Baby Gizmo Link Lounge

Baby Gizmo Link Lounge

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some of our favorite reads from across the web this week. We know that Baby Gizmo is your go-to place for the latest and greatest kid and baby related news, but we don’t mind if you stray from time to time.  Just don’t forget who really loves you- US!

♥ A hilarious post about the realities of having four children. -Mommy Shorts

♥ Now that the holiday season is upon us, here’s a great tool to avoid those awkward dinner table silences. -Cool Mom Picks

♥ Check the 10 Cutest Singers on YouTube! -Babble

♥ Yes, the rumors were true!  Jessica admits she is pregnant and you can see her bump pictures here. – Growing Your Baby

♥ I love the honesty of this Mommy Moment. I sure am glad I’m not room mom! -Mommy of a Monster

♥ It may be over, but I am in awe of these amazing Halloween inspired muffin tin meals.  -Muffin Tin Mom

♥ Nerd alert! You’ve got to love these nerd inspired onesies. -Lil Sugar

Have a great weekend!




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