Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: New (and Improved!) Joovy Groove

Think companies don’t listen to their customers? Then you haven’t met Joovy yet. This family-owned company not only makes great products but when something doesn’t suit their customers, they change it.

The new and improved Joovy Groove stroller is a perfect example of this. While the Groove stroller isn’t brand new, this new and improved version is. The Groove received a make-over and we think it’s just Joovy…um…we mean groovy!

The Groove seat is one of our favorite features on the stroller. While we personally don’t like a big seat on ourselves, we LOVE a big stroller seat. The Groove seat is large and in charge making it perfect for your growing child. It is 14” wide with 19” seatback, 9” seat bottom (where your kid’s butt goes) and a tall measurement of 26” from back of the seat to the canopy. With this large seat combined with the high weight capacity of 55 lbs, even your bigger and older toddlers will be comfortable taking a ride. Plus, we love that the seat is made of a super durable 600D fabric. This fabric is going to hold up!

The seat sports an adjustable, padded, 5-point harness for safety with a hard-to-do buckle. The buckle is perfect because our 4 year old can get it undone (meaning it’s easy enough that we won’t break a nail un-doing it!) but our 2 year old cannot master it. Knowing that little ones can get sleepy while out and about, the deep recline (though not flat!) is perfect for your baby 6 months and up to snooze comfortably. The seat reclines with a one-handed, strap recline. While we usually prefer bar reclines over strap reclines, this one is like the best of both worlds. You get the unlimited positions of a strap recline but it can be easily done (both up and down!) with one-hand. It’s seriously so easy!  Joovy, have you been reading our diary??

While the Groove doesn’t have a baby bumper bar or tray, you’ll be happy to know that there are two mesh pockets on the inside of the seat for baby’s sippy, snack or small toys. Since parents need space for their things too, Joovy added a large zipper pocket with two bottle pockets on the back of the canopy for drinks (bottles!) and space for their small personal items. For other essentials there is a large (for an umbrella stroller!) basket underneath but just like almost all umbrella strollers it may be tricky to access large items with the seat fully reclined. An adjustable (2 position) leg rest and reflective fabric throughout the stroller are other notable features.

Not all parents are the same height, so we found the handlebar’s height of 42” from ground to handle perfect. It’s tall enough to prevent our taller mom and dad friends from hunching, but still comfortable for those of us in the not-so-tall families.

When we are talking about canopies, BIG is where it’s at. That’s why we are loving on the huge canopy of the Groove. We are talking full-coverage here, people! The canopy also sports a peek-a-boo window so that we can keep an eye on our little riders.

Now, we can’t just have our babies roll on just anything. We like good wheels. Again, Joovy impressed us with their 6 ½” hard rubber wheels that almost seem to push themselves. The Groove wheels are so smooth that pushing the stroller even fully loaded is no problem. And while we heard rumors on the street that the old-school Groove of yesteryear had some squeakin’ going on that messed with our lil’ rider’s mojo, the new Groove is a quiet as a mouse. No squeakin’ in sight since Joovy fully redesigned the wheels. And if one-handed is your thing, the Groove can be maneuvered one-handed quite easily.

That’s not all that Joovy redesigned on the Groove. This new Groove also has a new sleek aluminum frame that is deliciously modern. It’s clean and just looks fabulous!

Now, all this awesome-sauce has to be crammed into a big, bulky, heavy package, right? Not so much, my friend. The Groove folds easily into a compact umbrella fold complete with an automatic lock and a carry handle. Weighing in at 17 lbs, it’s not the lightest umbrella stroller on the block, but definitely easy to manage and we welcome the little extra weight when it means a sturdy, well-built stroller.

The only thing that the Groove doesn’t do is car seats. Nope, it’s not a travel system. Let’s be honest though, you probably already have a big beast of a stroller that works as a travel system and you are looking at the Groove as your lightweight, on-the-go alternative.

Overall, we are seriously impressed by the new and improved Groove. We can’t find anything wrong with it.  It must be super expensive though, right? Nope. That’s the great thing about Joovy – they make it not only competitive but even more affordable than some of the other brands. The Groove retails for $199 and we are sure it would be a welcome addition to anyone’s family looking to add a great lightweight, compact stroller packed with features.

(NOTE:  To make sure you are ordering the NEW AND IMPROVED Joovy Groove – look at the wheels!  The wheels are completely different and that is a dead giveaway if it’s the old or the new! Trust us, you want the new!)

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*Thanks to Joovy for providing us with a Groove stroller for review.  Of course, all opinions are our own!