BABY GIZMO GIVEAWAY: Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

BABY GIZMO GIVEAWAY: Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Congratulations to our winner of the B-Agile Double –

Brooke N.

Britax may be rolling into your city if you are one of the 15 cities on their 2012 Expect Greatness Tour this month celebrating the new upcoming Lionsgate movie, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

In celebration of Britax rolling through Baby Gizmo’s home city of Chicago this week, we are doing a giveaway of one of the newest and hottest double strollers on the market. Oh wait, actually it’s not on the market yet, we are just that cool that we’re giving one away before you can buy it!

Britax is traveling from city to city in specially branded Britax and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” mini-vans to offer great giveaways, great discounts, and great parent education at each event.

They will be coming to Chicago on May 18th, Orland Park, IL on May 19th, and Skokie, IL on May 20th to celebrate the starring role the company’ s baby products play in the upcoming Lionsgate movie. If you are in the Chicago area, why not stop by one of the events?!? Tour stops and details can be found at 

Now, let’s get to our giveaway this week.

The Britax B-Agile stroller took the baby gear world by storm last year and they recently followed it up with a double version. The Britax B-Agile Double has all the features we’ve come to love but twice the fun. Two independent huge canopies, unique adjustable handle, roomy seat and a fabulously easy fold.

Need a double stroller? You will not want to miss this giveaway! One lucky winner will receive their choice of red or black B-Agile Double Stroller. Yahoo!!

Want to see the Britax B-Agile up close and personal to see what you could win? Watch our in-depth Baby Gizmo video below.


One lucky reader will win a BRITAX B-Agile Double Stroller in red or black. Giveaway open to US residents only.


Watch the video review (up above!), and let us know what is your favorite B-Agile Double feature in a comment below (scroll to the bottom where it says “Leave a Reply”). Giveaway ends Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 11:59 CST. Winner chosen by


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  1. I love the mesh top so air can flow through it! That’s the problem I have right now with my stroller. My baby gets SO sweaty! Love the one touch break! Perfect for flip flops!

  2. Ive been a fan of baby gizmo on facebook for a while now = ) What i love about this britax b-agile stroller is the comfort of it. If were going on a long walk or a trip somewhere i want my child/children to be comfortable and enjoy the ride. the foot rest is wonderful too. i wish they made them our size = )

  3. I love that it can fit through your standard door! Also that it has two individual canopies!

    ramblesahm at yahoo dot com

  4. The way this stroller folds is amazing for a double, I can’t believe how much it compresses when not in use.

  5. Liked on FB, I’ve been subscribed to your YouTube channel for awhile, I’m subscribed to weekly updates. My fav part? The adjustable handlebar, so many doubles don’t allow you to adjust the handlebar – and the one handed push is cool too!

  6. Just liked you page on Facebook!! Love the Britax b-agile. Favorite feature is how light weight the stroller is!

  7. I really would have liked to visit the Brtrax event in Skokie, IL. It would have been great to be back home and test out what apprears to be a great stroller. In lieu of, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you Baby Gizmo for giving us all this wonderful opportunity to own one and for continuously keeping us up to date on the latest products. It truly is appreciated.

  8. Unfortunately, I do not have a Pinterest account but will open one now and I have shared you with the world of: Instagram 🙂

  9. So much to love….I LOVE the large canopies, the mesh panels on the back for extra fresh air and the easy accessible basket. Please, Let it be me;)

  10. Hello. I have just become a HUGE fan of the BRITAX B-Agile Double Stroller. It seems to be everything I am looking for. It’s amazing how Britax was able to keep it looking simple and sleek yet not sacrafice any features and still managed to implement such practical and simple solutions. This sounds like a dream come true. Everything I could ever want for my 6mtn baby girl and my 2.5 year old boy. I could only hope to own it one day.

  11. I love the fold of the double! It just like the single which I have for my one baby! However we are hoping for another one soon and the double stroller would make trips easier with an 18 month old and newborn(our plan for age gap at least!)

  12. The single is fabulous so how could the double not be great! The independent canopies, recline and light weight of the stroller make this an ideal double!

