Baby Gizmo New Year Bugaboo Donkey Giveaway

Congratulations to the Bugaboo Donkey Winner –

Caree C. from Peoria, AZ!

According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 is the year of the Dragon.  Not at Baby Gizmo! We consider it the year of the Donkey! The Bugaboo Donkey that is! We ended 2011 with some pretty great giveaways and we wanted to start 2012 with a bang as well. Why not start the year with the biggest giveaway yet?!?  Well, it’s the biggest giveaway of 2012 so far!  That’s right we are giving away a fabulous, chic, fantastic, celebrity-worthy Bugaboo Donkey to one lucky winner. Woot! Woot! This stroller was so special that when it was announced we even did a pretty funny “Unauthorized Donkey Video” when they first unveiled it in the US at the ABC Kids Show. Luckily, Bugaboo didn’t hold it against us that we did the video undercover Dateline-style because they have agreed to let us be the second to do a Donkey giveaway. Why weren’t we the first? Hmmmm…maybe they did hold it against us? 🙂

This giveaway is so HUGE that we are giving you 2 weeks to enter!  The giveaway starts now and ends at 11:59pm EST Friday, January 14, 2012!

To read (and watch!) our full review of the Bugaboo Donkey go here:  Baby Gizmo Bugaboo Donkey Review

To watch our “Unathorized Donkey Video” (you might want to because there might be a quiz!) go here: 

Baby Gizmo Unauthorized Donkey Video

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  1. I love that I can go from one with extra storage or two seaters without much fuss. My three year old still hops onto the chameleon when my one year old doesn’t want to ride and it still fits her beautifully. So now I won’t have the 2 fighting over who gets to ride in it!

    YouTube: ninachoe

  2. I love that the donkey can carry 2 babies or 1 baby and 1 storage basket!
    I have 2 kids under 2 and I need all the storage options I can get for grocery store and errand walks. One baby in the ergo, one baby in the Donkey with all our goodies 🙂 love love love the versatility.

    Password: Donkey

  3. I like the ability to switch between a mono/duo stroller. I purchased a single stroller now but if I were to have another I would have to purchase a whole nother model.

  4. I love that it can be a double or single stroller,the 2 baskets are neat to have as a mom we are bending over enough. pass word DONKEY LOL love it

  5. As a Dad of soon to be two boy I love that this stroller looks awesome, has a ton of space, with out being huge, and can adjust to both my wife and I’s different hight.

  6. Favorite feature is that you can do two side-by-side, rear facing seats. perfect for twins! Neither one gets stuck looking at the back of the other kid’s seat, and as a city parent, you can still hear what your kids are saying over top of all the cars, sirens, people and other noise around you.

  7. I am totally loving the extra storage, the convertible positioning of the seating for this stroller, and the fact that it just looks so freaking awesome!

  8. There are too many things i love most about this to name just one! the fact that its a DOUBLE Bugaboo and i have TWO little girls, guess thats the best part! but i love that the seats can change position and the TWO storage baskets!!

  9. May I please be lucky enough to win the Donkey? What impresses me most is that for a stroller that has a pretty wide base it seems to move very nimbly. I also love the color and the fact that it’s a convertible from single to double.

  10. Password is the donkey 🙂

    I absolutely love this stroller. Sorry if there are multiple posts… Only wanted to post once, I have been having a hard time entering the contest.

    Cheers, it’s Friday!

  11. Hi! We just had our second child who’s now almost a month old and after hours of research I still haven’t found a suitable double stroller for our toddler and newborn. After watching Baby Gizmo review via You Tube, I’m a fan! I absolutely LOVE the fact that the Bugaboo Donkey can transform from a Mono to a Double in a few easy steps! That saves me time and money from having to have a single stroller AND a double stroller in case my husband, mom or I only need to take one child out OR for when our toddler is too big or grows out of a stroller (he’s almost there since he’s now 30 pounds!).

  12. Just watched both videos and I have to say, the thing that impresses me most is the upper basket that pops out and you can take with you like a bag. I know it’s lame, but I’m already picturing strolling around the farmers market with my kid on one side, and the handy basket on the other!

  13. I’m excited about this because I am pregnant with #3 and was looking at the Donkey in buybuybaby the other day. I hope I win! I really want this stroller but can’t really afford to buy it.

  14. I LOVE the upper basket when in single mode! What a wonderful idea, that makes it so easy to get to baby essentials without stopping and bending down while on the go. Hope I win! 🙂

  15. Love, love, love that it can fit multiple kids…and still have room for my bags and such! Plus, the sleek design makes it cool to push around – unlinke some of the other bulkly multi-kid strollersl

  16. I hit enter before adding my favorite feature – I love the many options it has available. My favorite is that I don’t have to take it apart to fold it!

