Baby Gizmo Link Lounge

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some of our favorite reads from across the web this week. We know that Baby Gizmo is your go-to place for the latest and greatest kid and baby related news, but we don’t mind if you stray from time to time.  Just don’t forget who really loves you- US!

♥ A hilarious post about the realities of having four children. -Mommy Shorts

♥ Now that the holiday season is upon us, here’s a great tool to avoid those awkward dinner table silences. -Cool Mom Picks

♥ Check the 10 Cutest Singers on YouTube! -Babble

♥ Yes, the rumors were true!  Jessica admits she is pregnant and you can see her bump pictures here. – Growing Your Baby

♥ I love the honesty of this Mommy Moment. I sure am glad I’m not room mom! -Mommy of a Monster

♥ It may be over, but I am in awe of these amazing Halloween inspired muffin tin meals.  -Muffin Tin Mom

♥ Nerd alert! You’ve got to love these nerd inspired onesies. -Lil Sugar

Have a great weekend!