  13. My favorite part of the Britax double is the zipper open footrest! I’ve never seen that before and it adds one more way to access your stuff. Love it!

  14. Number one I love that it is a double and the seats are large enough for my little and big child. Also the storage under it is awesome.

  15. What is not to love? I love how easily the harness adjusts and the sunshade. Most if all I love that this is a double stroller! Oh and the one handed steering! I really want to win!

  16. I love the independent canopies because I have a six month old and a three year old. The baby can nap in e shade while the older one can still look around. My current joovy doesn’t do that!

  17. I completely forgot to tell you that one of the features I liked best was the easy adjust harness! Someone was brilliant to figure that out…makes it easy for a busy mom to quickly make it comfortable and safe for any size child.

    Go, Britax! I love my baby carrier by Britax too…highly recommend it to my friends.

  18. There are so many things I love about this stroller- the huge canopy, easy fold and light weight! I also really like the zippered pocket on the back of the seats.

  19. I like the large separate canopies for each seat, the mesh panels on the back for some extra fresh air and the handle bar- that looks like it would make it sooo easy to turn the stroller. Let it be me;)

  20. My favorite feature… That I might have actually found a double stroller that’s user friendly & doesn’t require me to purchase a stretch limo! Easy fold, separate canopies make this much more versatile & user friendly than my hand me down stroller!! I’m praying for this one!!!!

  21. I have this stroller but as a single and I LOVE it! My favorite this is the easy two hand fold and the large canopy!

  22. LOVE the way that you can grab the handlebar right at the middle for much easier steering than most doubles. Can’t wait to see it in person when it comes out…or when i win this giveaway!

  23. I am super excited for the new B-Agile double stroller. My favorite aspect is the storage. I had a double BOB, but I really disliked that I could not fit my big diaper bag underneath. I had to leave it hanging on the handlebars, which always got in the way of the recline position. Thank you for your thorough review!

  24. Wow! Great stroller! I noticed the easy access to the basket – I thought the side-entry basket was AWESOME as I’m always struggling to get my bulky diaper bag out or to reach items in the front. I couldn’t believe my eyes when the footrests unzip to access the basket too!! That’s cool!

    Also loved the mesh on the back of the seats and the peekaboo window – much nicer than plastic, and great for warmer climates.

    Thanks for the great demo… sure would enjoy using this for walks with my kiddos!! 🙂

  25. I really like the one handed maneuverability of the handlebar and how easily it seems to fold up for transport.

  26. I love the handle for this double stroller. As a soon-to-be parent of twins, I will next a free hand now and again! I can’t wait for this to come out! I also have to love the price! Great job Holly in covering all the features 🙂

  27. Great features on this stroller. The legs access to the basket is cool. The huge canopies and automatic lock is awesome. Love the weight capacity and lightweight of the stroller.

  28. I love that it’s capable of holding two toddler size children. If you have a baby, and a toddler you can adjust the seats separately, which makes it versatile.

  29. Love the handlebar!!! Not many strollers let alone double strollers let you push with one hand…perfect for juggling two kids in the stroller plus a 3 year who still needs to hold hands crossing the street. I also like the basket, and the ability to get to it from the back sides and the front.

  30. Gosh I love so much about!!! My favs would be the easy fold with the stand up position as well as the lock feature (it’ll save my car bumper a few dings). I also really like the larger canopy but couldnt agree with you more about the Velcro!!! I’m totally in awe of the foot zipper to reach the basket, that’s really going to save me from getting up & squeezing my way to grab “something” (ok who am I kidding “many-things”) when in restaurants especially. Such a thorough review, thanks again 🙂

  31. I loveeeee the access to the basket from the front of the stroller, very unique! And the full canopy shade is awesome, I hate how my little one’s can barely see sometimes, and I may not even know it, let alone getting burnt. Looks like you don’t have to worry about that with these!

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    I have signed up for the newsletter.

  32. I loveeeee the access to the basket from the front of the stroller, very unique! And the full canopy shade is awesome, I hate how my little one’s can barely see sometimes, and I may not even know it, let alone getting burnt. Looks like you don’t have to worry about that with these!

