Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Pink Lining Changing Bags

Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Pink Lining Changing Bags

Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Pink Lining Changing Bags

Congratulations to our winners:

#457 – Aisha Holley – Mama et Bebe Messenger Bag

#257 – Amanda Stauffer Blooming Gorgeous Bag

We had to take a break from strollers and throw something different and fun in the mix for our Giant Weekly Giveaway this week. First, you’ll be happy to know that we will have TWO winners this week!  Second, each winner will win a fabulous Pink Lining Changing Bag. Don’t worry, “changing bag” is code for “diaper bag” in the UK. Pink Lining are fabulous bags straight from the UK that are not only adorable but practical too.

Not very familiar with Pink Lining bags?  No worries – let us introduce you! You’ll be glad we did! There are six different styles to choose from when you are picking a Pink Lining bag: Yummy Mummy, Mama et Bebe Messenger, Blooming Gorgeous Bags, Queensdale Tote and Poppins Bag. All the diaper bags feature their signature shocking pink water-resistant linings. These linings are not only unique and fabulous but it prevents the black hole that the inside of bags become when they are too dark. The bags are also stocked with other practical features to make taking baby on-the-go a bit easier. Here’s what they look like inside:

Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Pink Lining Changing Bags


This week we are giving away a Blooming Gorgeous Bag (red butterflies) and a Mama et Bebe Messenger Bag (blue lost meadow).

Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Pink Lining Changing Bags

Mama et Bebe Messenger Bag: Besides the standard internal Pink Lining features, on the exterior of the bag there are two front canvas pockets with the mama et bebe slogan and a stroller patch in the body fabric. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that is long enough to fit over any stroller handle bars. 38(L) x 28(H) x 14(W) cm

Blooming Gorgeous Bag: Besides the standard internal Pink Lining features, the Blooming Gorgeous bag has a vintage inspired shape with a beautiful daffodil applique on the outside front pocket. This bag is slightly wider giving you more room for all your baby essentials. On the exterior of the bag there is a large canvas pocket with the Blooming Gorgeous slogan and patch and two side flap pockets in body fabric. The bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that is long enough to fit over any stroller handle bars.      38(L) x 25.5(H) x 19(W) cm

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For more information on Pink Lining, visit their website at

Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Pink Lining Changing Bags

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  1. I love all the pockets for organization! I also love the design. I am hoping to win this for my sister in law who is due in April, and is not able to work because of her high blood pressure! She will love it.

  2. LOVE the colors! The designs look so retro, too. Would be great for my son and if the 2nd baby is a girl, the pink is fantastic!

  3. I love the bright pink interior, and all the pockets on the inside, and the key/dummy fob. I think the key fob is my favorite. I hate getting to the car with my arms full and having to blindly feel through my diaper bag for keys.

  4. My fave thing about the bags are the vibrant and different patterns on the outside. Most other diaper bags are not fun, just functional or predictable.

  5. Silly as it may sound. The pink lining. I can’t stand digging in my wife’s purse or our diaper bag because everything is a mess and gets “lost” at the bottom. I think this is a great idea to have a bright color so you can actually SEE what’s in the bag.

  6. I’m not sure why, but it told me I still had to leave a blog comment in order to unlock my other entries? Anywho…I really do LOVE the pink lining!

  7. I must say, the pink lining with all the nice, organized pockets is my favorite part! I hate when things get lost in my kid’s diaper bags!

  8. I love the vibrant colors on these bags! The bright lining is awesome for making finding things quick and easy! Such a great feature =)

  9. The Blooming Gorgeous bag is, well, gorgeous. I’d love to have one of these bags:) The last thing a busy mommy has time for is digging for itty-bitty baby things.

  10. Very cute, would love to enter to win for my niece who is pregnant with twins. But rafflecopter will not come up for me. Refreshed page many times and waited several minutes.

  11. I love the pockets! I need pockets! haha.. my youtube user name is outofthoughts2 or outofthoughts1.. not sure. but I follow you 🙂

  12. My daughter & Son in law are making me a grandmother for the first time!! She would love to own this fabulous diaper bag!! Count me in!! Thanks


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