Baby Gizmo Gift Idea: LEGO Digital Camera

If you are looking for a gift idea for your preschooler or school-aged children the LEGO 3MP digital camera is perfect for budding photographers.   Baby Gizmo Gift idea: LEGO Digital Camera.

Thing 1 loved using our cameras.  So much so that I have gone through quite a few high quality digital cameras (one ended up in the fish tank, no joke).  Last Christmas I decided it was time he got his own camera in hopes of saving mine.  I searched long and hard for a cute, small and frustration free camera.  After hours and hours of research I landed on the LEGO camera.

The camera is small and very lightweight.  It measures 4″x 2.5″ and only 1.5″ thick and weighs under a 1 lb.  The LEGO digital camera features a 1.5” LCD screen in full color, built-in flash and fixed focus.  There is an internal memory of 128 MB that will hold 80 pictures or more.  The camera charges and loads pictures easily by attaching the included USB cord to your home computer.

Thing 1 loves his camera.  The LEGO digital camera is very intuitive.  Without instruction my 3 year old can take pictures and view them with just the touch of a button.  This is a 3MP camera and the picture quality reflects this.  Thing 1 has produced some pretty awesome pictures but most are not great.  Do not buy this camera if you are expecting superior picture quality.  If I had a chance to talk to LEGO I would also ask for an optical viewfinder but that seems to be a rare feature on digital cameras these days.

The LEGO digital camera feels very durable but due to past results we skipped the fish tank test.  There are two colors to choose from: Multicolor or Pink.  There is an adorable multicolored carrying case to keep the camera close at all times.

We are still in the LEGO duplo phase but once we graduate to the original LEGOs this camera will have a second life.  The camera can be seemlessly built into forts, dinosaurs, and whatever else the imagination can create.

The LEGO camera is buildable but not breakable and ensures hours of fun!  The easy to use buttons and large full color LCD screen make this the perfect gift for young children.  If you need more ideas this Christmas check out the rest of the 2010 Baby Gizmo Holiday Gift Guide.

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– Contributed by Melissa

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