  33. I love the easy seat recline and adjustment. I also love that the seat fully reclines to accommodate a newborn. So many great features in this stroller!

  34. by far, my favorite feature is the access to the basket from the front of the stroller. GENIUS! Unzip where the legs go and you can get into your basket. I also love the full shade canopies, the center part of the handlebar for easy one handed steering and the easy seat belt adjustment in the back of the seat to adjust the harness

  35. I like Baby Gizmo!
    Excited to be able to stroll with two and fit in doorways. Two sides and individual, able to adjust to each child. Easy to manuever with one hand! luv luv

  36. Sorry, I guess this is actually my “mandatory entry”. I watched the video, and my favorite feature is that it’s car seat compatible. I also love that the harness adjustment doesn’t have to be re-threaded when adjusted, and I also love that the basket can be accessed from the front by un-zipping the foot-rest area.

  37. love britax, esp love the large canopy!! Logan Carl-Snyder on pinterest and utube!! Fingers crossed!!

  38. I love everything feature of the Britax B ready double stroller. It’s the perfect double stroller on the market right now and I need to have one for our family of four with two boys under two years old this summer 🙂

  39. I like Baby G on Facebook and a youtube subscriber (have seen your other stroller reviews out there.).

    I like that each seat of the Britax will recline.

  40. Oh and I already subscribe to your Weekly Newsletter so this is how I found out about this fabulous contest 🙂

  41. My Fav feature of the Britax B-agile is that the foot rest unzips to the storage underneath! I have never seen a feature like that on the stoller and I think it is just ingenius! How often have I stuffed items in my current stroller and not been able to reach them once my little one goes down for a nap. Well thought out little extra in my opinion!

  42. Love the way I can accommodate two children totally different! One can recline all the way with the large canopy to sleep, while the other has the canopy open. I like the access to the storage from the feet, and looks easy to fold.

  43. I like the roll up back on the recline that lets air circulate through the mesh 🙂 I have a B-ready with the second seat, and I absolutely LOVE it, but it would be great to have a side by side double as well for times when both kids want to be able to SEE 🙂

  44. I LOVE so many of the features, but my favorite is the ability to unzip the footrest area and have yet another access to the massive basket! Its always frustrating when the one thing you want is located in the very spot you can’t reach… this feature may just eliminate that one very spot! Let’s see, I liked you on Facebook, following Baby Gizmo on Pinterest and pinned (, subscribed to your weekly newsletter and youtube!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Britax!

  45. I am DYING impatiently waiting for the BAD to hit stores!! I just purchased my new B-Safe infant seat yesterday and I can’t wait for the BAD! The front access foot rest and included carseat adapter were the deciding factor for me over the BJCM!

  46. i like the handle in the middle of the carriage.the ease of adjusting the harness. and how small the carriage folds

  47. Favorite features: easy to adjust harness, can easily recline and able to seat an infant. I love the storage pockets and see thru pockets too!

  48. My favorite feature of the B-Agile Double is the handlebar design that allows you to push one handed. And the huge canopies are awesome!

  49. Love the huge individual canopies, large easy access storage basket, new design of the handle bar to use one handed, and the fact its a britax product 🙂

  50. I tried to subscribe to you on YouTube, but I’m having some trouble. Waiting on tech support to help me out!

  51. Great looking stroller. Seems like it would be ideal for my kids. My daughters are 18 months apart and I’ve been trying to figure out what double would be suit our family. I think my favorite feature is the adjustable handle. That’s a great idea. I also like that you can steer with one hand with that middle piece on the handle.

  52. I love this stroller! I have twins due in one week and would LOVE this stroller!!! The adjustable straps are very cool, and the huge independent canopies are fantastic! That center grip looks great! Follow you on FB, Pinterest and subscribe to newsletter!

  53. IT would be great to have the magnets and I’m sad they don’t include the food trays but overall it is a great stroller with lots of space

  54. I love that this stroller folds down so easily!! If I could change one thing though, looking at strollers for twins I am seeing that it is VERY hard to find one that takes two carseats. In the first 6 months it is nice to be able to use the car seat in the stroller so you don’t have to move them around when they fall asleep in the car. Other than that, awesome stroller! I have been eyeing this one, it is definitely on my want list!

