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  1. How easily does this stroller fold with the car seat adapter in place? We want to use the Chicco Keyfit 30 instead of the Britax B-safe but we’re not sure if the adapter affects the fold?

  2. I definitely like the one-handed fold. Countless times I’ve been holding the baby and needed to hands to open the stroller.

  3. I’ve been watching your videos since I found out I was pregnant. Love this stroller :). Looks nice!! Thanks for all the great stroller reviews!

  4. Fingers crossed! I love the B-Agile, and how light it is. This would be perfect for my first little one!

  5. Great looking stroller – looks very similar to the Bob Motion now with the 4 wheels (I know Bob is owned by Britax)!

  6. We are expecting our first in late August! I love how this stroller is lightweight.. only 19 lb!!! Would be a perfect fit for our on-the-go lifestyle!

  7. I tried the Britax strollers at Buy Buy Baby and fell in love with them. I love how the B- Agile is so light and it folds so easily!! If my husband can figure it out, anyone can!! I’m excited that hte B-agile 4 came out and can’t wait for our little one to use it!!

  8. Love how it looks! First time mom never owned a stroller. Would love to have it for my baby girl. Due in 2 months :):)

  9. LOVE this stroller!! I really love the one hand handheld fold… mommy’s with their hands always full would SO appreciate this!

  10. I haven’t had the opportunity to test one but I think my favorite features would be the deep reclining seat and the suspension with locking front wheels!

  11. I LOVE the no thread harness adjustment!! I also like that it’s a large seat but still folds up so compact!

  12. LOVE the fold/unfold feature! I’m often out and about alone with the two kids, so anything that makes the experience easier is a big win in my book!

  13. I really love all of the features, but I think the most convenient, for me would be the easy fold! I have to struggle with my current stroller. so i never use it!

  14. I love the one-handed fold. I have two boys under 4, so keeping track of them is enough hassle without trying to fold up a complicated stroller. Hope I win, we need this bad! Thanks for the Giveaway!

  15. I love the one hand easy fold and it’s light weight!! This stroller would be an upgrade to the stroller I have. I just adopted my baby and I know she would love the Britax B-Agile 4!!!

  16. Love that a tall child can sit comfortably in this stroller thanks to the large seat and leg areas.

  17. I love the 3 wheel version, the 4 wheel might offer some additional stability and the slate color is really chic!

  18. Would love to try out this stroller! It looks like a great fit for our family! I will have to see if there is an adapter for our Chicco Key Fit Magic car seat. (I am sure there is) 🙂

  19. I have done a lot of research on strollers and would really love to have this one! It has all the features I am looking for: Large canopy – easy fold- large basket, plus is doesn’t seem to be super heavy. – always a plus when you are lugging around a million baby items. Thanks for the opportunity ladies!

  20. There are so many great features on this stroller. I love the easy folding, large canopy, and ample storage. The stroller I bought for my oldest daughter had no storage, so I would love to have some on my next stroller.

  21. I LOVE the four wheeled version! I *almost* paid nearly double the price on Amazon UK to get it, but decided to wait and see if the US would start selling it too! Super excited!!!

  22. I love how easy and compact it folds as well as the ability to accommodate my youngest at 1 to my oldest at 6. Even though I want my oldest to walk they still tire too.

  23. I really love that it has a roomy, east to access basket! We plan on cloth diapering, so our diaper bag will be pretty hefty!

  24. I love the high weight limit, I have a 42 lb. 3 year old that still thinks he’s a baby sometimes & loves riding in his stroller.

  25. Love the one handed fold and the fact that it’s not a heavy stroller. Also love the magnetic peek-a-boo window and the easy maneuverability. I’ll take one, please!! 🙂

  26. I have the older model and love it. MY FAVE feature is the fold one-handed style. It’s the best!

  27. Praying I win this for my dear friend Jennifer Z Griffiths! Shes expecting a beautiful baby boy and needs help getting everything she needs! Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  28. Saw this stroller on the Britax website, and have been keeping my eye on it. Definitely in my top 3, and will be needing one when the little one arrives next month!

