Baby Gizmo Spotlight Product Review: Cybex Aton Infant Car Seat

The highly anticipated Cybex Aton Infant Car Seat is finally available in the US.  The wait was long but it was definitely worth it.  This award-winning, German engineered, infant car seat has some unique and standout features that just might take the infant car seat world by storm.

While we leave crash testing to the government (the Aton is certified to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Stands 213), we are going to talk about the mom and baby friendly features.

What we will say about safety is that the Aton has enhanced side impact protection in the form of an energy absorbing shell, thick EPS foam and well-padded covers, to absorb and distribute crash forces away from your child.  In other words, it seems nice and safe to us!

Now, the seat itself will accommodate a 4-32 lbs (up to 30”) baby.  This is an infant car seat that has one of the lowest minimum weight capacities available which is good for the preemies.  Cybex has included a newborn insert with the seat to properly position smaller babies from 4-11 lbs for a better fit of the harness.  Cybex also tells us that this infant insert helps to open up the torso angle of the little ones to help facilitate breathing and digestion.  This insert can be removed when the child reaches 11 lbs or is no longer needed.

One of our favorite features besides the easy install (which we will get to) is the weight of the actual seat.  The seat (without the base) weighs in at a light 8 ½ lbs!  This is one of the lightest infant seats available.  Since our babies tend to weigh a lot and they are the ones carried in the seat, we love lightweight seats.  It just makes it that much easier on mom!

The handle is pretty standard. Nothing unique or different about it.  The Aton handle has three positions.  1)  The “Carry Position” which will be used when carrying the seat and when using the seat in a vehicle.  The handle must be in this position when installed in a car because it is part of the rebound and rotation management system.  2) The “Storage Position” which is used when storing the seat.  3) The “Resting Position” which is used when you want to stabilize the seat on the floor when taking baby in and out.

The 5-point harness in the seat is padded and easy to adjust.  We found it was a smooth adjustment with no harness twisting.  Removing the seat from the base is easy and a little different than other infant car seats.  Instead of having the release button/lever on the actual seat, the Aton seat is released by buttons on the base.  By integrating the release buttons on the base, Cybex was able to make the seat lighter.  A green “safety” button must be pressed first followed by pressing down on the big grey button on the base and the seat easily releases.  This quick, two-step process was designed this way to prevent accidental release.

The base for the Aton is fabulous.  The base is stocked with parent-friendly features that making installing the Aton in your vehicle a breeze. We love that there are photos right on the base for install instructions.  The level indicator and the four-position, spring activated leveling foot helps to make sure you get the proper angle for your vehicle seat, as well as, for the weight of your child.

Now, the main feature of the Aton which makes it not only unique but the easiest infant car seat to install hands down is the Belt Tensioning Plate.  It’s nothing short of fabulous!!  This belt tensioning plate allows us to get a secure and tight installed fit of the base without struggle.  We are used to fighting with our infant car seat bases and having to put all our weight down on them to get them installed tight enough.  Not anymore!  When using the base whether with LATCH or the vehicle seat belt, you just have to tighten the belts enough to remove the slack.  The belt tensioning plate takes it from there.  This plate clamps down on the belts (without damaging the belts!) easily getting a tight fit every time.  This is a feature we didn’t fully appreciate until we saw it in action.  Be sure to check out our full video review to see how easy the base install is.

A great thing about the Aton is that the seat is also easy to install without the base.  The Aton features a Shoulder Belt Guide on the back of the seat to allow you to use the “European Method” of installation when not using the base.  The European Method is when you wrap the shoulder belt part of the vehicle seat belt around the back of the infant car seat. Very easy to do and you still get a great secure fit.

Now, if you are looking to use the Aton as part of a stroller travel system, you’ll be happy to know that the Aton works easily with all Cybex car seat compatible strollers AND any stroller that is compatible with the Maxi Cosi Mico infant car seat.

Overall, we love the Aton for its lightweight seat, its incredibly easy installation process and the ability to use it with a stroller as a travel system.

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*Thanks to Cybex for sending us the Aton to review!