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  56. I love it!! I love the Handel and that it can adjust I’m only 5’3 and my husband is 6’1! I do wish the food trays came with it. And the magnet idea is great!! I hope I win!! I love my car seats they are the only brand I will buy!!

  57. I love the stroller overall I have been looking for a good double with all these amazing features I love that it has an adjustable Handel my husband and I are almost a foot different in height so that is very helpful. I wish the food trays were included. And the magnets like she said would be wonderful!! I hope I can win one!!

  58. I love the adjustable handlebars. The fact that the wheels come off is a bonus so can fit in my closet. Also love that it has 6 wheels find it easier to manuever.

  59. My favorite feature is that you don’t have to rethread the straps to adjust the harness! Such a time and sanity saver!

  60. Love the adjustibility of the handlebar and the clever middle handle to allow one hand steering when needed.

  61. I would have to say the durability. Many of these double strollers just do not last. My best friend has one and hse loves it. Due date is today for me so keep your fingers croseed. I know she would love to sit in one of these with her big sister.

  62. My favorite feature is that you don’t have to rethread the straps to adjust the harness! Such a time and sanity saver!

  63. I soooo want to win this double stroller. I have a toddler already and a little one on the way this summer!My two favorite features are how easily the seat adjust and the sunshade looks fairly large to keep the kids shaded from the sun.It also seems to fold easily which is a plus for a mom on the go.Cool stroller!!!

  64. I love that each seat comes with an infant headrest, most doubles dont! = (
    I also love that each seat reclines, with just one hand!!

  65. I have the B Agile single and need a double for our newest addition in 5 weeks!!! I did not know Britax was coming out with a B Agile Double! Just yesterday, when folding my B Agile with one hand (my favorite feature of the stroller!) I said aloud, “too bad they don’t make one of these in a double!” And then I learned about the upcoming double while researching last night!!! I’m so excited!!! My favorite feature is the fold and automatic lock. I LOVE how easy it is and would absolutely LOVE to win this stroller!!!!

  66. I finally subscribed to your youtube channel. And THANK YOU for posting a review of the Valco Zee Two! 🙂

  67. I have to agree with Holly! More colors would be nice, and definitely swap out the velcro on the peek-a-boos for magnets. Otherwise, there isn’t much that I don’t like! I like that you can attach a carseat (I hope they sell adapters for other brands of carseats since we have a Graco not a Britax) although would be nice if you could attach two at the same time. If you have twin babies you would have to either put them straight into the stroller or else choose who gets the carseat and who doesn’t lol. LOVE the adjustable handlebar since I am 5’5″ and hubby is 6′ this will accommodate both of us comfortably! I also really like all of the different ways to access the basket!

  68. I love that it’s lightweight, it has a great sunshade, the basket underneath is a good size, and it has an adjustable handle! I subscribe to your weekly newsletter, like you on facebook, and pinned to pinterest.

  69. Hi! I did not even know about this stroller until I saw it on your Facebook page today! I love the handle bar and how it adjusts to different positions. My two year old son loves to push the stroller, so this would be a great way for him to help mommy push his baby sibling in the stroller!

  70. I really like the center grip on the handlebar!
    I like Baby Gizmo on Facebook, subscribe to the Youtube channel and receive your weekly newsletter

  71. My favorite feature from the B-Agile Double Stroller is the harness adjustment system and the great handle bar.

    I “Like” your Facebook page.

    I Follow Baby Gizmo on Pinterest and the following is the link to my pin of the B-Agile Double Stroller video review:

    I am subscribed to your YouTube Channel.

    I am subscribed to your Weekly Newsletter.

    On mother’s day I attended the Britax 2012 Expect Greatness Tour in San Diego and it was a super fun way to spend my mother’s day. I won a few small prizes but did not win any of the big ones. I hope I win this double stroller since I had my heart set on winning a double at the Britax event. Thank you for the opportunity!

  72. I love the pockets on back of the canopy, the no re-thread harness. I like that the peak-a-boo windows are mesh, but I agree with Holly that the velcro is loud and could startle your light sleeper.
    I like that the handlebar has that center handle, kind of like the ion42.