  29. I love that the large storage basket is able robe accessed from the back and sides on the stroller.

  30. There are so many great features with this new stroller. Baby #2 is due in Novemeber so I love how its light weight and the one hand fold.

  31. I honestly have to say the color is my favorite feature… I recently got an umbrella stroller in neon green and just from folding it it has got pretty dirty looking. Not something you want to deal with when your little ones already make quite a mess, haha. The slate color seems gender neutral and also would blend in with the dirt.

  32. I honestly have to say the color is my favorite feature… I recently got an umbrella stroller in neon green and just from folding it it has got pretty dirty looking. Not something you want to deal with when your little ones already make quite a mess, haha. The slate color seems gender neutral and also would blend in with the dirt.

  33. LOVE the new britax stroller! we just got a Bsafe, would love the stroller! I love its large canopy!

  34. I love that this stroller is easy to use with the one hand fold, has such a large canopy, and can be used for such a long time.

  35. I love that this stroller is lightweight and can fold one handed. With our 3rd on the way, I need all the extra hands I can get!

  36. I love how light this stroller is! Getting a heavy stroller in and out of the car can be such a pain, especially while recovering from childbirth!

  37. I love the large two panel canopy! My current stroller canopy never seems long enough to block the sun/stimulators when my son is napping. I’d love to win this fabulous stroller for number 2 (due in December). Thank you for doing a fabulous giveaway!!!

  38. It’s perfect! I love the gray color and the fact that it has four wheels! I need this for my little boy!!!

  39. I LOVE the no re-thread harness straps and the large oversized canopy since the sun here in Phoenix is crazy strong!

  40. I love the 2 panel canopy and large mesh window, they’re a must in Texas! My son is also 30 lbs so I love that the weight limit on the stroller is 55lbs. How awesome should we look strolling down South Congress with that stroller?!
    PS, congrats on the new house!

  41. The B-Agile 4 is really amazing! As a FTM with baby on way, I have researched the heck out of strollers and this one meets all of my needs. Beyond the superior functionality, I LOVE the slate grey on black look!

  42. I love the Britax brand and the fact that they used magnetic closures (versus the usual velcro) on the canopy. The fabric on the stroller also looks really chic which I love.

  43. I love, love, LOVE the one handed fold and that it is so compact when folded. I’m so tired of my whole trunk being overtaken by strollers!

  44. i really like the one fold feature and that the stroller folds down easily into a very compact, easy-to-travel-with package. and only weighing 19 lbs – that means i can easily get it in and out of the car without struggling!

  45. I like how it folds up relatively small compared to other strollers that is. And of course a nice size basket underneath to carry that big ole diaper bag is a plus.

  46. I do not think it was needed to have the fourth wheel but it is defiantly a way to pick up market shares. Great little stroller

  47. My favorite feature is that it’s lightweight for travel! We do a lot of traveling and our current stroller is on it’s last legs and this would be PERFECT!!

  48. Ahhhh look how easily it folds up! And compactly, too! I need that. We have 0 trunk space with 4 kids and their travel “necessities” haha

  49. I love that is a one handed fold, and the slate color is gorgeous! It would be perfect for baby #3 that’s on the way 😉

  50. its a nice stroller!
    love the reclining positions it has, so easy to adjust and the big basket just what i need!

  51. I would love to win this. It would be perfect for our trip to the beach. I love it because it will fit perfectly in our car.

  52. I love that that the front 2 wheels have swivels and have a manual lock to control the terrain maneuvers.

  53. We are planning to buy the B-Agile travel system for our new baby. This new B-Agile stroller seems to be even better than the previous ones that we have been looking at. Hope this one is available on Amazon soon.

  54. I LOVE the peek through window with the MAGNET. Much better that the velcro or tie back. The magnet seems quick and easy.

  55. Looooove Britax! Don’t really think the forth wheel was thaaaaat important. But hey, sure there’s crowd out there that must have the 4 wheels. So, I’m glad they listened!

  56. What’s not to love but my favorite feature is that it goes up to 55lbs (since my two year old is 30lbs). I also love the magnetic closure on the peakaboo window.

