Baby Gizmo Review: Britax B-Agile Stroller

Baby Gizmo Review:  Britax B-Agile Stroller

Baby Gizmo Review:  Britax B-Agile StrollerBritax is on a roll!  Their newest addition to their line of strollers is the B-Agile.  The B-Agile is a quick-fold, lightweight stroller stocked with features that is going to give the Baby Jogger City Mini a run for its money.  We’re going to be honest, the B-Agile is similar to the City Mini but has a few improved features that makes it even better.  Better than our beloved City Mini, you ask?  Yep, keep reading, my friend!

The B-Agile falls into our lightweight plus category, weighing in 16 ½ lbs.  The lightweight aluminum frame with the quality we have come to expect from Britax combined with the super easy fold, huge canopy, automatic lock and big roomy seat makes this a winner in our book.

The seat is wide and roomy, making for a comfortable ride even for an older child. The seat is very wide at 14″ across and has a 20″ seatback and a measurement of 25″ from seatback to canopy. With the large seat and high weight capacity of 55 lbs, your older kids could even jump in for a ride. The seat sports a fabulous, no re-thread, adjustable, 5-point, padded harness with head pad and reflective binding.  The height of the harness and head pad is so easy to adjust by just unzipping a zipper on the back of the seat and squeezing and sliding an adjuster button up and down to find the perfect fit for your child (similar to the B-Ready). It’s one of the easiest harness adjusters we have encountered! Plus, the head pad is a nice touch to keep your little rider extra comfortable. We also like that the belly pad that protects the child from the buckle is sewn to the seat fabric so that it doesn’t fall off every time we take our child out. The harness is also complete with a hard-to-do buckle.  While our toddlers could escape the City Mini in a jiffy, they are forced to stay seated in the B-Agile because they can’t undo the harness. The seat is deep and set back almost over the rear wheels to give this lightweight, 3-wheel stroller great stability.  This is not a tippy-kind of stroller!

The seat has a strap recline system that can be done with one hand to recline but you’ll need two hands to put the seat back upright.  We love that the seat has a deep recline (just short of flat) for our little ones to take a nap. When the seat is fully reclined, you can lift the back of the canopy fabric to expose a giant mesh window to allow air to flow through the seat.

There is a non-adjustable footrest that is comfortable for our older toddlers with a measurement of 10” from seat to where they place their feet.

The canopy on the B-Agile does not disappoint.  It is HUGE and will shade your child completely from the sun. No canopy extension needed on this baby! The canopy also features a large peek-a-boo window that allows you to keep an eye on your little rider.

For taller moms and dads, there is a high handle bar (it’s not adjustable though) that measures 40″ from ground to handlebar to prevent you from kicking the frame. While it isn’t the tallest handlebar on the market, taller parents will not be kicking the frame of this stroller.  There is additional stride clearance thanks to the curved bottom piece of the frame that connects the two rear wheels.

Underneath there is a medium size basket that has convenient side access since getting into the basket from the rear may be difficult with a fully reclined seat.  There is also a large zippered pocket on the back of the canopy for additional storage.

The B-Agile rolls on two 9 ½ inch wheels in the rear and a 5 ½” wheels in the front.  The front wheel is a swivel wheel that has the ability to lock straight to tackle a bit of all-terrain.  There is an all-wheel suspension system that absorbs some of the bumpier times to give your little rider a smooth ride. A one-step, flip-flop friendly, linked brake pedal also locks the stroller in place.

The maneuverability on this stroller is nothing short of fabulous. Very easy to push, turns on a dime and can be maneuvered one-handed as long as the seat isn’t at the weight capacity.  We put a 40 lb – 4 year old in the seat, and we were still able to push it one-handed with a little extra wrist power.  The B-Agile is not an all-terrain stroller but it can handle bumpy roads, cobblestone and playground mulch but it’ll be a little bit of a bumpy ride if you take it off-roading.  We would suggest locking the front wheel if you attempt to take it on grass or other all-terrain to make it an easier push.

