Baby Gizmo Needs Your Vote for Best Vlog

Baby Gizmo Needs Your Vote for Best Vlog

I know, I know. Don’t you hate it when everyone is bombarding you to vote for them for one thing or another. I usually never ask for you guys to vote for anything. It’s just not our style. BUT you know how important our Baby Gizmo videos are to me, right?!? Well, I’m up for the “Top Mom Vlogger for 2013” award over at Circle of Moms. You know a mom who does video and who does video better than me, right?!? 🙂

Sure, some could look at this as a popularity contest but darnit I want to win!! 🙂 It just gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling that all the work I do on the videos makes a difference.  I just need YOUR vote!

It’s super easy to vote. Just click on the Circle of Mom badge below. Scroll the list to find my face/name (it is the same photo as I have posted below!) and then just vote for me! Please! You know I don’t ask much so please help me out!! xoxo, Hollie





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