  57. I love the one hand fold! This is such a great feature, half of the strollers that I have used have been impossible to fold.

  58. What’s not to love about this… if I had to pick one thing I would probably pick the fact that this would be a great stroller for my small five month old and that it has lots of options for her to grow with it.

  59. Oh my goodness so jealous and in love with this stroller. Glad i saw video its so nice to see products in action. SO many things I love about it I have a bigger toddler that loves to run and try to get away this would be a life saver to just take to mall or anywhere. I love the great maneuverability AMAZING! The larger canopy is great also and I love the storage pocket! So many great things we would love to own this stroller!!! 😀

  60. I love that the Britax B-Agile 4 ‘s seat has a deep recline for infants and will accommodate a child up to 55 lbs.

  61. I like the high weight limit and how easily it folds up. It also doesn’t weigh very much, also a huge plus.

  62. Love the compact fold and as my kids are very tall for their age, the fact that it accommodates bigger kiddos is great!

  63. Favorite feature is the huge canopy with peekaboo window and the fact it’s large enough for when baby girl is 3 years old 🙂

  64. Thanks for the giveaway! I love that the window cover has magnetic closures to keep it closed too!

  65. As a soon to be grammy, my husband and I went out to test strollers. We are both tall and so are the parents of our first 2 grandbabies. The Britax-b-agile won hands down! Easy to set up or down, nice, comfortable hands at a good height for tall folks and great safety reviews.

  66. Most people might not like this part of the stroller but living in Hawaii where EVERYTHING rust…I really like that the wheels are sold plastic.

  67. I thought I was the only one who thought Velcro was a terrible, baby waking idea on the stroller peek windows!

  68. Oops…I forgot to mention…I love that it can fit a child up to 55 lbs! Big kids want breaks from walking sometimes, especially those with special needs. Way to go Britax!

  69. This looks like a great stroller! I bet any mom would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. I love this stroller. The easy fold down, the lockable wheels and the large canopy ! Great stroller, great giveaway 🙂

  71. I love that you can lock the wheels straight if you want too. I also love how big the canopy is.

  72. So i like the magnetic closures on the canopy ( I have a stroller w/ velcro – and until i used it – i notice how the “pull” of the velcro makes noise). Obviously also like the fact that now they have the New 4 Wheel model.

  73. I LOVE the one handed fold. Also, the large canopy. Many strollers either are small or are starting to leave them off.

  74. Oh, how I would love to win this! We are adopting and I am really hoping to get a nice stroller, after struggling with one I hated with my first son.

  75. love this saw it at babies r us over the week end. it would work well with the foucs trunk i have. love the colors as well good for boy or girl like the review video and love your stairs design it reminds me of old school iron work

  76. I like that it only weighs 19 lbs so its not super bulky and heavy like the stroller I have now is.

  77. I love the overall look of this stroller. My favorite feature is that it can comfortably accomodate an older child. I also like the way it easily folds for storage or transport.

  78. I love the one handed compact fold. Great for me when I’m juggling my toddler and 6 month old.

  79. I have to be honest. If I had a stroller I would rather have a blue or turqoise one, but when I saw the photos you posted in this review, OMG! I fell in love with it. I love to draw and write, so the texture of graffite is my favorite. Looking at the Canopy, which is my favorite feature by the way, I just felt a connection with this stroller. This I would pretty much enjoy taking the little one out. It would be like my very favorite personal walk with the little one. I loved it very much. So why the canopy? I live in Sunny San Diego and they don´t call it that way for nothing. The sun gets so intense that from 9 am to 8pm I almost don´t go out. So if I go for a walk, I have to do it at 6am, and it is a race against the sun. I am photosensitive and the little one might have that too. Plus, their eyes could get hurt by the sun too, it´s just too intense here.

  80. I’m not sure if the 19 pounds or the single handed fold is my favorite. I’m also lovin’ the color!! Thanks for the chance!!

  81. I love the one handed compact fold. My current stroller requires both hands to fold, and it does not go very small- takes up way too much space in back of mini van!

  82. I love the one hand fold on the B- Agile and that it only weighs 19 pounds! I’m only five feet tall so having something so lightweight is important! What a great stroller!

