Baby Gizmo Sippy Cup Battle: To Leak or Not to Leak!

There are tons of choices of sippy cups on the market.  Some are cute and some are unique!  Which ones do you choose?  We’ll take a non-leaking sippy over a cute one any day of the week!  We know, we know, every sippy cup claims to be “spill-proof” and easy to use!  Well, after countless cups leaking on our vehicle floors, in our diaper bags and everywhere else, we decided to put them to the test!  Which ones leak and which ones don’t? 

We wanted to know which cups sucked and which didn’t!  Ever try to drink out of some of your child’s sippy cups only to get a drop or two at a time?  Well, our kids don’t like that!  They want a cup that is easy to use (sucks easily) and we want a cup that doesn’t leak!  That can’t be that much to ask for, could it?

We also want to mention that a few sippy cups on the market have lids.  Some have holes in the lids and some don’t!  We like the holes and so should you!!  The holes in the lid mean that your child cannot suction the lid to their face.  A big enough lid without holes could potentially be suctioned over your child’s nose and mouth causing a suffocation hazard.  So, holes are good…no holes are not good!

We tested 12 of the most popular sippy cups on the market to see which ones worked and which one’s fell short of their promises. Note:  You may notice that most sippy spouts are different.  Some are a rigid spout covered with a soft material.  Others are just hard plastic.  And others are soft and collapsible.  The soft and collapsible ones are very easy to bend, chew on and conform to your child’s mouth.  While those spouts are not at all bad, we want to warn you that many of these spouts can be “milked”.  That means that your child will figure out very quickly that if he turns the cup upside down and squeezes the spout, lots of liquid will come pouring out.  Basically “milking the cup”!  Kids find this funny…moms do not!  So, be careful with the spout you choose! 

Now down to the testing!   Here is what we tested: 

 1)      Was the cup easy to suck?  (“Suck”)

 2)      Does it leak?  Here is the leak testing that we put each cup through: 

“Upside Down” – We turned it upside down. 

“Shake” – We had our testers shake it. 

“Banged on a table” – We had our testers tap or bang it on a table. 

“On its side” – We set it on its side for 10 minutes. 


Here is what we found in the order that we liked them!

Dr. Brown’s Training Cup (Retails for $4.99) 

This sippy cup is our #1 pick!!  It doesn’t leak AND it is easy to suck!  Go figure!  It can be done! This training cup is Dr. Brown’s next step from the bottle.  It features a dual function, removable valve that makes it easy to suck but spill proof.  The cup has a soft spout and is BPA free.  It also has a cap although there are NO holes in the cap!



MAM Learn to Drink Cup (Retails for $5.99)

This BPA free cup is for 6 months and up and features a soft (but not collapsible) spout, a removable inside valve and a lid (with NO holes!).  While it is very easy to suck and doesn’t leak when held upside down, its on its side, or shaken, it does leak a bit if banged on a table!  We are talking a minimal amount of leaking if banged on a table!  We would consider this cup leak-proof!  That is IF you have the valve in correctly!!


Playtex Lil’ Gripper No-Spout Cup (Retails for $5.49)

Since this cup doesn’t have a spout, it is designed for 2+ years. This was one of our toddler’s favorites.  It’s BPA free, doesn’t leak unless banged on a table and is easy to drink from! 


Green Sprouts by iplay (Retails for $7.99)

 One of the cuter (but more expensive!) sippy cups we tested, this Green Sprouts by iplay is BPA free and recommended for 3-12 months.  It features a hard spout, soft-grip handles and a non-removable valve.  The handles are great for little hands but are removable to fit in any cup holder.  While it isn’t the easiest to drink from (testers have to suck harder than with some other cups!) it is pretty leak-proof unless banged on a table!


Avent Magic Cup (Retails for $4.99)

The “magic” that is advertised is the patented non-spill, easy-sip, Magic Valve that flexes open to allow air in, which then allows a continuous flow of liquid out.  So, is it easy to suck and does it leak, you ask?  Yes and no!  The cup is very easy to use with very little sucking.  A lot of liquid comes out with little effort on your tot’s part.  Plus, it doesn’t leak if held still upside down or on its side, but it will start to leak if shaken or banged on a table. Oh yeah, it also has a lid/cap WITH holes and is BPA free! 



Gerber Nuk Ez Cup (Retails for $6.99)

This BPA free cup with a soft, collapsible spout is designed for 6-18 months old.  It has no valve (it’s easy to clean!), removable handles and has a large cap WITH holes!  While the cup doesn’t leak at all (even when shaken!), it isn’t the easiest to drink from.  You child has to bite down on the spout in order to get the liquid to come out.  At first, our testers seemed annoyed that nothing came out until they figured out to bite down.  The cup will start to make a mess if banged on a table.  It’s the soft, collapsible spout that does that!  And yes, the cup can be “milked”! 



Gerber Graduates Sip & Smile Soft Spout (Retails $5.49)

One of the more popular sippy cups we see on the streets, the Gerber Graduates Sip & Smile Soft Spout is BPA free, has a soft spout, removable valve and easy grip handles.  We found that cup is super easy to use (easy sucking!) but isn’t necessarily leak-proof.  It doesn’t leak if held upside down or on its side, but will leak if shaken or banged on a table.  The problem is that the spout holds liquid after the first drink that will leak out when your child shakes the cup. 


