Baby Gizmo Must Have Monday | Episode Two | Dr. Browns

must have monday

So, we made it to another Monday! Yes, technically Saturday and Sunday are over (boooo!) but you never know what this week is going to bring. Something fabulous, I’m sure. That’s at least what I’m telling myself. This is going to be a great week and we are starting out with another episode of Baby Gizmo Must Have Monday! (In case you missed EPISODE ONE, HERE it is!)

We are so excited about this week that we invited a special guest to our new series this week! Today, we welcome our friend Natalie Diaz from to sit down with me and discuss one of our joint must-haves! If you are pregnant with twins, have twins or know someone who has twins, you NEED to know about Twiniversity! They know everything there is to know about twins and share it all with you!


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