Baby Gizmo Link Lounge

Happy Friday everyone! Labor Day weekend is one of my favorite holiday weekends of the year. I love celebrating the last days of summer with my family and friends, and the extra day off doesn’t hurt! Whether you are planning a weekend getaway with your family or just getting some much-needed rest and relaxation, here is a little easy reading for you. We’ve selected our favorite stories from around the web this week. We don’t mind if you stray from time to time, just don’t forget who really loves you: Baby Gizmo!

  • A back to school tech series to make this school year easier. -Cool Mom Picks
  • Ever wonder what professional chefs pack in their kid’s school lunches? -Time Out New York Kids
  • Great information on how to ease your children’s fears about natural disasters. -Baby Center
  • Have you seen these spikey backpacks popping up on the playground?  -Baby Box
  • A new California bill that might make it even harder to afford a babysitter. Great. -The Stir
  • Do celebrity moms have the same struggles as working moms? -Her Say

Have a great weekend!