Now, the fold on the B-Agile is so easy that I was able to get my child out of the seat and fold it with one hand like a ninja when space was tight in church last weekend.  It was so quick and easy to do, that strangers literally commented on my stroller-folding skills.  The fold on the B-Agile is very, very similar to the City Mini except with the added push of a safety button.  All you have to do is push a grey button down on the side of the seat (it stays down so that you don’t have to hold it down).  Then pull up on the folding strap in the seat and the stroller folds flat. Very flat!  The button on the side is an extra safety step so that the stroller couldn’t be folded on accident.  Plus, what makes it better than the City Mini is that it has an automatic lock!  Yep, you heard us right – an AUTOMATIC lock!  Britax clearly wants to be our BFF!  This is a stroller that you can fold up while holding your child and put it in your trunk with one hand all in less than 10 seconds.  Nothing is more convenient than that!

With its folded dimensions of 22.75″W x 10″H x 29″D, this stroller is a compact package that is easy to transport and fits in the smallest trunks. Bring on the Mini Cooper because this baby will fit!

If a travel system is your thing, the B-Agile succeeds in this area too!  The stroller comes with included Britax CLICK & Go infant car seat receivers to work with the Britax Chaperone or the new Britax B-Safe infant car seats.  The Britax adapters are very convenient and do not get in the way of the fold.  With the City Mini, the car seat adapter bar typically hits your arm when you are folding which is no fun.  This is not so with the B-Agile.  The adapters are not in the way at all.  Plus, if you want to use a different brand of infant car seat, there is a universal car seat adapter (sold separately) that accommodates a Graco 32/35, Chicco, Peg Perego or a Britax Companion.

There are many great accessories that are sold separately for the B-Agile to fit every parent’s needs including: child tray, adult cup holder, travel bag, rain cover and a UV/mosquito cover.

The B-Agile will be available in black and red. Our only suggestion would be for Britax to offer the B-Agile in more fun colors.  How about a brown, blue, purple or green?

If you are looking for a lightweight stroller that will have you folding it like a ninja with a huge canopy, a very large seat for your bigger kids, extra stride clearance for tall parents and the easy travel system capability, the Britax B-Agile is the stroller for you!!

To watch our full video review of the Britax B-Agile stroller, click the video below:

The B-Agile will be available at the end of June 2011. *Thanks to Britax for sending us the B-Agile stroller to review.

Baby Gizmo Review:  Britax B-Agile Stroller


  1. […] Baby Gizmo Review: Britax B-Agile Stroller – The B-Agile is a quick-fold, lightweight stroller stocked with features that is going to give the Baby Jogger City Mini a run for its money. […]

  2. hi hollie
    first i’m sorry for my bad english.I’m looking for stroller for my baby who will come in a two weeks.I love B agile but i have some questions.First is the seat unit removable.Becouse i always saw on the photos and videos car seat and seat unit together.and its not look chic.
    second question; my husband is very tall (194cm) and this stroller’s handle bar is not adjustable.Is it happened very big problem for us.

  3. I have a 2012 city mini GT with all the same features mentioned above, including automatic lock when folded flat and safety straps to prevent accidental folding. The tires are better; even rolled on the beach recently. I’ve never had any of the mechanical problems mentioned in the comments. I chose city mini GT over the b-agile because it looked more comfortable and durable and had better tires by far. Sacrificed getting a slightly lighter weight stroller for better engineering.

  4. Hi Hollie-
    I am a FTM and am getting a bit overwhelmed with the stroller side of things. I read your review and would like to get this one, but just recently purchased a maxi-cosi cabriofix carseat on eBay. Ugh. Can it be used with the b agile?
    Many thanks

  5. I’ve been looking for comments about the B-agile seat recline. I too have noticed the most upright position is not great. My daughter looks like she’s slouching and slightly uncomfortable. My daughter is 15 months and this is our 3rd stroller. I have to say, I do LOVE it otherwise. The ride is so smooth, pretty light weight and compact to fit in the trunk and the canopy is huge. I think I’ll just rig the recline so my daughter can sit more upright.

  6. hi hollie,

    i just bought a britax b-agile and when i used it, it seems to wobble and it would tend to go towards the left when im pushing my son. any suggestions on how to fix this.

  7. We liked this stroller for all its good features but we had problems with the storage basket being too small and difficult to access and the reclining not being upright enough. But the reason why we ended up returning the stroller was because the reclining straps kept getting jammed, until I wasn’t able to unjam them anymore…pretty frustrating and a big waste of time. However, I haven’t seen any reviews yet of this happening to anyone else…did we just have a lemmon??

  8. How upright is the seat for the b-agile? I am reading along of concerns about the seat being too reclined at its most upright position. What angle is it and do you have any concerns over this?