  17. I am in love with this stroller! It has so many versatile traits – the forward and backward facing options, the bassinet and toddler seat options, the fact that it folds up with the seats attached. We can’t even fit our double stroller in our trunk!!!

  18. This is an awesome idea for a stroller. Very futuristic, comfortable for both parent and child/children. It has so much storage. And conveniently transforms from single to duo stroller. I always say… Why not spend the right money and get a practical stroller that would last a long time rather than keep on buying and buying… Must have this DONKEY stroller. Durable and reliable for life!

  19. The donkey has a weight capacity of up to 37.5lbs per seat which equals 75 lbs! That is almost an adult person!! Which I hope if we have two children to put on the donkey, I hope that the donkey’s bars can handle two people pushing the stroller 😉 just kidding.

    I think that it is really amazing that it can be adjustable from one to two kids. I love it!

  20. Password is “The Donkey ” I love this stroller, I love the way it can be turned into a double stroller. This product is awesome ! I want one for my son and grand baby coming in April !

  21. I love that each seat is individually removable and positionable. It would make things easier with 2 kids being able to position one forward facing and one rear facing.

  22. I love the telescoping pull-out second seat, the sheer amount of storage and how slim it is! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  23. I love the storage, the fact that seat can face both ways and that you can fit two seats!! So cool!!!
    The password is the donkey!

  24. I love that the stroller expands to be a side by side and that it will accomodate a carseat on one sied – most double strollers that accomadate a carseat are tandem style!

  25. I love how it coverts from a single stroller to a double stroller. We’re planning for baby #2 and this stroller would be perfect.

  26. I love *all* the different positions and that while a single, the other side can have a basket! Plus, IT’S A DONKEY….instant status upgrade 😉

  27. i would love to win this one, we are planning to have our second baby and to have this one will definitely help us save as well as have our future baby and my son now enjoy their rides 🙂
    thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Favorite thing about it is how easy you can switch the seats. Always seemed like it would be difficult, but looked so easy in the video!

  29. i have five kids including newborn twins 🙂 I would love to twin the donkey- its the best double out there, and we could really use it!

  30. So, I watched the video and loved the following things about the Bugaboo Donkey which no other stroller has…

    -Carries 2 or 1 (I’m having twin boys)
    -Has 2 baskets (hello, grocery runs with baby)
    -Folds with seats on!!!
    -Large wheels (yay! to maneuver around NYC streets)
    -Tall handlebar position for my tall 6’2″ husband
    -Seats can face opposite directions… wow! no other stroller does that!!!
    -automatic lock
    -and the video is funny (make sure you have the volume on/mute off)

    Fingers and toes crossed! I really really wanna win this stroller!!!!

  31. I love that this stroller can stand on it’s own when folded — great for gross parking lots! Not to mention it looks so chic, and has so many options for seats.

  32. Such an awesome stroller!!!! Thanks gizmo for the giveaway opportunity:) My 16 month old will have a new little brother in March and this stroller would be awesome!!!

  33. This stroller would be *ideal* for maneuvering my kiddos through slush-filled parking lots of a typical MN winter! Love the size of those wheels!

  34. My favorite feature is the versatility. The fact that my almost 3 year old can walk through stores with it as a single but the mall our theme parks I have a seat for him author having to buy 2 strollers our rent one. Love Love Love this stroller my favorite I’ve seen on the market!

  35. I love the versatility! This is awesome and definitely a grow with me product. We have a little one coming in May….fingers crossed 🙂

  36. Absolutely love this stroller! We still need one so we can take our lil girl out and about… I know she would love this! 🙂

  37. with baby #2 on the way and # 1 will only be 14 months, I have been trying to convince my husband this is the must have double stroller. I would love to win it and check one thing off our list!

  38. I love the way You can use the basket for shopping and that it is only 25″ the size of a cam! then you can quickly convert it to a double.

  39. This is absolutely the best stroller I have ever seen! I have been losing my mind wanting one since the day I found out I was having a second baby and my two girls would be 13 months apart (and she is 8 months old now, so that is quite a while!).

  40. My favorite thing is the flexibility on how babies can be put in the stroller forward and rear facing is great cause my little one does not like to be in the place very long this stroller would be a blessing to help us on our walks to lose weight as well need to get healthy

  41. There are so many features that I love, but I guess my favorite would be that it can be a single stroller with awesome storage or change to a double really quickly.

