Baby Gizmo Must Have – Travel Blanket

Many people ask me what is one of my go-to gifts when I’m going to a baby shower. Well, that is a loaded question, isn’t it? It all depends on who is having the baby. A great friend, a family member or just an acquaintance usually determines the size and price of the gift I give.

No matter who it may be though, one of my favorite go-to baby gifts is a travel/outdoor blanket. With all the fabulous baby products on the market these days I give a blanket, you ask? Yep! Not only is it not just any old blanket but it is a gift that I’m pretty confident that they won’t have someone else give them. It’s like a baby shower secret gift (until you all read this post and the cat’s out the bag!).

A travel blanket is a water-resistant (or sometimes waterproof!), outdoor blanket that is great for the park, sporting events or anywhere that you’d like to plunk it down to keep your bum dry and a large area to sit or for baby to play.

travelblanket Baby Gizmo Must Have - Travel BlanketI don’t know about you but I’m not always keen on putting my babies directly on the grass. Sometimes it’s wet. Sometimes there are bugs. Sometimes the baby eats the grass. All bad news!  So, I keep my travel blanket in my car at all times. It’s a blanket that can be used with a baby up until your child is grown. Heck, we even use ours with just the adults if we are watching fireworks or having a picnic for example.

One of my favorite travel blankets is the JJ Cole Collections Outdoor Blanket. It is water-resistant, opens up to a large 5’ by 5’ area and easily folds up into itself (with a carry strap!) to make transporting it a breeze.

It’s also lightweight and sports a pocket in front in case I want to carry anything along with it. The JJ Cole Blanket retails for $29 and comes in four colors and patterns. If you want to get that expecting mom (or new mom!) a gift that no one else may think of that she will be able to use from birth until forever, seriously think about a travel blanket.

If you’d like to see it up close and personal, check out our Baby Gizmo Video Feature below:


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