Baby Gizmo Link Lounge Week 4

Are you all ready for the weekend? I imagine that many of you will be digging yourselves out of the snow from the massive storms that hit this week. Well, I hope you will all take some time out to relax and warm your toes. And while you’re at it, here is a little weekend reading for you- some links to our favorite indiscretions from the past week. We don’t mind if you stray from time to time, just don’t forget who really loves you.

♥  In case you don’t cook enough for your husband (or maybe he needs to cook for you!) here is a list of 15 romantic dinner recipes. -Babble

♥  Does the winter weather have you longing for spring? Check out the new Catalonia collection from Tea clothing company (now available up to size 12!)- Tea Collection

♥  Natalie Portman is finally showing off that bump! How cute does she look in that tight t-shirt?- Pop Sugar

♥  What do you know about twins? Take this quiz and find out!- Lil Sugar

♥  Krya Sedgwick opens up about her toughest mom moments and her secret to a rock-solid marriage. – Good Housekeeping

♥  Some wonderfully sound advice from a mother of four on how to improve sibling relationships. Admission: I followed her advice on #7 and the mood has already drastically improved in our house. Thank you! – Mothering Mayhem

♥  A great article on why dads who play with their kids ultimately have better relationships with their partners. Yay for hands-on dads! -Baby Center

♥  If you’ve got some extra cash just laying around you might want to check out the new Burberry 2011 Children’s collection. So stylish, so sophisticated, so expensive. Sigh. -Growing Your Baby

Have a great weekend everyone!

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