Baby Gizmo Pimp My Crib Photo Contest Finalists Announced

A big thanks to everyone who submitted such great photos to our Baby Gizmo Pimp My Crib Photo Contest! The pictures were all fabulous (as always!)! After careful review, we have picked our Top 10 Finalists

You can view the finalists HERE.

Remember we made this contest different!  There will be no public voting! 

Our Baby Gizmo Judges have picked the best 10 photos to post on the Baby Gizmo Facebook Page for 4 days (April 25 – April 28) for everyone to see. Everyone (including the finalists’ friends and families) are more than welcome to comment on the photos to why they think that photo should win. This is NOT a requirement!! We just know that sometimes people want to give their opinions…try to sway the judges’ votes…just comment in general. Your friends and family can try to sway the judges votes all they want, but it’s not gonna happen! Again, the comments and “likes” will NOT count as votes! Just a way for people to talk about the photos! That’s right, no more voting!

Our top Baby Gizmo Judges will be voting on a winner this week while they are posted from Monday, April 25 to Thursday, April 28, 2011.

Winner will be announced on Friday, April 29, 2011.


ONE (1) GRAND PRIZE:   Design your own custom bedding set from Carousel Designs. (Watch our Baby Gizmo Video Segment on the Carousel Designs Nursery Designer here.)

For more information and rules visit:  Baby Gizmo Pimp My Crib Photo Contest