Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Valco Baby Matrix

Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Valco Baby Matrix

Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Valco Baby Matrix

Congratulations to the winner of the Matrix –

Stephanie from Richardson, TX

Do you love the Valco Baby Tri Mode but just can’t pony up that much cash for it? Good news! The Valco Baby Matrix is a more budget-friendly version of the Tri Mode but you’ll still get a fantastic, well-made stroller to have baby riding in style. Even better news?  We are giving one away this week!  That’s right, the Valco Baby Matrix (in the new color grey!)  is the Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway this week!

Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway: Valco Baby Matrix

The Valco Baby Matrix sports a large seat, gigantic EX-tended canopy made of silver UV mesh, 12″ air-filled tires to tackle the roughest terrain, rear wheel suspension for a smooth ride and a fabulous push. The versatile Matrix is also compatible with a boatload of Valco accessories such as the bassinet, husssh bassinet, joey toddler seat, car seat adapter, hitchhiker and more. That means it can be a single, double, pram, travel system and sit n stand. Talk about versatility!!!

To read (and watch!) our full review of the Valco Baby Matrix go here:  Baby Gizmo Valco Baby Matrix Review

(Changes were made to the canopy since our review! See, people really do listen to us! 🙂 )

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  1. We are expecting our third +surprise! + and of course I have already given away all of my baby gear. I love love love Valco. Love all the various attachments so baby and my preschooler can ride in comfort

  2. There are two things that ‘sell me’ on this stroller: the large, air-filled tires and the size of the basket underneath. With 2 kids in diapers yet, my diaper bag is huge; I almost can’t find a stroller basket big enough. (Sad, but true. 🙂 ) We’d love to give this stroller a whirl!

  3. I especially like the one-touch recline as I just struggled to recline one with a sleeping child in it! I also like all the storage!

  4. I love that it can be a single, double, pram, travel system and sit n stand! No need for 5 different strollers to clutter the garage!

  5. I love the storage pocket on the back of the canopy. I could put my keys and phone in that so I don’t have to keep digging through the diaper bag in the bottom of the stroller.

  6. I absolutely love Valco Baby! They make a quality product and they stand behind their work! I have three children, so this would be PERFECT! Thank you for the chance to win this!

    Secret question/answer: 3

  7. What I love most about the Valco Baby Matrix is that I can go running threw the woods with it or just take a walk down the street. This stroller is amazing and perfect for an active mom!!!

  8. I love the fact that it can be used for the older children to, like a five year old.. And it’s just got a great look to it.

  9. three children! my fav thing about it is that it can fit kids up to 48lbs and has plenty of room for them:) I subscribe to you tube(formalityoffrugality@gmail. coM)

  10. The secret question is 3

    Also, I forgot to say that since my almost 5 year old hates going in our double this would be an amazing stroller for us because we could use the hitch hiker with it (my 5 year old is very small so it’s hard to really get places with him walking in a timely manner and then of course his brother (who turned 3 today) doesn’t want to stay in the stroller if his brother is walking.

  11. Best stroller I have seen yet and I thought I had seen them all. Thanks so much! I severely need a new stroller. The wheel on my jogger keeps falling off on the back from being dropped.

  12. I love my Valco Baby Tri Mode, but it’s the twin and is fabulous when I need to get both kids places, but when I have just one I can’t use it. It would be amazing to have another one of their strollers. It has the same amazing features – the tires – air filled and all terrain – the adjustable handle, etc.

  13. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Baby Jogger City Select, and with twins it’s AMAZING!! That being said, I think the versatility of the Valco stroller is remarkable! I like the color too!

  14. I have been looking for a new stroller with an adjustable handle bar feature, being as tall as I am, and so that is a plus for me! It is also important that it can accommodate an older child. Looks like a great stroller. Would love one for my growing family.

  15. subscribed on you tube and it was 3 kids in the video my fave feature was the ages of the children and the buckle i love that they cant get out of it :))) my little boy always ecapes out of his stroller very dangerous i may say!!!

  16. I like that I can make this stroller a double or triple by adding a seat or standing board. It’s a pain to buy a new stroller just because you have a new baby.

  17. My favorite feature of the stroller is it’s three wheels, which allow the stroller to go not just on traditional trails but all terrain as well. I can see baby and I really loving this!

  18. I love this stroller because I know that I can use it for a long time since it will hold the weight of a 5 year old. It wouldn’t break my back to fold its compact size into the car either!

  19. I like how very compact it is, especially to fit in my compact car. I also like the smooth ride that it offers, no matter the rough terrain.

