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It’s Spring Break and it’s time to par-tay! Too bad these days Spring Break is all about entertaining restless kids that have been home all week. Remember when Spring Break meant sun, sand, and sleeping until noon? Oh well, there’s always next year.

Here are some weekend links to get you through the hard times. Baby Gizmo will always be here for you when times get tough, but sometimes you need another shoulder to cry on. Just don’t forget who really loves you (us!).

♥  Did you miss out on our North American Bear Co. giveaway? Here’s another chance to win! -The Little Hen House

♥  The internet (and our Facebook page) has been abuzz with whether or not to keep children rear facing in car seats until they are two years old. Here are the details. -Baby Center

♥  It’s a boy! Rachel Zoe had her baby yesterday- Skyler Morrison. Congrats! -Lil Sugar

♥  Have you caught on to the cake pop craze yet? Here’s a rockin’ tutorial that easy(ish) enough for your kids to help you with. -Little Miss Momma

♥  A heartwarming post about 10 things this woman learned from her mother. *tear* -The Mama Mary Show

♥  Here’s an awesome list of bath time essentials from one of my favorite fashionista moms. -Beso

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