Baby Gizmo Review: 2015 UPPAbaby VISTA in Doubles Mode

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After years of waiting, UPPAbaby finally offers a full-size double stroller! Sure, they had the VISTA and Rumbleseat that has been out for quite a while, but most parents would argue that the old Rumbleseat did not make a full-size stroller. The old Rumbleseat only faced parent, didn’t recline and had to be removed when the stroller was folded. It was a great “jump seat” but parents wanted more.

Thankfully, UPPAbaby has created that “more.” The new 2015 VISTA and new Rumbleseat is exactly what we’ve been waiting for. A versatile stroller that becomes a double stroller with the addition of the new, reversible, reclining Rumbleseat that can be folded with both seats attached.

Just in case you are wondering, yes, the old one is out and this new Rumbleseat is in. We would have liked a new name or at least a “Rumbleseat 2.0” but we are happy that they have finally fixed the problem.

The 2015 VISTA has been through a massive makeover with a bunch of new changes that we highlighted earlier this week and now we are talking all about the VISTA in doubles mode. The VISTA transforms from a single stroller to a double with the addition of the sold separately ($199) Rumbleseat.

To check out everything about this new double stroller from UPPAbaby, check out today’s Baby Gizmo Video Review on the 2015 UPPAbaby VISTA in doubles mode.


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Hi. I have the new 2015 Vista and use it for my two boys who are 18months apart. It is generally really great but there are a few niggles. I also had the 2013 version which I sold to buy the new one, so I can compare directly. There is no doubt the rubble seat is a lot better. I don’t find it small at all. My son is 23 months now and almost 30lbs and fits into the rumble seat fine. He sometimes chooses to sit in that seat rather than the main toddler seat, so he obviously has… Read more »

So…for $1000 (holy cow!), the second seat is ridiculously small, the two seats are crammed together, and they can’t face one another? UPPABaby is just ridiculous.

Lynne Thériault Sehgal
Lynne Thériault Sehgal

it looks like some ladies are able to have the seats face each other if you put the upper adaptors extendors. Once you get the extenders you can try it as it seems to work like the city select. How would you compare the feel and handling of this stroller compare to the city select?