Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: KidCo Go-Pod

The KidCo Go-Pod is an ultra-lightweight, portable activity seat that is perfect for parents on the go!  This stylish seat makes it super easy for today’s busy parents to keep their children occupied and happy almost everywhere.  Love the convenience of the PeaPodKidCo has raised the bar on travel friendly kid accessories with their new Go-Pod. 

Just how portable is the KidCo Go-Pod?  We’re here to tell you that this great little activity seat is an active parent’s dream!  We only wish that someone had thought of this sooner!  Completely set-up, this seat is your standard-sized child activity seat.  The beauty of this product is the fold.  When we say it’s compact, we’re not kidding!  This Go-Pod folds up to the size of a child’s camping chair, complete with its own storage bag with an attached shoulder strap.  The folded dimensions of this seat are a miniscule 6.5’W x 6.5’L x 29.5’H.  The Go-Pod weighs in at a very manageable 7 pounds; no big deal to pick up the bag and sling it over your shoulder!  The great people at KidCo haven’t forgotten you moms and dads when designing the storage bag.  It even includes a pocket which is the perfect size to stash your keys and a cell phone for those quick trips to the park. 


Let’s talk set up.  Believe us when we tell you that you can have this seat set up in 5 seconds flat.  Simply loosen the cord on the storage bag and slide the Go-Pod out.  Pull out the sides of the seat and position the four corners away from each other (think camp chair).  Lock the legs into place and you’re done – it really is that quick!  We loved the included lock feature, letting us feel assured that the chair won’t fold up on your precious bundle.       

The makers of the Go-Pod were really thinking simplicity and portability when they designed this seat.  The included directions are a little vague, but the seat itself is so user-friendly that it’s pretty much self-explanatory.  However, there are detailed pictures included on the box to help guide you through the steps.     

The KidCo Go-Pod is designed for babies from 4 months up to walking age (approximately 26 pounds).  It can easily be adjusted to fit babies of most ages with its 4 height-adjustable settings.  However, we did find that the most petite children may have a problem touching the floor at the lowest setting, so this seat may be better for taller toddlers.  The Go-Pod has a nice, deep stationary seat with legs holes that are angled toward the front, helping to eliminate some of the usual leg-dangling you get with other activity chairs.  The depth of the seat is a big plus for keeping your older, curious toddlers from tumbling out, but may pose a problem for smaller babies.  Our petite, 15 pound tester was up to her armpits in the chair.  Not a huge issue in our opinion, but it deserves mentioning.  The armpit issue was lessened a bit by using a rolled-up towel in front of the tester.   


Once your baby is safely in the seat, the real fun begins!  The seat itself includes two deep cup holders that are great for sippys and snacks or other small play items.  The top of the seat is equipped with a couple of fabric loops, making it a snap to attach your babies’ favorite toys. 

The underside of the seat has an ingenious mat that helps to keep your baby’s feet clean.  We initially thought the mat would be a turnoff, but we were wrong!  The mat is attached to the base of the chair and folds up along with the seat (so great because it’s less to have to keep up with).  We love this fact!  No worries about the fabric bunching up!  Keep in mind that the mat does not detach from the chair, so if it gets dirty, it will be spot-clean only.  The fabric on this seat is a durable canvas type material (like a duffle bag), so it should be able to last through several children.  Again, the fabric will be spot-clean only, so the chair probably isn’t the best for those impromptu feedings. 

The portability of this chair makes it a clear stand-out!  It goes where many other activity seats can’t.  Having trouble maneuvering that Exersaucer through a small door?  This isn’t an issue for the Go-Pod.  Simply fold it up and reassemble it in any room.  This factor alone makes it an outstanding option for those parents with limited space!  In fact, this chair’s ability to fold down compactly for storage is quite possibly its greatest feature.  When not in use, this seat can be stored almost anywhere; under a bed, in a closet, or even in the trunk of a car.  It would be a great option for grandparents or caregivers to have on hand for when little ones come to visit.

The KidCo Go-Pod comes in three different colors to suit any taste; Pistachio (grey and green), Quick Silver (yellow and grey), and Sorbet (orange and green).  It retails for around $50, so it’s an inexpensive option to those higher priced, stationary activity centers. 


If you’re looking for a super portable activity seat to suit your busy, on-the-go lifestyle, the KidCo Go-Pod may be a great option for your kiddo!

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