  9. Hello…..I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me the differences between the b agile and the b nimble. Thanks so much. Especially concerning reclining positions….I keep hearing that the b agile will not sit straight up at a 90 degree angle. Is this also an issue with the b nimble? Please include any other key differences in your response. Thanks so much

  10. Hello Hollie!
    I absoluteley love your reviews! I was able to compare lots of strollers using your site! So i bought the b-agile and b-safe car seat and i have been using them every day since the day my son was born! I absoluteley love them!
    There is only one thing i don’t know. Can i entireley remove the fabric off the b-agile to wash it?

  11. I have the Britax B-Safe and B-Agile travel system and I have loved it. Now that my daughter is 9 months we have moved on to the Britax Boulevard. Now that she is bigger and sits in the stroller instead of the carseat in the stroller, she wants to sit up in the stroller. Is there a way to make the seat more of a 90 degrees. She is sort of laying back even when I put the seat up all the way. It also makes the tray very far away for her. I am looking for any possible ways to get it to sit up at the 90 degrees.

  12. Hi Hollie,

    I have watched several of your stroller reviews and I want to let you know that you do an amazing job of informing the consumer! I have a few questions for you: I am trying to decide between the B-Agile and the B-Scene. I know that the B-Scene seat can be removed and turned to face the parent, but other than that, are there any major differences I should consider? I like that the foot rest is adjustable on the B-scene, but I feel like it is a little shorter than the B-Agile foot rest when folded down and may not accommodate an older child as well. Which one did you like better when you tried them out? I know this thread is old, but I couldn’t find a better place to ask my questions. Hope to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Brooke, I like the B-Agile better. The fold is just so much easier on that one. Yes, the B-Scene has bigger wheels for all-terrain but the B-Agile does a great job all around. I just like the B-Agile better. I actually use one with my son.

  13. Hi. I just purchased a b agile traveler system. I saw that the whole seat can
    Come off. Is it safe to use the stroller with no seat and only the car seat attached? And is it
    Safe to turn carseat facing me and facing outward?

  14. Hi Hollie, LOVE your stroller reviews. I am having a huge issue trying to decide between the B-Agile and the City Mini 2012 version. I’ve seen the strollers in person about 3 times and the only thing that is delaying me from purchasing the B-agile is that recline strap mechanism in the back. I am not sure if it is just the particular floor models that have been over-used and broken, or if it is a design flaw of the stroller itself, but the strap recline is VERY tricky for me. It is constantly getting stuck or twisted, or just very difficult to adjust the seat recline smoothly. Have you seen this as an issue in your experience with the stroller? From your video, it looks like it is smooth but definitely not the case when I try it out in the store. I can’t even tell if I am able to get the seat to the maximum upright position on the B-agile because I am not sure if I hit the max length of the strap pull, or if it just got stuck and won’t go any further. Which sits up straighter? The City Mini or the B-agile? Which reclines deeper? THANK YOU

  15. Hi Hollie! Thank you so much for the great review. I have a quick question, does the stroller still fold small with the universal car seat adapter? And, do you have to remove the adapter before you fold it? I have a Graco SnugRide 35 because it was more compatible with our car but I hate to think that I’ll have to carry this adapter separately after I fold up the stroller. Thank you for your help!

  16. Hi,
    I’m planning our first trip abroad with my five-month old and want to travel as light as possible. I wouldn’t even take a stroller on this trip and opt to carry our little guy in the Ergo everywhere, but my main reason to take a stroller is to transport our car seat (Britax Chaperone). I’ve just purchased the B-Agile and learned that while it is readily compatible with the B-Safe car seat, owners of the Chaperone must call Britax to order a free adaptor piece.
    While I’m waiting for the piece to arrive, I’m having second thoughts and wondering if the B-Nimble might be a better option for travel and boarding planes as most airlines seem to more accommodating of the umbrella-type stroller. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations travelling with either?
    PS – @Prince: According to the Britax website, the infant car seat adaptor “is designed to work with Chicco Key Fit, Chicco Key Fit 30, Graco Snugride 32, Graco Snugride 35, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio attachment systems”

  17. Hi Hollie,

    I know the B Agile isn’t supposed to be compatible with a bassinet.
    But the Britax description of their bassinet says “Works with all BRITAX CLICK & GO compatible strollers”. AND the B Agile uses the “click & go” system… So, would the bassinet actually work with the Agile or not? I am so confused!