Thermos Foogo Phases Leak Proof Hard Spout Sippy Cup (Retails $5.99)

This cup is made from BPA free, impact-resistant and dishwasher durable Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.  It has a soft (but not collapsible) spout, handles and a removable valve to prevent leaking.  Our testers found this cup incredibly easy to drink from (easy suck!) and its spill-proof if held upside down or set on its side but it does leak if shaken or banged on a table. 


Nuby 10oz Super Spout Easy Gripper Cup

The Nuby Super Spout Easy Gripper has a unique one piece no-spill soft silicone spout that is easy to use and easy to clean.  The spout is soft and collapsible with no extra valve to clean.  This cup was very easy for our testers to use!  Our only complaint is that it does leak if shaken or banged on a table.  Plus, our little testers figured out if you squeeze the spout when the cup is upside down, the liquid will literally pour out.  Yep, our testers could “milk” this cup too!  Our testers thought this was fun. We did not!  


Born Free Training Cup (Retails $9.99)

This was the most expensive cup that we tested!  It is BPA free, has a soft, collapsible spout, removable valve and a cap with NO holes.  Our testers learned very quickly that they have to bite down on the spout to get it to work.  Once they bite down, the spout works very well.  While we usually love Born Free products, this training cup is a leaker!  Maybe that is why they included a cap?  It quickly drips one drop at a time upside down and set on its side.  All those drops add up!!  Plus it definitely leaks when shaken and banged on a table!  We were definitely disappointed with this cup especially for the price!  Plus, the cup can be “milked”!



Munchkin Mighty Grip (Retails $3.49)

This is one of the cheaper sippy cups and you get what you pay for with this cup.  Yep, another leaker!  It is BPA free and has a soft, collapsible spout and no valve.  It is easy to suck IF the child bites down on the spout while sucking.  While it didn’t leak if held upside down or shaken, it did leak quite a bit when set on its side and banged on a table.  Plus, your child can squeeze the spout and “milk the cup” to make a mess while it drips all over!  Again, our testers thought this was funny.  Us?  Not so much!


Boon Fluid No-Spill Toddler Cup (Retails for $5.99)

It’s nothing against Boon, but this was the loser of the sippy cups for us!  It’s BPA free and that is where the positives stop with this cup.  Well, it does look cool and our kids were instantly attracted to its design!  But they should not have never called this a “no-spill” cup.  It’s the leaker of all leakers!!!   There is a slightly angled, hard spout that has no valve.  The spout is basically a lid with a slit in it.  That equals disaster in the leaking category!  We found that it leaks A LOT when upside down, on its side or banged on a table.  And it spits liquid in every direction when shaken. And after all that leaking it isn’t the easiest to suck from and the odd shape makes it impossible to put in any cup holder!  This may be one sippy you might want to pass on! 


**Of course, this is by no means a complete list of every sippy cup on the market.  If you have a sippy cup that you absolutely LOVE, leave a comment and we’ll add it to our next round of sippy testing! 

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Baby Gizmo founder Hollie Schultz is the proud mom of three adorable kids. This certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Tech and baby gear expert is the host of the Baby Gizmo video reviews giving moms the inside look at baby products before they purchase them. Hollie is also the co-author of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide. A former resident of Los Angeles, she and her family now live in North Carolina where she is having a blast designing and decorating her new home.

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jennifer morrow

Oh good, I thought I was the only one who still gave their 5 year old a sippy cup! I hate cleaning up big messes and spills and also have a three year old who uses one too. This is a great idea!


My 20 month old boy LOVES to shake his sippy cups and soak EVERYTHING in sight. We tried most of those and still he soaks everything……HELP!

Larissa Morgan

The dr browns cups only last about 4 months then start to leak. They are pretty amazing during te first 4 months though..


We love the Tommee Tippee sippy cups here. They do not leak and the valve is easy to clean.


My tommee tippee sippees leak like crazy… the ones with the runner tip 10 Oz . Leaks from both holes and the rim
Sad actually cause I use all tommee tippe products I have the ones with the straws too but she won’t take those yet the other ones either but we’re training her. But looks like on a different type of sippy cups now.


Funny – my 14 month old will ONLY take the Born-Free and Munchkin sippy cups. He’s never had a problem drinking from them, but EVERY other brand I’ve tried has not worked for us. It’s either too hard and he doesn’t know how to get the liquid out – or it leaks. The Born-Free never leaked for me but the Munchkin does when upside-down. Other than that they certainly worked for us – and I’m glad, because we’d be in trouble if they didn’t! 🙂

I think I tried almost every sippy cup when my son was switching to cups from bottles! The one thing that I hated most was when the spout would push into the cup and the drink would come pouring out!! It became a game with my son and I sent them back to Nuby the company because I felt that this was a poor design. I really love the basic gerber cups very easy to use! Or the tummy ticklers re-usable cups that already come with juice in them and a fun character on the top and they are dishwasher… Read more »

How about the Tilty cups? I’m curious to see what you think.


I am with Chani on the Playtex Insulator. Those cups are great. Even the straw cups don’t leak but maybe a few drops and they have all kinds of cool designs. They also seem to keep liquids cooler for longer than the other insulated cups. I especially like the Coolster Tumblers and the Insulator Sport straw cups for my 3 year olds. We have a whole cupboard completely full of sippy cups so we have tried pretty much every kind and these have been the best so far.


Great info! I wish I had known this before I did my first round of sippy cup shopping, as I’m now regretting my purchase.

Chani M

You missed the best one!!!

The Playtex Insulator Twist N’ Click! NOTHING comes out of it! The only way my son has ever been able to get anything out of it was by turning it upside down and shaking for all it’s worth – and even then, it’s only a few drops that come out!!