Baby Gizmo Mama Tip of the Week #9 (VIDEO)

Baby Gizmo Mama Tip of the Week #9 (VIDEO)

The Baby Gizmo Mama Tip of the Week this week focuses on a creative way to get your child to take their medicine from our friend, Cassie in Buffalo, NY. *IMPORTANT!  You should know that not all pills are suitable for crushing. Always ask your child’s doctor or pharmacist before crushing medication!



If you have missed any of our previous Baby Gizmo Mama Tips of the Week, you can find them on our video page under “Mama Tips”.  Just visit:   Baby Gizmo Video Page

Baby Gizmo Mama Tip of the Week #9 (VIDEO)


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Now that is an awesome idea! What about liquid meds? That is the form my toddler gets. Last time I gave her a couple of jelly beans each time she took her medicine as an incentive. It worked, but it was still not without a fight.