    Thanks again for all of your reviews and videos, they help a lot in our decision process!

  18. Hollie
    You didn’t answer Lisa’s question with regard to stability. When I saw it in the store it appeared that the Centre of Gravity seemed high and with the three wheels I worry about about it tipping.

    • Hi Vince and Lisa, I don’t find the B-Agile to be tippy at all. Now, if you load down the handle with tons of weight and take the child out of the seat, it will definitely tip like any other stroller. But I didn’t find it tipping when I turn or maneuvering it at all. Hope this helps! – Hollie

  19. Hi Hollie,

    I’m in a fix. Can’t decide between the citi mini or the Britax B-agile.

    I like the fabric and the supportive seat on the B-agile…which make it more wider when the baby is sitting as compared to the CM… the seat is almost like a hammock. My son just sinks in it and it make it less roomier for his rear. I’m not sure if having a hammock like seat is comfortable for my child if he’s sitting for a longer time…what do you think? I’m sure you’ve used it with your kids!

    Also if the B-agile has a good back support? it’s not as upright as the CM it seems!. The CM has a rock solid stiff back support…dunno what’s more comfortable for the child.

    I like the basket in the CM…I can throw in a lot of things without people noticing them n also it’s hard for things to fall out when the basket is loaded. B-agile made an ugly basket for sure.

    it’s hard to decide. I have made two bad choices with the strollers before but I want this one to be the one.

    Would appreciate if you could spare some time and write back.


  20. Hi Hollie, Can you tell me what material the handle bar is covered in? We fly with our strollers very often and the foam that Britax covers the B-ready and B-nimble with gets torn very easily by the airline. Thanks for your help!

  21. Hi Hollie! Thank you so much for the great reviews. I had a quick question, does the stroller still fold small with the universal car seat adaptor?? I have a chicco key fit, which is a great car seat but difficult to find matching parts for it. I almost bought the city mini, but didn’t like the reviews for the car seat attachment, and I really want to find something I can keep my car seat but still be a great light weight stroller. Thank you for your help!

  22. Hi. Does the skateboard adapter fit to the B-agile like it does to the city mini. I have a toddler that might need to stand sometimes?

  23. Hi Hollie-Is the zippered pocket in the back accessible when the seat is upright, or only when it’s fully reclined? Also, how does this stroller compare to the Citymini in quality of the fabric and parts? It’s not around long enough to know how long it’ll last. Also, is the basket underneath deep enough that things won’t fall out?

  24. Whoops! I wrote “Hi Monica” – but I meant “Hi Hollie”!!! I was reading the post above mine and I must have had a brain block!

  25. Hi Monica. I’m a lurker of your site and think you have great advice. I am moving from NYC to the ‘burbs, sold my Bug Cameleon on CL and just got the B-Agile today. I LOOOOVE it — except for one thing… Even at full upright, the back support of the stroller is too inclined for my son. I guess he’s used to sitting straight up on the Cameleon seat, and he just couldn’t get comfortable today on our walk. I have the snack tray attachment, but it seemed to far out for him to pull himself up. He tried a few times, but gave up b/c it was too far away. Do you have any suggestions on how to rig the back of the stroller to get it more upright? (It looks like the pull strap system in the back of the stroller has room if it weren’t for where it’s stitched closed! Grrr…) Any advice is welcome!

  26. Thank you so much for the review. I am going back and forth between this or the City Mini. Which one sits more upright? Also, is there any benefit to larger or smaller wheels? The Be Agile has larger wheels in the back than the City Mini, correct? But MUCH smaller front wheels. Which do you think is better?

  27. Hi Hollie – I’ve been using my B-Agile for 2 weeks now and this may be crazy to say, but I might like it more than my Bugaboo. I have to say that your review was incredibly accurate and I took it to the zoo this past weekend, and a couple other parent’s loved how big the sun shade is (it was a hot one). I think there a couple major factors that I like better than the Bugaboo – it seems to take a rocket scientist to learn to fold your Cameleon correctly, and explaining it to someone else – fat chance. It’s just not intuitive and not as easy as they try to imply (unless you’re the owner and you do it regularly). The B-Agile truly is a dream to fold AND it’s easy to explain to someone else how to fold and unfold it. I also found that when I put the seat in the last position so that it was completely horizontal, I had plenty of room to change my baby in the stroller. The other factor is the undercarriage basket. I find the Bugaboo isn’t easy to get things in and out of b/c of the drawstring closure. I loved that the B-Agile has an open basket and it is so easy to get stuff in and out. Lastly, the adapters that go with our car seat (Maxi-Cosi) are a nightmare. They have to come off in order to fold the Cameleon and I had a hard time figuring out which adapter went on which side. After one too many meltdowns in parking lots, I finally stickered and color coded the adapters so that I could get the on correctly and more quickly. The car seat adapters for the B-Agile stay attached when you fold the stroller! Genius. I am so fortunate to have both (esp b/c I didn’t pay for either), but I really think the B-Agile is my recommendation for the average person not willing to invest in a luxury stroller.