  73. I feel it… this time I will finally win! This stroller is as good as mine! Don’t worry, I am a very loyal follower… I deserve it!

  74. I love this double stroller! Not to wide, great handle bar, move it one handed, large canopy! Thank you for a chance to win! I could really use this since both my double strollers got destroyed in my garage over the winter:( Can’t afford a new one right now. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  75. I love so many of the features…the one handed steering, that you can access the basket from the front, the canopies are separate and how easily it folds…it’s just a great stroller. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  76. I already like baby gizmo on facebook.

    I am a subscriber to the baby gizmo on you tube.

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  77. I’m already your subscriber. Also, I love that the stroller is not super-wide and adjustable harness with headrest.

  78. I subscribed to your emails and confirmed. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 I’m off to go watch some more of your review videos 🙂

  79. I’m a facebook fan. i’m suscribed to your new letter and your youtube channel! 🙂 I really hope to win!!! 🙂

  80. I can’t decide which is my FAVORITE feature, so I’m going to list a few. In a tie for first, I love the handlebar with the “Y” so you can do a one-hand push in the center. The other first-place feature is the adjustable harness without having to do a rethread. And coming in a close second would be the zip-through-the-foot area to get to the basket. Looks like an awesome stroller!

  81. Love this stroller because of it’s narrow body frame, easy fold up and light weight qualities! I like the adjustable handle bar and large storage basket with the front access! I want…need this for my boys!!!

  82. I love that you can get into the basket from the front! That is a big deal to me, haha!

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  83. I think this has the unique feature that you can get through a regular size door. So you can put the little ones in the stroller before you go outside. This is a very nice stroller. I also liked you on facebook

  84. Great stroller. I like the large canopies and the fact it’s a double. My kids fight over the single stroller.

  85. I “liked” your page before this contest entry but just thought to share that with you. 🙂

    Also I do share things that you guys post (that I think may be of interest to my friends) on your status and pictures.

    Thank you,
    Deanna Burkett

  86. I love the easy up and go about this double. I have twins and I do have a double (not side by side) and it is a HUGE hassle to lug around here and there. It is also a little awkward to push.

  87. What’s not to like about the b-agile double?! It’s everything I love about the original b-agile times 2! Plus an adjustable handle AND the front zipper access to the basket storage is AWESOMENESS!! Just what i’ve been looking for! 🙂

  88. I love, love, love the adjustable handle on this stroller. I am a taller lady so it’s nice to finally find something that can be adjusted for us =]

  89. I like the front wheel suspension, it’s unfortunately not yet standard on this class of strollers as far as I’ve seen… also like the deep recline and that big parent pocket on the hood, though not sure how you access it when the seat is up? And that zipper footrest to reach the basket is ingenious, would love to see that more standard!

    Would love to see it lose a couple of inches of width, doors are an issue for me, and by the time a kid is too wide for that I wouldn’t want to be lugging them around in tandem anyway. But that’s just me.

  90. This would be a great stroller for our family because of the adjustable handle! My husband is a foot taller than me. I have been a longtime you tube subscriber, and a recent pinterest and facebook follower. I now receive your newletters too 😉 Thanks for the awesome reviews!

  91. I like the flexibility of the handlebar. It is adjustable, and the middle bar for easy maneuverabilty. The easy folding is another great feature!

  92. I loved the one-handed harness adjustment and easy fold. I’m looking for a double stroller for my toddler and my soon to be newborn and I can’t wait to check this stroller out in person! I will definitely make it out to one of the events this weekend in Chicago!!!

  93. Like Babygizmo on facebook and fav feature is handlebar maneuverability, adjustable harness, pockets on back of head rest…fold. lots to like!

  94. I absolutely love the way the B-Agile double stroller folds and locks automatically! Looks so easy to operate.

  95. I love the mesh at the top of the seats!! when you recline then seat for naps, the child can still have fresh air!
    plus the red is BEAUTIFUL!

  96. My favorite feature is the adjustable handle, so both my 6’2″ husband as well as 5’3″ me can push it comfortably!