Baby Gizmo Mama Tip of the Week #6 (VIDEO)

Baby Gizmo Mama Tip of the Week #6 (VIDEO)

I share two summer travel safety tips in this week’s Baby Gizmo Mama Tip of the Week!  Thanks to our friend Katie T. from Orlando, FL for the tips!


  1. Great tip! I’m at Disneyland all the time and never thought of this! I will snap photos in the future however. I wanted to add that I affix a sticker on my child’s back that reads: “If Lost Please Call________” with my cell and my husband’s cell numbers. I purchased already made stickers (from, but I have seen people use shipping address labels and paper stick on wristbands with the same information. I do not put my child’s name or our names or any other information that could be used against me or my child, just our phone numbers. My daughter tends to be a wanderer, so I felt this was necessary. Luckily, we haven’t lost her yet!!! Fingers crossed!


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