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  1. Well. I love nearly everything about the MP33 as it’s so versatile! But the short battery life is really a deal breaker that stops me from buying it. In my opinion, the Summer Infant Baby Touch module is more cost effective at the same price range.

  2. We have the model one step above this. It is a little pricier, but it has a pan/tilt/zoom feature that allows you to reposition the camera remotely using buttons on the screen. I’ll also second your comments about the interference (seriously never happens) and the music (never, ever use it). They should replace it with a white noise sound set instead.

  3. We have this and it is AMAZING!!! We ordered the older model from woot and it stopped working after a couple months. I called customer service (who were wonderful) and they shipped us this new model. Because this model wasn’t quite ready to ship yet, they also sent me a sound only monitor to use until my video monitor arrived. And they said to keep both!!!! This is a must for every new mom!!! I can hit the button and see if he is just fussy or truly needs me!! I would give this product and the company 50 stars!!

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