Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Baby Jogger Summit X3

Baby Jogger is at it again with the introduction of the 3rd generation Summit. The Summit x3 is a quality jogging stroller with features that every good jogger with kids needs.

This updated Summit has a few changes for 2013 including a bigger seat to accommodate bigger kids better and a new swivel lock.

Summit x3


A jogging stroller is one of the only strollers that bigger kids will hop in for a ride because when mom (or dad!) needs to go for a run and the child is too young to stay at home, they ride along. My 8 year old still rides along with me on my jogs.

That is the reason you want a large seat and a high weight capacity on a jogger. Thankfully, the Summit x3 has both. With a new bigger seat this year that measures 14″ across with a tall 21″ seat back and measurement of 25″ from back of the seat to the top of the canopy.

An adjustable, padded, 5-point harness with a hard-to-do buckle keeps your rider safely in the seat and the long 10″ foot well keeps them comfy.

The seat sports a deep recline that is done with a one-handed strap system. When the seat is fully reclined, a large mesh window is exposed that allows air to circulate through the seat. When the weather is less than cooperative, there is a fabric cover to keep the window closed and your little rider dry.


Under the seat you will find a roomy basket that is accessible from both the back and sides of the stroller. There is also a large mesh pocket on the back of the seat to hold parent essentials.


Knowing that full sun protection is one of the must-have features on a jogging stroller, Baby Jogger made the canopy on the Summit x3 huge. It has three full panels to shade your child and two peek-a-boo windows to see into the seat. Our only change for next year would be for Baby Jogger to remove the Velcro from the peek-a-boo windows and use magnetic closures.


The nonadjustable handle measures 40″ from ground to handle and we found that it works well for shorter and taller parents (unless you are super-duper short or tall!). We also love that the handle is made of a wipe clean leather that also gives you a good grip when pushing the stroller.

Summit x3


Wheels are extremely important on a jogging stroller and I don’t mean that it just has to have them. You need large air-filled tires and that is exactly what the Summit has. 16″ tires in the back and a 12″ tire in the front. The front wheel is a swivel wheel for good maneuverability but can be locked straight for jogging with the swivel lock that has been conveniently places on the side of the handlebar. No more bending down and touching the dirty wheel to lock or unlock the swivel feature.

To give your rider a smooth ride, the stroller has all wheel suspension to absorb some of the bumps. There are two brakes on the stroller – a parking brake and a hand brake. The parking brake is a one-step brake that locks both rear wheels at the same time and the hand brake allows you to slow the stroller down if you are running really fast or on hills.

Summit x3


Let’s be honest, many parents are runners for the exercise not because they love to run. I’m one of those parents. That’s why I’m really excited that the Summit x3 is super easy to push and navigate so it doesn’t add work to my jog. The last thing I want to do when jogging is struggle with my jogging stroller.

The Summit x3 glides along with little effort so you just need to guide it in the direction you are running. When the front wheel is in swivel mode, it also turns on a dime.


We love that the Summit x3 sports the super easy Baby Jogger fold. Pull up on the strap in the seat and the stroller folds down flat. The rear wheels pop off easily to make a more compact storage and with the 27 lbs weight of the stroller, it is easy to throw in your trunk.


The stroller comes with the universal mounting bracket that allows you to add the accessories (sold separately!) such as the child tray, belly bar, and car seat adapter.


Overall, we love the Summit x3! We think the bigger seat and the swivel lock were great improvements and we love the features such as the large canopy, roomy basket and air-filled tires that every jogger needs.

The stroller retails for $429 and a double version will be available Summer 2013 for $649.

To see the Baby Jogger Summit x3 up close and personal, watch our Baby Gizmo video below:


*Disclosure: Baby Jogger did lend us a Summit X3 for our review. Regardless of this, all opinions, statements, and comments are our own.