Baby Gizmo Father’s Day Gift Guide

Baby Gizmo Father's Day Gift Guide

What are you getting your dad or husband this year? I actually found quite a few funny, practical, and traditional gifts that could be perfect for any dad (and helpful for mom, too!).

Diaper Dude Diaper Bag

Nothing like encouraging daddy to take the kids out of the house. With this diaper bag? He might want to! (leaving you to relax in peace and quiet). Hey, wishful thinking but I can’t tell you how many times my husband has said that he needs a “dad diaper bag” (and not my floral foo-foo bag).

Bath Mat Dance Steps

Making bath time fun for the kids makes it easier for dad (and mom)! My husband likes to dance with the kids after bath time so I thought that this would be adorable.

Charging Station

Are you sick of cell phones, MP3’s and cameras strewn about? I am! I actually got this for my husband so things will look nice and neat on the shelf once more. It’s pretty cool looking in person.

USB Light

Does your hubby work on his laptop, in bed, while you’re trying to sleep? You’re welcome.

BBQ Briefcase

What man doesn’t love a good BBQ? Whether he’s a pro, or a beginner, this set will have him all kinds of excited to fire up the grill this summer.

Baseball Scorekeeper

Is dad a team coach? Now he’ll look like a pro with his very own scorekeeper.

iBottle Opener

A product that kills two birds with one stone? every man’s dream.

Golf Scorecard Keeper

This is really cool. I like how it can become a travel log while keeping score… All his golf buddies are sure to be jealous of this.

Double Your Money Kit

This? cracks me up.


I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome myself to 2011 because while we have a Wii console, I had NO idea that we should instantly stream TV shows and movies through it. It was super easy to set up and my husband is in heaven.

Which gift you would pick out?

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