Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller

It’s all about skinny this year and I’m not talking about jeans!  Mountain Buggy, makers of some of the most rugged and durable strollers perfect for all-terrain that you will find, has just introduced the skinniest side-by-side double stroller that is available.  The Duet is the newest addition to Mountain Buggy’s line of fabulous strollers with a narrow waistline…umm…I mean frame to show off!

At 25” at the widest point, the Duet doesn’t just glide through standard doorways but flies through them giggling at its svelte figure that a doorway can’t hold back.  Just because it is skinny doesn’t mean it isn’t tough and rugged though.  It still designed to be extra tough to handle whatever may come your way!

This all-terrain stroller has some outstanding features including an amazingly easy push, ability to take 2 infant car seats or 2 carrycots, a sturdy frame, and rugged air-filled tires that could possibly make it the double stroller for you.

Does this narrow side-by-side skimp on the roominess of the seats?  Yep, just a little!  The seats are a bit narrow at 11” wide which may not be great for bigger, stockier kids.  While each seat is tall enough with a 19 1/2 inch seat back and measurement of 24 inches from seat back to top of canopy for our 2 and 4 year old testers to fit height-wise with no problem, the 4 year old is a bit squished in the narrow seat.  Each seat is complete with a padded, 5-point harness for safety.  The harnesses are not only easy to adjust with a new twist and slide harness adjuster to grow with your child but we love the great buckle with safety buttons that makes it nearly impossible for your child to undo.  We have Houdini toddlers that love to escape their 5-point harness and stand up in strollers in less than 5 seconds flat!  Not in the mountain buggy!  Our testers tried and tried but couldn’t figure out how to get the buckle undone so they had no choice but to stay in their seat.  Booyah!

Each seat reclines with a double strap system that allows you to place the seat in any position including nearly flat for newborns. With a flat recline you can use this stroller from the time you take your bundle of joy home from the hospital until preschool.  The strap system reclines with two hands and isn’t very hard to do but we would like to see a one-handed bar recline to make it easier.  Our only complaint about the seat recline is that when you go from all the way reclined to upright with a child in the seat it can be tricky. The thick, canvas fabric of the seat gets caught up in front of the seat and can get in the child’s way.  You have to stuff the fabric behind the seat to keep the seat roomy for your older toddlers.

The duet has individual, adjustable, large canopies each sporting a peek-a-boo window (with cover) to shade your child. If the large canopies aren’t enough by themselves, you’ll be happy to know that they sport “flick out” sun visor that provides 5 additional inches of sun protection.

The stroller sports an adjustable handle bar that is great for taller and shorter parents. It doesn’t telescope out but it does adjust up and down in eight positions (from 29”- 42”) and prevents taller parents from kicking the frame of the stroller with a long stride. It’s easy to operate with two push buttons on the sides.

There is a large basket underneath the seats (not as large as the MB Duo) that can easily fit an extra large diaper bag along with other baby essentials.  The duet has a non-adjustable foot rest and a removable baby bumper bar but doesn’t come with a baby tray or parent tray.  It does sport a water bottle holder for parents though!

The stroller is sturdy and very well made!  We have come to expect great quality and construction with mountain buggy and they haven’t disappointed with the duet.  It’s a rugged stroller that can tackle the roughest of terrain.  We were able to easily navigate grass, rocks, playground mulch, dirt and even snow.

The tires on the mountain buggy duet are ultra rugged, rubber, air filled tires that allow parents to go off-roading with the kids onboard!  The stroller boasts two 10” rear tires and two 10” front tires. (These tires are 2” smaller than the Duo) The front wheels swivel for easy agility as well as has the ability to lock for added safety and control while jogging or rougher terrain. The rear wheel suspension is not only great for a smooth ride but for taking the stroller out on the trails without your little riders bouncing all over the place!  Plus, there is also a rear footbrake that locks both wheels at the same time.

Let’s get to maneuverability!  The maneuverability is amazing!!  Like other Mountain Buggy strollers, the Duet was one of the easiest side-by-side strollers to push full loaded.  It literally glides along!  Plus, with 10 inch air-filled tires, the duet can be used as a light jogger with the front wheels locked.

One very minor complaint about the stroller is that it does not come with a tire pump. Not too big of a deal though because you can purchase one for under $10 but an included tire pump would be greatly appreciated!

The duet folds with two little levers on either side of the footrest into a flat fold. The stroller folds down easily and locks with a manual locking strap.  The stroller is average weight for an all-terrain double stroller at 34 lbs – but that is quite a bit less than the Mountain Buggy Duo’s 40+ lb frame!  We were able to manage transporting the Duet much easier than the Duo because of the smaller folded package (remember it is 4” narrower than the Duo) and the lighter weight!  If you would like to make the folded package less bulky, you can removed all the wheels easily.

If you like the idea of an all-terrain stroller mixed with the bassinet of a pram, Mountain buggy gives you that option.  The duet is carrycot compatible and can be used with 2 single carrycots or one single carrycot and one seat.  The carrycots attach to the frame of the stroller when the seat fabric is removed.

The duet is also an amazing stroller for twins because it not only accepts two carrycots at the same time but it also accepts two infant car seats.  It will be compatible with Graco Snugride & Snugride 32, Peg Perego Primo Viaggo, Britax Chaperone, Maxi Cosi Fix & Pebble, Evenflo Discovery. The adapter for Peg Perego will work with only one car seat while all others will work with 2. All the infant car seat adapters will be introduced over time with the Graco being the first on the list.

There are some great accessories that are sold separately for the duet including a storm cover, sun cover, freerider and travel bag, as well as sleeping bag, lambswool liner and colorful reversible liners.

The duet is available in one color:  Black.  It has some great features and with its super slim 25” frame, 10 inch air-filled tires for a smooth ride, full reclining seats (great for newborns), a large basket, fabulous maneuverability and the fact that it is double carrycot and double infant car seat compatible, we think it is a fabulous double, all-terrain stroller (for skinny to average kids)!

To watch our full indepth review of the Mountain Buggy Duet stroller, click the video below.

(If you are struggling with the decision of Mountain Buggy Duet vs. Duo, make sure to watch the end of the video review.  We show you a side by side comparison!)