  20. This stroller looks cool! The breathable fabric that helps keep them cooler in hot weather would be great for our hot CA weather. There are 3 children in the video.

  21. youtube nandae888; secret ? is 3 children

    The versatility of a jogger stroller going from a single stroller to multiple children makes that dollar stretch when giong from 1 child to 2. That is an important factor so you aren’t purchasing multiple strollers each time a child is born. And the all terrain capability is also nice for going over grass, dirt and rock!

  22. I love that this stroller is “lightweight” 23 lbs, compared to much heavier jog stollers. And that is can be used as a double stroller with the toddler seat!

  23. Ooh! Love this! So glad that the handle bar is adjustable up and down in 8 positions. Me being 5’5″ and hubby being 6’6″, this is just great!

  24. I love that the stroller is adaptable for more than one child. We’re on baby number one right now, but planning on having more later!

  25. I love that you can make it work for 3 kids with some accessories. Thanks for the new giveaway. Yay! Something to hope for. This would be perfect since my all terrain broke!

  26. I love that the canopy is high enough for my bigger boy too. He gets tired and needs to ride in little brother’s place but can’t fit in any stroller we have tried.

  27. The Valco Baby Matrix looks amazing!! I have a larger 14 month old, and this looks like it would fit him perfectly with room to grow! Looks very well made and something to last us for many years. And of course I have to add I love the one hand recline system…one feature that is great to have!

  28. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the Matrix accepts the toddler seat & rider board. Given the lower price point, I wasn’t expecting it.

  29. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the Matrix accepted the toddler seat & rider board. Given the lower price point, I wasn’t expecting it.

  30. Love all the features to keep the kids cool, especially for us in hotter areas. Also the hitch hiker board. Love it for my older one 🙂

  31. LOVE the air-filled tires that will allow us to off road!!! Our little one is due in April, and we have yet to buy our stroller. This would be the perfect match for our lifestyle!

  32. The versatility is great but thta basket on a jogger is awesome! You don’t typically get that with these types of strollers! plenty of room!

  33. Really like the mellow style. It doesn’t draw too much attention to itself which is good when you live in a big city where everyone wants to touch your baby. 😉

  34. I love the joggy/all-terrain features ~ air-filled tires with the pump and the ability to lock the front tire or have 360 degree turn. Thanks for the great giveaway/review.

  35. Absolutely love this stroller! Love the huge canopy and adjustable handles! Fingers crossed, would love this for my baby girl 🙂

    Secret answer: 3 kiddies

  36. My favorite feature is the Matrix takes it a step further and can be turned into a triple by adding the Valco Baby Hitch Hiker (riding board) for an older child to hop on for a ride.

  37. Love that Valco considered us mom’s who are watching our pennies when they designed this. Looks nice, but doesn’t require a bank loan. But, free is even better.

  38. I like the versatility! But my favorite thing is that the front wheel can swivel. I used to have a jogging stroller but the front wheel has no swivel option! I only used it for walks and it was such a pain to have to lift the stroller to turn it!

  39. Hunting for an all-terrain—love that the Matrix has the smaller air tires, something that’s key for us since we need city *and* trail use.

  40. My favorite feature is that it has a 48 lb weight capacity. It is nice to know that you can also carry your older children without worrying about breaking the stroller.

  41. My favorite feature is the 3 position swivel wheel – all very practical for the day to day use of the stroller! Great giveaway!

  42. My favorite feature is the suspension so that it’s easy to push and the baby will have a safe, comfortable ride. That’s very important for all the traveling we do. 🙂

  43. I so want to win this for my sister. She is having a baby in March and needs an upgrade. Thank you for offering the give away. Love the tires!!! Great for country living. 🙂

  44. Sorry didn’t leave what I liked about it…I like that the front will can be changed three ways! I haven’t see one that can do that. Though I do wish it had cupholders and trays. That’s kinda dissappointing.

  45. The storage with the storage basket underneath would be super useful! i love to walk everywhere, so i just picture myself walking baby up to the farmer’s market every Wednesday and stashing everything in their strollerQ

  46. This looks amazing! I’d love a chance to win one of these. I think one of my favorite things about it is that it’s a smooth ride for baby! I bet air filled tires help even more! I’m tired of buying strollers that are a bumpy ride for baby.

  47. The options for storage with the storage basket underneath, along with the canopy and side pockets would be SUPER helpful! I am a single mom-to-be and the more pockets, the less piling up in my hands! I’ll take whatever help I can get!


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