  42. I love that it is a side-by-side stroller that can be used as a single OR double! 🙂 Also love the extra storage when it is a single. 🙂

  43. i love how it can have the side basket you can interchange AND it expands with your growing family. secret question answer–the donkey

  44. I love how the wheels can be locked for rough terrain. I live in Michigan and pushing swivel wheeled strollers in snow is insanely difficult. The price puts it WAY out of my budget, so I’d just LOVE to win one of these! *crossing fingers AND toes!*

  45. I’m pretty obsessed with the donkey- I could probably advertise for it! I actually love the wide basket in mono because I use my stroller to walk to all the markets near me. Of course since I have a 5 year old, 2 year old and due with #3 in 3 weeks I’ll have plenty of chances to use it in duo mode as well.

  46. I love this cause i just had a baby and my nephew is only 9 months older so this stroller would make it easy to have him over and go places together!!

  47. My favorite feature is definitely the fact that it can be a single and then easily transformed into a duo! Great for a growing family!

  48. It really is freakin’ amazing! How awesome is the expanding frame? Genius! And that basket when it’s in mono. I am def a stroller addict and this is one to long for! 🙂

  49. I have two kids but sometimes only need a stroller for one. So the ability to be able to switch from a single to a double is great!

  50. I love the TOP BASKET feature, I hate having to fumble around bent over or on my knees to get the diaper bag/toys/shopping bag/etc out! I think that the functionality of this stroller is the BEST. I would seriously love to own this stroller!

  51. I love that you can buy it as a single and add the double seat later! Also love the single seat with storage area, what Mom doesn’t need that!?

  52. Having a second baby and would LOVE to have such a GREAT stroller… always wanted a bugaboo!!
    and this double one looks amazin! 🙂

  53. I love how light weight and easy to maneuver the Donkey is. I remember lugging the big, heavy, hard to steer, cheaply made strollers in and out of the car when my older children were babies.

  54. Wow, so many amazing features, but the ability to EASILY convert it from a double to a single blows it out of the water for sure!!

  55. I love the bugaboo Donkey! Would be sooo perfect for my twins while my husband deploys! I would ACTUALLY be able to get out with them! Here’s to hoping…

  56. opps my favorite feature is that it can turn into a single stroller with tons of storage for when it is just me and my little man out and about!

  57. Even though I already posted on this, I just had to say again, the DONKEY is my dream come true. I could finally get rid of all my old strollers (and I mean old!!) as in Strollee from the 1960’s! lol

  58. I love how everything is convertible and easy to maneuver. But my favorite part is that easily expandable side luggage bag because you know I need more storage for when I go on shopping sprees!!! 😉

  59. love the extra basket storage on the side in the mono mode!!! so convient and unique!!! no bending down to grab things!!! good feature in duo mode when babysitting little ones and going for walks. love love love the design! great colors too.

  60. If I had to narrow it down to my favorite feature, it would probably have to be the tall height on the handlebar and the ability to maneuver it so easily with two kids.

    I’m due in June and would love to push the stroller age babies in this!

  61. My favorite feature of the Bugaboo Donkey has to be the single to double capacity. Baby number 2 comming soon. They will only be 13 months appart.

  62. I would look so fresh and cool with that stroller! Maybe people would even look past my unwashed, greasy hair, baby vomit clothes, and bags under my eyes…..maybe…..hopefully….

  63. OMG! It’s the BUGABOO DONKEY!!! What’s not to like about this stroller. It has everything a growing Family needs…I’m a mother of two and would love this stroller for my Babies. What I love the most about the Donkey is that it is very versatile…Whether it’s a trip to the mall, market place, or a stroll to the park the Bugaboo Donkey will meet your needs. Hope my Family can win one of these FAB stroller thanks!

  64. I love that you can carry your precious child and also stuff while shopping. Then even extend for another child.. Simply unbelievable!

  65. I like that you can use it with one kid and a bunch of shopping, or two kids, and it’s still pretty narrow and easy to maneuver.

  66. Password is: the Donkey How could anyone not love it’s conversion from single to double? Everything about it looks a cut above others, even the strap adjustment looks easy, my biggest hatred on well, just about any stroller!

  67. My favorite feature of the Donkey is its capacity to hold both an infant and toddler. Today is my due date for number 2, and before long I’ll need to push both infant and toddler around!

  68. I am excited for the Bugaboo Donkey! We are TTC #2, so the idea that we can have a baby cradle and a forward facing toddler is awesome.

  69. I am so excited for the chance to win this amazing stroller. I pushed a demo at a Buy Buy Baby store a few months ago and had to quickly leave because it was pretty awesome – but the pricetag is painful.

  70. password is : the donkey
    i love this stroller because it can be used as a single or double and since i plan on having more kids please G-D it would be very usefull for us 🙂

  71. I love that it can be a single or double stroller and that you can use it with two bassinets at the same time! Love love love it!

  72. My favorite feature about this stroller is how it came grow with my family. I currently have a toddler, but plan on expanding my family soon. Its a big investment but definitely looks like its worth it. I can see it being passed down, and resused for years to come.