Baby Gizmo RV Travel Episode 3 | Fire Alarm in the RV

Yesterday, we left you hanging in Episode 2¬†on whether the boys would make it on the hike without sitting down and refusing to take one more step. Yes, it wasn’t their most glowing moment, but this is real life here, people!

Today, in Episode 3, we continue the hike and have a little mishap in the RV kitchen. Yep, it involves fire alarms.

We also find out the reason why dogs aren’t allowed on most trails in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Did you know that dogs and bears are natural enemies? And we all know who would win that fight! Biologists estimate that roughly 1,500 bears live in the Great Smokey Mountain Park. This equals a population density of approximately two bears per square mile, which is just too many to bring dogs on the trails. Before knowing these facts, I thought keeping dogs off them was just a rule to keep the trails clean and not as busy. Umm… yeah, no. It’s serious business. No one wants to have the family witness good old Sparky get mauled by a bear during a nature hike, right? So, we stuck to the two short trails in the park that dogs were allowed.