Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Guzzie+Guss 051 Denman Stroller

Guzzie + Guss is a Canadian juvenile products company that you may or may not have heard of. While it’s not mainstream yet in the US, it is much more popular in their home country of Canada. What we love about the company is that they operate by the motto that you should be able to buy a stroller and still afford to go out to dinner. They make quality strollers that are loaded with features but won’t make you second mortgage your home to afford one.

The G+G051 Denman stroller is a modern stroller for the sleek, yet active parent. This lightweight-plus stroller has a super easy one-hand fold and lightweight frame that makes it great for on-the-go.

The roomy seat measures 13” wide with a 20” seat back and a measure from back of seat to canopy of 25”. With a high weight capacity of 55 lbs, you can fit a child up to 5 years old in it. A removable infant insert keeps the little ones comfy while the non-padded, 5-point harness keeps the rider safely in the seat.

The seat has a two-handed recline with three positions including all the way back. It isn’t technically a “flat” recline because the seat keeps its wide “v” shape but we think it accommodates a newborn just fine. The seat also is reversible for your little one to parent-face and still has the 3 recline positions. A removable, swing-away baby bumper bar and an adjustable footrest round out the features of seat.

The 051 boasts a large, full-coverage canopy but like other luxury strollers is missing a peek-a-boo window. We like peek-a-boo windows. The handlebar is not adjustable and measures from 40” from ground to where you place you hands. While we found the handlebar perfect for the average parent, if you are super tall, you may want to try it out first.

The basket underneath the seat is large and can accommodate a large diaper bag. A unique feature of the basket is that it has fabric that extends up and cinches with a cord to keep all the contents from falling out of the basket.

The stroller rolls on 6″ front swivel wheels and 7″ rear wheels. The front wheels can lock straight to tackle a bit rougher terrain but we found it performs best on flat, smooth surfaces though the rear suspension absorbs some of the bumps if you do hit a bump along the way. The one-step brake pedal locks the stroller into place.

There is no baby tray, baby cup holder or parent cup holder but Guzzie + Guss have an sold separately universal cup holder that works great with the stroller. If you are looking for a travel system, the 051 can do that too with the universal car seat adapter that is also sold separately.

The fold on the stroller is one of the best features. It’s so easy to do plus it’s one-handed and ends in a standing fold. If that’s not enough, the stroller can be easily pulled behind you like luggage. Weighing in at a light 16 lbs, you won’t need the old heave-ho with this one because you can basically throw it in your trunk without a second thought.

The G+G051 Denman retails for $399 though we have seen it on sale for closer to $300. We’d love an extendable handle, a peek-a-boo window and an included cup holder but overall, we think it has some great features that make it a stroller to definitely consider for on-the-go.

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