  83. I love the super easy to adjust no-rethread harness! I also love that it’s a big seat so even my toddler could hop in for a ride!!

  84. This is an awesome give-away. all the features on it is so simple to handle ..
    good luck to everyone on this giveaway
    *fingers crossed*

  85. Love, love, love the magnetic vs. Velcro peekaboo window closure and the neutral color is gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  86. What a beauty! I love the color, it is absolutely perfect. I am also very happy, that it can handle up to 55 lbs.

  87. One hand fold! Most of the time you are holding your child in your arms while trying to multi task, so making it easy to do with an armful is great! Makes mommy’s lives easier! and daddy’s too.

  88. My favorite feature would have to be the easy compact fold! I would love this stroller it looks awesome similar to the bob motion with the handle bar exception. Thanks for the giveaway I lost my stroller and car seat and car in a fire 3 weeks ago and could really use this for my son right now thankfully no one was hurt but financially stressed right now so thanks again!

  89. I love the one handed fold. With two boys to keep me busy, I am lucky to have one free hand to put the stroller away!

  90. I love that it can accommodate up to 55lbs!! My oldest still loves getting in the stroller from time to time, so it would be awesome to be able to do that for even longer! 🙂

  91. I like that the handle is adjustable. And the large canopy-that has a magnet close instead of velcro! Way cool!

  92. Glad I have waited to purchase a stroller! Does anyone know if this stroller also accepts their infant car seats?

  93. I love the magnetic closure on the peek-a-boo window – little features like that make such a big difference!

  94. I love that they have updated the peekaboo window with quiet magnets!!!! Great improvement.

  95. This looks like a good stroller for everyday use. My bulky stroller is hard to get in and out of my car, this would be a nice change of pace!

  96. do you know if they are going to be releasing any other colors in this stroller besides the slate and brown?

  97. This looks great! I love the wheels – it would make getting around with baby and two year old twins easier!

  98. I love the easy one hand fold feature..follow on twitter @pattycakes_65 face book Patricia Herbert and shared on both

  99. I love the easy fold! Makes it so easy to use it. I use my strollers a lot and I don’t want anything difficult.

  100. I like that it is a one hand quick fold and that it is compatible with other major infant car seat brands!

  101. I love this stroller. It’s easy to maneuver, easy to fold, and since I (am about) to have 3 kids of all different sizes, I love that it can work with my 5 year old and my itty bitty. It’s beautiful as well.

  102. My favorite feature is the one hand fold. It looks pretty compact folded up too. I have a stroller now that I don’t know how to fold so I avoid using it. Pretty ridiculous!

  103. I love that you can use this stroller from birth to an older child that will be under 55lbs…saves room in the garage and saves $ not having to buy multiple strollers that do not get used very much.

  104. I love that the weight limit is 55, which means I will get years of use out of it. I also love the canopy, I didn’t think that a large canopy would be that big of a deal, but now I have a stroller without a large one and find myself wishing that it was bigger.

  105. Lightweight would be lovely, especially with a toddler in one arm and carrying this in the other up the stairs!

  106. With a toddler and a little one on the way, I love the one handed folding… anything that keeps a hand free is a lifesaver.

  107. I love how easy to fold this looks! And, at only 19 lbs., that would be easy to get into the car and out.

  108. I love the one-handed fold. I have one now that I am fighting to get closed and it is a pain when you have to set everything down to fold your stroller and I leave my purse sitting in the back all the time because of it!

  109. I love the one-handed fold. My daughter-in-law was just saying the other day how she wished her stroller had that feature.

  110. I think the wheels are pretty awesome. I can imagine there is hardly any terrain that they can’t handle.

  111. expecting my second and this stroller would be perfect! looks so simple and easy to maneuver. love the fold:)

  112. My favorite feature is the storage. My current stroller has almost no storage space underneath. My diaper bag barely fits and the straps fall out and get caught in the wheels.

  113. I love that you don’t have to use the automatic lock anymore. It is a pain on the double to deal with especially when I have three kids to wrangle 🙂