Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan

Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan

Mountain Buggy has stepped out of their all-terrain comfort zone and entered the world of luxury, urban strollers with the Cosmopolitan. The goal was to design a city stroller for the urban mama but keep the superb quality and amazing maneuverability that the company is known for. We think they successfully did just that.

The Cosmopolitan (anyone getting thirsty all of a sudden for a martini?!?) has most of the luxury features we look for on a great stroller but in a sturdy, well-made package.


The seat accommodates up to 44 lbs and measures 13″ across with a 17″ seat back and a measurement from the back of the seat to the canopy of 22″. We do think the seat is shorter than others on the market, you will be able to comfortably fit a 3-year-old in the seat.

To keep your little rider safely in the seat, the stroller sports an adjustable, padded, 5-point harness with the famous hard-to-do buckle that requires a little more coordination than a typical toddler has. We like that the seat has an adjustable foot rest with a large rubber foot well that is easy to wipe clean and prevents the normal wear and tear that shoes may do to normal fabric.


The seat has three recline positions that is easy to do with a one-handed lever and reverses to allow your baby to look at you or out at the world. One of the best features of the seat is that it transforms into a “lie back bed” by unbuckling two straps. This creates a bassinet-like environment but it’s important to note that it is referred to as a “lie back bed” because it only works on the stroller frame. This is not a bassinet that you can remove from the stroller and take into your home.



Under the seat is a gigantic basket that will hold loads of baby stuff. We are talking 22 lbs of baby essentials. This easy-to-access basket is supported by two steel bars to give it the higher weight limit so that you never have to worry how much stuff you have stuffed in the basket.


While the handle is not adjustable, it is taller measuring 40″ from the ground to where you place your hands. There is a short wrist strap on the right side as an extra safety precaution to insure the stroller doesn’t get away from you.


We all know size matters, that’s why Mountain buggy designed the Cosmopolitan with a three panel canopy. If you don’t need a ton of sun coverage, you can zip it up to make it a two panel canopy but when it is fully extended (unzipped), the center panel is made of a dark mesh to allow air to circulate in the seat and for you to see your little rider. There is also a large peek-a-boo window on the back of the canopy with a cover that was designed without noisy Velcro.

mountain buggy


The Cosmopolitan rolls on 12” rear and 8” front Aerotech tires. These tires are innovative because they are made of a mixture of rubber and EVA foam and feature a hollow inner core. That inner core is an air-filled chamber that provides more cushioning like typical air-filled tires would but with no maintenance. You never have to worry about a flat with these tires!

A smooth ride is important because no one wants baby jostled all over the place so we are pleased to see the all-wheel suspension on the stroller. The front suspension is out there for all to see and the rear wheel has what Mountain Buggy refers to as “roundhouse suspension”. When you push down on the stroller you can see this suspension work.

The front swivel wheels also have the ability to lock straight with the touch of a button to tackle a little “mommy terrain” such as grass, playground mulch and small rocks. It’s important to note that this is a city stroller and even though it can charge through grass, it is best on smooth surfaces. Also, there is a flip-flip friendly, one-step brake that locks the stroller into place.

mountain buggy


The Cosmopolitan has a very easy fold that requires two push of two small buttons on both sides of the frame and a squeeze of the large button at the top of the handle to get the stroller to fold down into a flat fold. It’s easy to do and we love the stroller has not only a standing fold but also an auto lock to keep it closed when transporting.

mountain buggy

Unfolding the strollers is just as easy. Unlock the auto lock, pull up on the handlebar, step down on the footplate on the back of the basket until the stroller locks open. Easy enough!

The stroller weighs 26 lbs, which is typical in the world of luxury strollers, and won’t break your back to pick up and load into your vehicle trunk.


If a travel system is your thing, there are car seat adapters sold separately to accommodate an infant car seat. In early Summer 2013, a carrycot will be available to turn the Cosmopolitan into a pram.

Other accessories that are available for the Cosmopolitan are a sun cover, storm cover, foot muff and travel bag.

If you have an older child who likes to sneak a ride sometimes, it’s good to know that the stroller also works with the Mountain Buggy Freerider.

The majority of the stroller seat and canopy comes standard with the denim fabric but the inside of the canopy and seat is where the color changes. The stroller is available in stone, chili and turquoise.

The stroller retails for $549 which is on par for other luxury strollers. Overall, we really like what they have done with the Cosmopolitan. Mountain Buggy has really paid attention to the small details to offer a city stroller with all the must-have features.

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To get an up close and personal look at the Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan, watch our Baby Gizmo Video Review below:

*Disclosure: Mountain Buggy loaned us the Cosmopolitan for our review. As always, all our thoughts, opinions and statements are our own.