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  1. My favorite thing about the Joovy is the canopy that is large enough to protect from the elements and the fact I can put it towards the front for even better protection. It is awesome!

  2. I just found out Im gonna be a grandma for the first time. This stroller looks like something they would like. Hope I win!

  3. I am in love with this stroller! Its lightweight construction comes complete with an enormous canopy, many reclining options, and storage options for parents! And it folds up as easily as an umbrella stroller. This Joovy Groove definitely seems to offer the best features available!

  4. I love the extra large hood to keep more of the sun off the child. I also like the all the storage compartments in the back. The compact fold and recline is also a huge plus.

  5. I have to say I love the bigger canopy and the cup holders. Especially the ones that are on the inside of the stroller with baby. I love that it auto locks when its folded and the convenient carry handle. I just think its a great stroller overall.

  6. Awesome! Recline, sunshade, big basket and cupholders all in an umbrella stroller without spending over $200!!!

  7. This is such a cool stroller. Not only does it has a big canopy but it maneuvers so easy which a plus for a stroller. Very chic stroller!

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