Baby Gizmo Headquarters?

Baby Gizmo Headquarters?

If this came in our size, we’d have to scoop it up to be the Baby Gizmo headquarters!  Sure, we saw it back in November for sale but this time it is fully-furnished!  It’s just so cool that we had to share it again with the interior pictures!  It is for sale on Gilt Groupe today!


Baby Gizmo Headquarters?

Baby Gizmo Headquarters?


Baby Gizmo Headquarters?


Okay, it’s a dollhouse!  But a super cool dollhouse!  It is the Brinca Dada Emerson Dollhouse!

♥  It has seven rooms including a living room, kitchen, dinning room, library/office, master bedroom, bathroom and child’s bedroom.

♥  It features many distinguishing architectural features like glass corners, minimalist cut stone fireplace, scored hardwood floors and recessed lights (LED, powered by solar panels)

♥  Measures 18”x21”30” (H-W-L) and is built at 1:18 scale

♥  The Classic Contemporary furniture line from brinca dada is the perfect complement to the Emerson House

♥  Furniture included: Living Room, Bedroom, Baby room, Kitchen, Office, Dining room, Bathroom

SHOP the Emerson Dollhouse on Gilt here (this is your special invite to you from us!)

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