Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Motorola Video Baby Monitor

I didn’t buy a video baby monitor with my first daughter because I didn’t want to dish out hundreds of dollars on a product that I didn’t think I really needed. So, with my first, we got by with sound monitors, cheap sound monitors that picked up the fights and late night rendezvous of my neighbors. It wasn’t ideal, but at the time, it worked well enough for us.

But by the time my second daughter was born, that old monitor got a short in its cord and we started getting, in addition to our neighbors’ nonsense, feedback from a local police precinct. This all was enough for me to realize that we needed an upgrade. This time, we needed a video baby monitor, a good video baby monitor.

I had heard a lot of bad things about a lot of crappy video monitors, so when looking for one of our own, I did a lot of research. And, I had a lot of standards. Three of my main standards were that a) I be able to see my baby (not just some blob in a blanket, b) it block out most (if not all) electronic/neighborly/police precinct interference, and c) it be reasonably priced (nothing above $300).

I shopped around for weeks and waffled between several baby monitors before deciding upon the Motorola Video Baby Monitor with a 2.8 Inch Color LCD Screen.

I went with it because it had great reviews, was reasonably priced ($169.90 on, and is made by a company (Motorola) that I trust when it comes to electronics.

And, in the four months that I’ve had this monitor, I consider my Motorola Video Baby Monitor one of my best baby product purchases.

Some of the things I like about this monitor:

  • The 2.8-inch color screen offers a clear, quality picture during the day and at night. (Infrared night vision automatically kicks in when the room becomes darker.)
  • It’s wireless and has a great range so, unless it’s being charged, I can carry it with me throughout the house.
  • Even when viewing your baby in night vision, you can see every detail. You can see your baby breathing. You can see if they are moving (in real time, i.e., no robotic babies on screen). You can see their eyes opening or (hopefully) closing (seeing this may creep you out, but it’s a nice feature).
  • It is easy to set up. It comes in two parts: the LCD screen (and its charger) and the video camera (and its charger).
  • Other cameras can be paired to the monitor, allowing parents to view multiple children/rooms on the same screen. (Additional cameras must be purchased separately and are available for around $80)
  •  I can’t hear my neighbors! This monitor is great in working with other electronics. It does not pick up any interference.
  • The battery lasts up to 8 to 10 hours
  • The LCD screen contains a variety of options that enable parents to adjust their viewing experience and to “interact” with their baby without really “interacting” with their babies. The LCD screen features buttons that give parents the option to: adjust the volume of the sounds picked up in baby’s room; speak to baby via a speaker on the screen; zoom into the baby’s sleeping area; turn on music to be played in baby’s room; adjust the coloring of the screen; and some much more.

What can be improved about this monitor? Well, and this is really minor, I hate the music that plays on the monitor. It’s lullabies that are played, but the sound quality isn’t the best so the music sounds like the cheesy music on a carousel or, maybe even, a circus (if that makes sense). Because I don’t like the music, I never use that feature.  It’s that simple.

Other than that, this is a great monitor that is well worth the money. I would recommend it to any parent looking for a reasonably priced video monitor that actually works!