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  1. Hi.
    I have the new 2015 Vista and use it for my two boys who are 18months apart. It is generally really great but there are a few niggles. I also had the 2013 version which I sold to buy the new one, so I can compare directly. There is no doubt the rubble seat is a lot better. I don’t find it small at all. My son is 23 months now and almost 30lbs and fits into the rumble seat fine. He sometimes chooses to sit in that seat rather than the main toddler seat, so he obviously has no issue with space.
    The good bits:
    Bassinet and toddler seat together worked great when my youngest was little. I loved being able to take my youngest out on his own in the bassinet when my toddler was not with us and didn’t need to have another single stroller.
    With the upper adapters on, the toddler seat sits higher and the space between the two seats is much better than on the review video, so don’t worry about your kids being squashed. They won’t be.
    The fact both seats recline and swap from forward to rearward facing is great. Personally I prefer my kids facing me and can do this easily.
    Neither child feels like they are ‘in the boot/trunk’ which I felt when I looked at other well known brands of tandems.
    The bassinet is huge, lasts way longer than many brands and can be used in your house as a Moses basket. We used it downstairs for when baby was having a quick nap and we didn’t want him to be on his own when really young.
    The bad bits:
    The new black finish on the frame is wearing a lot quicker than the old and I have lots of scratches already, which won’t help when I go to sell it.
    It might just be my actual Vista but I feel both canapes are not as good as previous. The toddler seat version is only open or folded. I used to be able to go half way but now it snaps back to folded. The rumble seat sunshade isn’t as big and doesn’t cover my son as much as I would like. Another few inches of fabric would make all the difference. Not sure if Uppababy have just tried to save some money here but not their usual quality in my opinion.
    The new harness is really messy. The straps pull to tighten but they have got new attachments at the ends to keep them attached to the main part of the harness. This means you don’t get proper tension on the straps and they work their way loose all the time. I have had to uncouple these, on advice from Uppababy. So they work a bit better but now just flap about all over the place and my youngest chews them a lot.
    Generally I am really happy with it and foresee having this for many years in double and then back to single mode as my boys grow. Dismantling and building is a bit of an art and can take some time when standing in the rain in a car park but unless you are going to buy a side by side umbrella or pop out stroller they will all involve some constructing.
    I hope you find this info useful.

  2. So…for $1000 (holy cow!), the second seat is ridiculously small, the two seats are crammed together, and they can’t face one another? UPPABaby is just ridiculous.

  3. it looks like some ladies are able to have the seats face each other if you put the upper adaptors extendors. Once you get the extenders you can try it as it seems to work like the city select. How would you compare the feel and handling of this stroller compare to the city select?

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