Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Baby Cargo 300 Series

There is a new baby gear company in town by the name of Baby Cargo. This new line of safe and modern baby products takes its inspiration from iconic architecture, fashion and interior design to let your baby stroll, rest, eat and play in style.

Sounds pretty cool, right?!? We thought so too! Taking one look at the new strollers with their sleek black frames and soft durable fabrics, we knew we had to get our hands on one.

The Baby Cargo Series 300 Lightweight Stroller is their top-of-the-line umbrella-fold stroller. This sleek stroller is not only lightweight but sports a large, padded seat, included cup holder an easy fold with shoulder strap that makes it great for travel.

The seat is roomy and accommodates up to 50 lbs. It measures 14″ wide, with a 19″ seat back and a huge seat to canopy measurement of 28″. This tall canopy clearance means that your taller kids will fit comfortably in the seat. We reviewed the black (Blacktop) stroller and let us tell you – the fabric is awesome! It’s soft, durable and looks great! We can really tell that fabric was a priority with Baby Cargo! A padded, 5-point harness and adjustable leg rest to 3 positions are two notable features of the seat.

We love that the seat has a one-handed recline that is easy to do to recline the seat back to three positions. It’s important to note that the seat does not have a 90 degree fully-upright position or a flat position. Even though Baby Cargo says the Series 300 is good from birth to 50lbs, since the seat only goes half-way back, we would say that it is suitable for babies 6 months and up.

Like most umbrella strollers, storage is minimal. There is a small basket underneath the seat that will hold the smallest of diaper bags (like a changing pouch or Diapees and Wipees) or a few baby essentials. An elongated zipper pocket on the back of the canopy is great for holding your cell, wallet or small parent essentials.

Let’s talk canopy! The canopy isn’t the smallest but it isn’t the biggest on the market either. It’s a decent size but if you want full sun coverage, you’ll need to add a canopy extension. We do like the large viewing window on the back of the canopy so that you can always see what is going on in the seat. This window is different than a peek-a-boo window because there is no cover but it is shaded perfectly so that you can see in and your taller riders can see out but the sun won’t shine in and into your baby’s eyes.

Good thing Baby Cargo got the memo that no one likes a stroller hunch! The high handle (non-adjustable!) measures 42″ from ground to handle to accommodate the tallest of parents. Just in case you don’t know, that is a tall handle for a lightweight stroller!!

The maneuverability on the Series 300 is really good due to the lightweight frame and the 5 1/2″ hard rubber wheels. Since it is an umbrella stroller, it is best on smooth surfaces but if you wanted to venture off the paved path, just make sure to lock those front wheels so that the stroller can handle it a bit better. The stroller locks into place with two brakes on the rear wheels. You need to engage them individually but since it just takes a step to engage and a nudge to disengage, they are definitely flip-flop friendly.

The Series 300 has your typical easy-to-do, umbrella-style fold that we so often see. You can either use the top of your foot to lift up the rear footplate to unlock the frame or if you are wearing flip flops or open toed shoes, you can just pull up on the shoulder strap. Then you step down on the side lever, push the handlebar forward until the stroller folds down and locks with its automatic lock. Did you catch that?!? Automatic lock! Love that!

The stroller is lightweight at 15 lbs and makes traveling easy with the shoulder strap that lets you throw the stroller on your back to keep you hands free.

Everyone likes included accessories! We are happy to see that the rain guard is included with the stroller and comes in its own storage bag so that you always have it on hand if a surprise rain storm hits you. It’s also nice to have the parent cup holder included and we found that it it isn’t one of those flimsy cup holders because this one stays attached even when you fold the stroller.

The Baby Cargo 300 Series comes in three colors – Black Top, Eclipse and Simply Taupe – and we love that they are all very neutral. The stroller retails for a very competitive $179.

Overall, we really like the Series 300!  While the canopy could be bigger and the recline could be deeper, we love the large seat, easy fold, shoulder strap and beautifully soft, neutral fabrics. If you are looking for a lightweight, umbrella-fold stroller that is great for on-the-go, take a good look at the new Baby Cargo Series 300.

To watch our full in-depth video review of the Baby Cargo Series 300, click on the video below:


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*Thanks to Baby Cargo for sending us the 300 Series for our review. As always, all our thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.