Baby Gizmo Link Lounge

This week’s Baby Gizmo Link Lounge is for all you expecting and new mamas out there! Between getting ready for your little one, changing diapers, feeding, and sleep (or NOT!), it’s hard keeping up on all the latest and greatest baby gear news. We don’t mind spreading the linky love, just remember who really loves you: US!

♥ Check out these mom-designed blankets that are stylish AND functional!- Cool Mom Picks

♥ A real-life nursing mom gives this nursing bra two thumbs up. -Lil Sugar

♥ Omg- A Texas woman gave birth to a 16 pound baby. All of a sudden I’m feeling very relieved I had a 9 pounder.- Baby Center

Pregnant celebs rock bikinis: Did you? (WARNING: This is a video. If you are at work or your baby is asleep, TURN OFF THE SOUND ON YOUR COMPUTER) -Mom Speak

♥ A funny post on the 10 types of people pregnant women should avoid.- Babble

♥ Check out these two new baby products that Hollie highlights on the new online video show with Soleil Moon Frye – HerSay (WARNING:  Another video – check your sound.)

♥ A unique line of eco-friendly infant wear that is easy on the eyes and sensitive baby skin.- Mom’s Favorite Stuff

♥ Shocking the online mom community, a Monroeville, Pa. restaurant has announced that after July 16th they will no longer admit young children. – Growing Your Baby

Have a great weekend everyone!