Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Cybex Twinyx Double Stroller

Cybex Twinyx

Cybex Twinyx

Cybex launched their lightweight strollers in the US market in 2009. The stroller line consisted of three lightweight, single, umbrella-style fold strollers until now. For 2013, this European brand launched their first double stroller in the US – the Twinyx.

The Twinyx has all the features of their mid-range option, the Onyx, but with two seats for twice the fun. This side-by-side double stroller is packed with features including huge “super” canopies, independent, deep reclining seats, taller handles, and adjustable footrests.


The Twinyx seats accommodate a combined weight capacity of 77 lbs, are 11 1/2” wide, have 18” seatbacks and a seat back to canopy measurement of 24-28″ depending on where the canopy is placed. That’s right, the “super canopies” slide up and down the frame to accommodate children of different heights.

The seats are padded for comfort and what’s better yet is that the fabric is removable and machine washable! The non-padded, adjustable, 5-point harnesses have a great one hand adjustable harness system that is similar to how many car seats adjust. It allows you to loosen and tighten the harness with just one strap to get a perfect fit for your child every time.

The independent reclining seats are easy to do with one hand and have 4 positions including just short of flat. Parents can also lift the back of the canopies and roll it up to open up the seat and allow air to circulate through to keep your child extra cool. The seats sport independent, adjustable footrest and removable baby bumper bars (that stay attached when folding!). Even though there are four spots to attach a cup holder, Cybex failed to include a cup holder as a standard accessory. Such a tease, Cybex! We would have really liked an included cup holder instead of having to purchase one separately.


Yes, size matters when it comes to canopies! The canopies on the Twinyx are huge! These independent canopies have a secret panel that unzips to provide even more sun protection and tilt all the way forward to block the sun from every angle or block your little rider from the elements! And that’s not all! The canopies provides a UV protection of 50+. Each canopy sports a large peeking window to allow you to keep an eye on your little ones in the seats.


The stroller features two separate, foam handlebars that are taller than most umbrella-fold strollers to accommodate taller parents with a measurement of 41″ from ground to bar. Plus, the handlebars are removable and replaceable in case one becomes damaged.


There are two small baskets underneath the seats that will hold a very small diaper bag, purse or a few baby essentials. Just like many strollers with a deep reclining seats, the baskets are hard to access with the seats reclined. For additional storage, there is a pocket on the back of each canopy for parent or baby essentials.


The Twinyx rolls on six double 5.5″ inch wheels and has a rear wheel suspension system to absorb some minor bumps. The front wheels are swivel wheels that have the ability to lock straight individually for navigating a bit bumpier terrain. Since there is a set of wheels in the rear center of the stroller, if you are super tall you may want to try out this stroller first because the center wheels could get in the way of a long stride.

The rear wheels feature a linked brake that can be done with the bottom of your foot so it is definitely flip-flop friendly.

Since the Twinyx stroller sports smaller wheels, it is best on smooth pavement. If you are on flat land, it has good maneuverability but since the handles are separate you will need both hands to maneuver this baby with a larger child aboard or on bumpier terrain. If you choose to tackle uneven terrain such as playground mulch or grass, we recommend locking the front wheels to make it easier but you will definitely need both hands and a bit of muscle.


The stroller also has an easy one-foot/one-hand umbrella fold that is easy to do. We found it folds easier than other double umbrella strollers on the market which we have found can be quite sticky. The stroller folds easily and locks closed with two automatic locks. Unfolding the stroller is no problem. Unlock the locks, lift up the handles, and step down on the rear step to open. Easy as that!


The Twinyx is made of a lightweight aluminum but is still on the heavy side for an double umbrella fold stroller weighing in at 29 lbs. We think it looks a lot lighter than it actually is. With the carry/pull strap in the center of the handlebar, you can wheel it behind you like luggage instead of carrying it.

It is also important to note that the Twinyx does not accommodate an infant car seat.

The Twinyx comes in 3 colors (red, black and blue) and retails for $449. This compact, double stroller with a great umbrella fold has some standout features such as the gigantic canopies, one-hand adjustable harness systems, deep reclines, and sturdy frame. To get an up close and personal look at the Twinyx, watch our video review below.

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Disclosure: Thanks to Cybex for sending us a Twinyx for our review. As always, all our statements, opinions and comments are our own.


  1. I really love this stroller, but not sure if my diaper bag will fit in the baskets. Do you think I could snap the stroller strap/loop on my diaper bag onto the center bar of the stroller frame (since there’s no center stroller handle)? If only they had one large handle bar all the way across I would be sold!

  2. I really need this for my kids I feel bade enough that my son of two years old has to walk & my 9 month is carried please help us out … Really love this stroller !!


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