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Happy Friday everyone! The Baby Gizmo Link Lounge is the place where we share all our indiscretions from the week. You know, the little visits we make to other baby-related websites when no one else is looking.

There was a lot of great stuff happening this week, but you know what I could not stay away from? Celebrity baby bumps. It seems like every time I got online there was an announcement of yet another star due to give birth in 2011. Watch out all you Southern Californians- something must be in the water!

Here is the growing list of celebs who announced their pregnancies this week alone: Selma Blair, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson, Victoria Beckham, Jane Krakowski, Jewel, Devon Aoki, Kevin James, Tia Mowry, and Marion Collitard. Am I missing any? It’s been hard to keep track!

In other news….

♥  A fascinating new study on babies and language development- Baby Center.

♥  Sick of your toddler playing with pretend food like hot dogs, chips, and donuts? Here’s some play food that sets a good example– Cool Mom Picks.

♥  I’ll be the first to admit that I had a bit of an identity crisis when I first heard that my astrological sign had changed. Then I read this– an article on why the new Zodiac signs are a crock. Phew!- The Stir

♥  A touching story about why every woman needs a pair of red underwear.- BlogHer

♥  Need some ideas for a great weekend winter getaway with the kids?  Check out this list of 8 Indoor Waterpark Hotels– Growing Your Baby.

♥  Feeling a bit sluggish?  Here is a great list of Power Foods to keep up your energy. – BabyZone

♥  You have got to check out Spendid’s new line of kid’s wear at Target. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a women’s line!- Target

Have a great weekend everyone!

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