Baby Gizmo Link Lounge

Here is a list of our favorite links from around the world wide interwebs this week. We know Baby Gizmo is the best place for all your baby gear updates, and we don’t mind if you stray from time to time. Just don’t forget who really loves you: US!

Check out this line of fashionable nursing tops. It’s about time! -Milkstars

Hide your wallets! Anthropologie has kids clothes. -Cool Mom Picks

Jessica Alba’s baby was born in the Caul. Learn what that means here. -Lil Sugar

If you haven’t seen Jessica Alba’s baby girl yet, here she is. – Growing Your Baby

I love these Halloween themed muffin tin meals for kids! -Muffin Tin Mom

A hilarious list of the weirdest baby products that are about to hit store’s shelves. -Perezitos

All of these edible tricks and treats for Halloween will keep us baking all month long. – Love from the Oven