Baby Gizmo Link Lounge

Hi everyone! In honor of Father’s Day last week, this week’s Baby Gizmo Link Lounge is dedicated to all the stay at home daddies out there. They may be few and far between, but just like all the daddies in our lives, they deserve props!

♥ I love this dad’s list of five things he wants to do this weekend. I can tell how much he adores his daughter. -Daddy Incidents

♥ You gotta love the diagram this dad made of his “in the dog house” sleeping arrangement. Hey- all daddies have been there at some point.  -How to Be a Dad

♥ A tear-jerking post about a stay at home dad’s bittersweet feelings about Father’s Day. -Founding a Father

♥ I love that this stay at home dad wrote a letter to his own father on Father’s Day. -The Stay at Homer

♥ This dad’s take on poop and potty training made me crack up. -Dad vs Spawn

♥ And while we’re talking bodily functions, here’s another dad’s experience with vomit. Sometimes it just takes a good old fashioned stomach bug to make you feel like an official parent. -Smonk You

♥ I love this dad’s travel tips! He recently took his 8 month old to New York. -Get Daddy Some Gin

♥ Finally, one last tear-jerking post from another dad: 7 Lessons I Larned From My Dad -A Family of My Own

Have a great weekend everyone!