby items, and when I get them, showing me how to work the darn things.

  108. I’d like to see more comparisons as opposed to just the reviews. I think its great to do reviews, but comparing the product to something similar would be a huge help too.

  109. I would love to see products geared toward multiples. I have baby twins and its a bit hard to find stuff. a lot of products are for a “second younger child” not two of the same age. also, some father reviews or at least height comparison on strollers. I’m 5’2 and my husband is over 6ft tall.

  110. I’d like to see more side by side comparisons. More from dad’s point of view, and maybe even some from grandparents pov?

  111. I would like to see a hodgepoge of FAQ.
    Like one I have is does the Vista bassinet fit the UppaBaby Cruz?
    Because I see vista basinetts on ebay all the time, and wonder why does someone just sell the bassinett?

  112. I really believe that the B Ready stroller is the best on the market! I’ll love to see on the videos, more about how to use an adapter for a car seat over It and also how to use the extension piece to give more space to the second seat. I’m expecting my second child in no time! Thanks!

  113. I would like to see more on other items like baby picnic blanket, beach sun canopy/shades for babies, baby hiking/carriers, other double strollers with add on accessories etc. Thank you!

  114. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d love to see reviews of some of the harder-to-get-your-hands-on items. For instance, when I went stroller shopping, I was looking to try out the bebecar and bugaboo….most stores do not carry these strollers near me so I’m stuck having to flip a coin!

  115. I’d LOVE to see more comparisons of jogging strollers meant to be functional as every day strollers compared to every day strollers. 🙂

  116. Love Baby Gizmo! I am quite the researcher before I buy things, and Baby Gizmo quickly become one of my best methods to help back up research I did before buying a product. Thank you, Baby Gizmo!

  117. I love your reviews, would love to see more carseat reviews with refreshers on the latest safety issues and side by side comparisons of products! Also maybe some misc. items like bottles!!! Those are so many and hard to decide which ones to start with lol 😉

  118. I agree with many of the earlier reviews, more car seats. With our family growing, both by numbers and children sizes, we seem to be constantly buying and rotating car seats. And while they are all Britax at this point, we may one day break that pattern as they are so difficult to get three across, even in a large vehicle.

  119. i’d like to see a review of those reclined baby sleepers. they’re like small portable bassinets. some of them rock, some don’t. i don’t know which one is worth the money.

  120. car seat reviews….with great reminders on car seat safety. Too many people are unaware of the correct safety guidelines!

  121. The Britax B-ready looks like an awesome stroller! it was be perfect for my little 4 month old and offer an option for my 3 years old to hop a ride on long days out as he still gets tired. I love these giveaways! You always pick the best products to offer.

  122. I am going to be a first time grandmother and I expect to have the baby as much as my daughter does!! LOL!! In all seriousness though, she is on a modest budget and winning something like this would definitely help her!!

  123. It’s hard to say because I do love your videos. We are looking for a new car seat so probably more car seat videos.

  124. I would like to see more demonstrations like moms testing out the strollers (walking down the street, putting it in the car, etc) and hearing their opinions as well.

  125. I don’t think I’d change anything about your videos. I think they are good as it. But if I really need to say something maybe more shots and angles of the products?

  126. I’d love to see more reviews of more “budget items”
    I love learning about all the fancy stuff out there — and thank goodness for giveaways for a chance to get these things, but I can’t buy these awesome strollers, etc.
    I’d love to get recommendations on the stuff I can actually afford 🙂

  127. More affordable options. While I would love to have products from Orbit or 4moms, my budget is more in Chicco range.

  128. I have to agree with a lot of the other suggestions about comparing 2 of something, covering more price points (not all of us have the $ to drop on really expensive gear, but still want quality items), and maybe reviewing educational toys and games? Thank you for all you do!!

  129. Car seats and the different safety features and comparisons ranging from lowest to highest prices or great places to get them on sale 🙂

  130. More bang for your buck items. It’s great that the $200+ carseat rocks, but I can only afford the ones in the $100 range!

  131. I think they are great the way they are. Some of the videos I’d like to see more of what a stroller looks like with a baby/toddler in it. Or a demonstration of it being placed into the back of a mid-size car. I have a fairly big trunk and have been surprised at how difficult it is to cram some strollers into it!

  132. I would love to see more information on creating a registry and what items to include. As an adopting mom, I would love to see essentials you need in the first few weeks for those that don’t want to have baby showers until everything is legal.

  133. I’d say your reviews are pretty thorough, but I do love to see the kids age/size comparison in the strollers and car seats.

  134. I would love to see more comparison reviews on strollers, like a high end and lower cost option of strollers that are similar. I would also like to see reviews of baby carriers.

  135. I like to see more budget friendly option, BOB and bumbleride are great brands, but not affordable to everyone. thanks for the giveaways

  136. I love the idea of best ofs for every price point. And of course more stroller and carseat reviews, especially geared toward moms of 2+ kiddos.

  137. I would love to see more stroller reviews because I am obsessed with strollers and have about 10. I would also like to see some more reviews on car seats and booster seats.

  138. Ok really love the reviews! Maybe do a good, better and best of the products so parents can compare and have an affordable option …

  139. I would like to see some comparisons between different car seats, strollers and other baby gear. For example Diono vs. Recaro, for safety, how they fit in different types of cars (small vs. larger), etc.

  140. I would like to see more comparasions between strollers and baby stuff from the same category. It’s hard to choose best with today’s many choices.

  141. I’m honestly not sure. I find the videos very helpful when I’m making a decision for purchases. I live in an area without stores to see most products in person!