Baby Gizmo Piggyback Rider Review

Are you tired of lugging around those bulky backpack carriers? Does the thought of forcing your overloaded stroller over uneven terrain make you cringe?  In these cases, most parents would turn to the old standbys; piggyback or shoulder rides. One parent hefts the child up onto their shoulders, braving the hair pulling, neck straining, and eye-poking just to keep from having to hear the inevitable whine, “I’m tired!”. After their upper body cramps up and then goes completely numb, the adult switches off with the other parent. This swap continues for the rest of the day until both mom and dad are completely wiped out.

Enter the Piggyback Rider. This innovative new child carrier combines the convenience of a piggyback ride with the comfort of a traditional backpack carrier, minus all the bulk. 

The makers of the Piggyback Rider have definitely cornered the market on featherlight backpack carriers. Weighing in at a scant three pounds, this device is no bigger than a rolled towel once placed in its included carrying bag. Made for children 2 1/2 to 7 years old (and up to 60 pounds), the Piggyback Rider offers parents of older children a terrific alternative to those painful back rides.

Upon opening the box, we were a bit daunted by the mass of straps and bars that make up the carrier. But don’t get discouraged; the included instructions are easy to read and very thorough. The instruction booklet included a couple of pages of warnings which initially concerned us, but most warnings are self-explanatory and mostly common sense. Just be sure to thoroughly review the pamphlet before using the Piggyback Rider so you are familiar with its proper usage.

Setup is a cinch. Simply thred your arms through the shoulder straps and adjust them just like a traditional backpack to ensure a snug fit. Secure the chest clip and adjust the height of the foot bar so that it rests at or below your waist. Next, place the safety harness on the child. This is a very simple, self-explanatory harness for the most part.

The hardest part comes next – attaching the safety tether to the carrier. The directions instruct the wearer to snap the hook on the safety harness to the attached clasp on the shoulder area of the carrier. The only problem is that the length of the strap is too short, requiring the wearer to have to kneel down in order to accomplish this. Not too big of a deal in our opinion, but it can be frustrating so it’s worth a mention.

We tested this rider out at a local flea market with a thirty-five pound three year old. Our tester absolutely loved the fact that the carrier offered her a birds eye view of what was going on – no more knee-watching for this former stroller rider! Our tester eagerly climbed up onto the carrier, but needed the help of a second adult the first few times until she got the hang of it. We did have to kneel down in order to have her climb aboard, so a decent amount of strength was needed to stand once she was loaded up.

Once you have the child safely secured in the harness, you will need to make sure the height of the bar is appropriate for the child. If an adjustment is required, the child will have to dismount the carrier while the adjustments are being made and remount once they’re complete. If you are planning on using this carrier for multiple children, keep this fact in mind. However, once the adjustments have been made, we were surprised at how comfortable this carrier really was. We were able to easily carry our tester most of the day without the usual neck and back strain, and we were glad to not be pestered by the usual tired pleas to be carried.

The thickly padded harness kept our shoulders from aching and the design of the carrier allows the weight of the child to be distributed along the wearer’s hips instead of on their shoulders. This eliminates the dreaded piggyback hunch we all are familiar with. Instead of having to slouch in order to keep the child on our back, the Piggyback Rider allowed us to walk in our regular, upright position.

Do keep in mind that it can be time-consuming to have the child dismount. You will have to kneel down again and detach the harness from the carrier. Not a big deal for the occasional potty break, but probably not the ideal situation for those times when they will want to be up and down constantly.

When nap time rolled around and our tester hopped into her stroller, this carrier easily rolled up and fit neatly into its handy storage bag. It easily fit into the tiny basket on our umbrella stroller, keeping us hands-free and happy.  We appreciated the fact that the carrying bag can be attached as a mud flap behind the foot bar, allowing us to keep our rear ends clean from those dusty little shoes!

If you are looking for a lightweight, portable carrier for your older toddler or child, the Piggyback Rider is a great choice. It’s innovative, child-friendly design will help you keep your child engaged and happy no matter where you go!  Interested in this awesome device?  Head over here to purchase one today.  Your back will thank you!