  28. Hi-the Britax b-agile sounds great. I was debating between the City Mini, Britax B-Agile, and The First Years’ Wave. One problem I noticed with the City Mini is that people commented that once you use the infant car seat, the stroller feels like it may tip over. Does the B-Agile have the same problem or have they figured out how to stabalize it? Also-while I like that the Wave has the bassinet, it seems it is trying to be a truly all-in-one, and so is not functioning 100% at anything. People commented that the actual stroller is not that comfortable for toddlers-ie the straps are uncomfortable. Is that true, and if so, does the B-Agile perform better? In general, could you please compare the B-Agile with the Wave?


  29. Hi Hollie, I wanted to thank you so much for all your amazing work. Your review was my litmus test for strollers- if there wasn’t one, the stroller was almost automatically disqualified. Your review for this stroller helped decide me. I’m awaiting delivery! It was a close one, I almost got the Mia Moda Atmosferra, but aside from the included adult cup-holder and baby snack tray, this one seemed to have so much more! I’m a little worried about figuring out the safety harness snap. In the store I struggled with it. Might be a case of child-proofing a bit too well? We shall see… Thank you again for your invaluable opinions!!

    • Hi MJ, No, the bassinet will not work with the B-Agile. You can put the baby in the seat or in a car seat and that is it with this one. – Hollie

  30. Hi Hollie, I love your Baby Gizmo reviews. I am a FTM and I don’t know what I would do without them, so thank you!!! Quick question(s): Can you use the child tray from the B-Agile on the B-Scene? Or do you know if they plan to create a child-tray accessory for the B-Scene?

    • Hi Sunni! Sorry can’t use the agile tray on b-scene and they do not have plans to make one for the B-Scene.

  31. Hi thank you for this great review. My question is when we used to have a citimini my son slouched in it because the seat was not deep enough nor did it have a good back support. Will we have the same problem with b agile?

    • No, the B-Agile has a firm seat back. And Baby Jogger fixed that issue on their 2011 model by adding more support to the seat. – Hollie

  32. I thought that I was set on the Joovy Kooper until I saw this one… What is the deal breaker? (I love the sun shade with the JK)

  33. Aloha Hollie, I love the reviews by Baby Gizmo! I’m trying to find the measurements of the Agile compared to the B-Scene. My daughter is deciding between Graco Signature, Agile and the B-Scene. Her main concern is the back wheel width. The Graco seems to have a smaller foot print and we were hoping the Agile would be a little smaller than the B-Scene. I can’t find the measurements on the Britax web site, do you have them? Plus I’m thinking as a single mom the reversible seat would be better something the Agile doesn’t offer.
    Thanks Hollie

  34. Thanks so much! You just answered so many of my questions about the B-Agile. I got in with some “swag” from a talk show and didn’t want to take it out of the box yet, so thank you for this review.

  35. Will the B-Agile be compatible with the Britax Bassinet? I was all set to buy the City Mini because it has the infant seat adapter and a bassinet option, but your review has made me stop and consider the britax. I love the automatic lock for closing.

  36. How is the strap adjustment on the B-Safe car seat? The Chaperone can be adjusted with the long strap on the front of the car seat. But I didn’t see any strap on the B-Safe. I hope I don’t have to adjust the straps individually on the back of the car seat. That would be so inconvenient. Let me know, thanks!

    • Hi Rosie, The harness on the B-Safe adjusts just like the Chaperone with the long strap in the front. So easy! – Hollie

  37. Currently debating between a few similar strollers. Does the B-Agile have rubber wheels? Or are they plastic?

  38. Thank you so much, I was loocking for a new stroller & I think this is going to be the one. this is why I loooove baby gizmo. Your reviews are the BEST!!


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