Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Mountain Buggy plus one stroller

Mountain buggy strollers are one of the most rugged and durable strollers perfect for all-terrain that you will find. Started in 1992 by a dad who wanted to run the mountain trails of New Zealand with his little one – mountain buggy was “designed to be a buggy for all terrain, for a life without limit”! Their strollers are designed in New Zealand to be extra tough to handle whatever may come your way!

The +one is one of mountain buggy’s newest additions to their collection and their first inline stroller.  It’s sporty. It’s skinny like a single. It’s versatile.  It’s fabulous. I’m not going to lie, I actually like the +One much more than I thought I would.  When I first heard about it, I just didn’t think making a single stroller and adding a compartment behind the seat for a second rider would work.  But somehow it totally works. 

We all know that different strollers are better for different people.  If you have two HUGE kids, the +one isn’t for you.  But if you have a baby and a toddler or two toddlers and you are looking for a slim double stroller that can be a single as well, the +one could be just what you are looking for.

Let’s start with the main seat.  The seat on the +one is roomy with a weight capacity of 44 lbs. It is 14″ wide and sports a 18 1/2″ seatback with a 29″ seatback to canopy measurement. There is a great 5-point, padded harness for your child’s safety. The easy-to-do harness is not only adjustable to grow with your child but we love the great buckle with safety buttons that makes it nearly impossible for your young child to undo. The stroller has a non-adjustable footrest and a removable baby bumper bar as well.

With the stroller in singles mode (no child in the back!), the seat reclines with a two-handed strap system to nearly flat.  The seat reclines so far back that it is suitable for a newborn. In doubles mode, the front seat will need to stay upright.  It’s good to note that the seat is very upright in the most upright position. 

The +one sports an adjustable handle bar that adjusts up and down from 35-42″ but does not telescope out.  We found the positions of the handlebar were great for both shorter and taller parents.

When it comes to canopies, bigger is better in our book!  That is why we LOVE the canopy on the +one.  It’s HUGE!  At first glance you will notice that it is big and sports a “flick out” sun visor.  If you look closer, you will find that there are two zippers on the canopy that unzip to expose two additional mesh panels to make the canopy even bigger.  We are talking covers both riders and goes down to the bumper bar HUGE!  This is definitely a full-coverage canopy!

While the +one doesn’t come with a baby tray or parent tray, it doesn’t skimp on storage. It sports a water bottle holder on the side and a large accessible basket underneath. The basket can be accessed from the sides or the back as long as the seat isn’t fully reclined. One of our favorite features of the +one is the huge storage space behind the seat.  If you are using the stroller with just one child, you have the option to put the front seat upright and use the huge space behind the seat (where a second child would go) for storage.  The space is huge and can hold tons of things from jackets to groceries to shopping bags.  It would be an amazing stroller to take to an amusement park with one stroller-age child and all that storage!  This storage option is worth it to get the +one even if you only plan to use it with one child at first!

Just like all mountain buggy strollers, the +one is ultra-rugged and sports all-terrain tires.  The three 12″ tires are rubber, air-filled tires that allow parents to go off the beaten path. Is it meant for running?  Nope.  Do we think you could jog with it if you lock the front wheel and just don’t have a baby under 6 months in either seat?  Yep. That’s the beauty of the air-filled tires and the suspension system – it could be used for sport use! The stroller handles sport use but also handles city use quite well. The front swivel wheels allows easy agility to navigate the busiest of streets with ease. Plus, even though the +one is a double stroller, it is only as wide as a single.  The widest part of the stroller is 25″ so you won’t have any problems with narrow aisles at the store. There is also a rear footbrake for parking the stroller.

Now, that we’ve told you the basics of the stroller, let’s get into the reason it is called the “+one”.  This is a versatile stroller that transforms from a single to a double stroller with ease.  And what’s better yet is that the stroller comes with everything you need to do that.  This is a package deal!  The +one comes with the stroller, second seat and a cocoon for a newborn.  No need to buy extra pieces when you are having a second baby!

To use the stroller as a double, there is a large space behind the front seat where a second seat or a cocoon fits easily.  The back of the seat has an extender that you zip out to allow more room but we found that room is only necessary when using the cocoon.

The first set-up you can do is a toddler in the front seat and a newborn laying flat in a cocoon in the rear.  The cocoon is a portable carrycot that sports handles and a built in foot cover. We found attaching the cocoon to the rear seat space to be easy and quick. 

Now, here is where our one (and only!) complaint/concern is about the +one.  There is a gap in which the +one isn’t suitable for 2 children.  It’s a given that the +one isn’t suitable for two newborns because the front seat doesn’t recline when there is a rear rider.  That isn’t our problem.  The problem lies when you want to use the stroller with a toddler and a newborn (one of the most popular uses!) While the cocoon accommodates a newborn up to 15 lbs, we think a baby could outgrow it around 3 months.  Since the only other option for a baby in the stroller seats (whether in the front or back) in doubles mode is to sit completely upright.  A baby under 6 months should be laying flat or reclined.  So, if you are using the +one, just know that you may have a 3 month period that you will have to prop your baby upright in a seat or just hope they are small enough and willing enough to remain in the cocoon until 6 months.  It’s definitely not a deal breaker for us but definitely worth a mention.

Now, if you want to use the +one with two toddlers, it’s easy to put the second seat in the rear.  The rear seat still sports that great Mountain Buggy 5-point harness to keep your child secure. While we were concerned that the rear space would be cramped, it’s actually quite roomy.  We guarantee that this rear seat will be different than any other stroller seat your child has sat in but that’s not necessarily bad.  Instead of your child’s feet hanging into the basket and taking up all the valuable basket real estate, there is a foot hole that your child’s feet will go in that unzips to make the hole deeper.  It’s different.  If you have a huge child, they may not be the most comfortable in the rear seat but our 4 1/2 year old tester near the weight capacity at 44 lbs fit just fine.  As a matter of fact, he preferred to sit in the back which was just fine by us because the stroller has the best maneuverability with the large child in back over the rear wheels. A great thing about the rear seat is that it is slightly elevated from the front seat (like stadium seating) so that your rear rider has a view of everything around him.  This is a great option for those parents who are concerned that their kids would hate staring at the back of a stroller seat in those other inline strollers.

Overall, we really like the Mountain Buggy +one stroller!  It’s definitely different than any other stroller on the market. With the versatility to transform from single to double, the gigantic canopy, adjustable handle and roomy seats, this could be just the inline double stroller you’ve been looking for.

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