Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: phil&teds promenade stroller

phil&teds has just raised the bar with modular strollers once again with their newest addition the Promenade.

The Promenade is more classy than sporty and is truly a versatile stroller that will grow with your children. With standout features such as toddler seats that transform into flat bed seat (like a stroller bassinet!) and a handle that telescopes out far enough that you will not kick the doubles kit, this is one stroller you need to take notice of.

Let’s start in singles mode. The seat accommodates up to 40 lbs and measure 12″ wide with a 19″ seatback and 22″ seatback to canopy measurement. While the canopy height isn’t very tall, you can slide the canopy up the frame of the seat to give more headroom for your taller riders. We found that the seat was roomy and a child up to at least 4 years old can fit in it comfortably. The adjustable, padded, 5-point harness keeps your baby safe in the seat while the hard-to-do buckle (for a toddler!) keeps them IN the seat.

The adjustable footrest is a unique feature for a stroller seat that transforms into a flat bed seat and the one-handed recline is fabulous! The seat reclines back into 2 additional positions, including fully reclined.

The most notable feature of the seat is that it transforms from toddler seat to flat bed seat by unbuckling 2 buckles. Just to clarify, phil&teds refers to it as a “flat bed seat” because it is not meant to work off of the stroller. Read: You can’t take this seat off and use it as a free-standing bassinet/carrycot. We aren’t crazy about the term “flat bed seat” so we are going to continue to call it a “bassinet”. Just remember it can’t be used off the stroller. It’s a stroller bassinet! Cool? That’s it – two buckles and you have yourself a bassinet! Not need to purchase one separately. No need to store the bassinet when baby outgrows it. The bassinet is the toddler seat and the toddler seat is the bassinet. Brilliant.

Like most luxury strollers, the Promenade gives you the option to reverse the seat. This one is a little different than most because you have a second set of adapters to use when reversing the seat to parent-face. The adapters are super easy to attach and we love that the seat/bassinet is raised higher and closer to mom when parent-facing.

We all know that canopy size most definitely matters. The Promenade is well endowed in the canopy arena. While at first glance it’s not huge, but unzip the zipper down the center and the canopy really opens up. It becomes a full-coverage canopy with a large mesh window for air to circulate through the seat and a peek-a-boo window to keep an eye on your little rider.

The handle bar telescopes out to accommodate a long stride and when you attach the doubles kit – it telescopes out even more. This handle bar really goes the extra mile for those long-legged parents to prevent them from kicking the frame or the rear seat.

With a huge basket underneath the seat, you will have a place to put all your baby essentials.  There is serious storage space under there but there has to be because the doubles kit does take up quite a bit of basket room.  Not to worry though because even with the doubles kit attached, there is still some basket real estate to spare for some loose essentials.

The stroller rolls on 7 1/2″ front tires and 11″ rear tires both being foam so there is no worry of a flat. The front wheels are swivel wheels for one-handed maneuverability around the tightest corners but can lock straight to tackle some all-terrain such as grass, playground mulch and gravel. The suspension system absorbs some of the bumps giving baby a smooth ride and the one-step, flip-flop friendly brake is a nice touch.

When it’s time to use the Promenade in doubles mode, this buggy really shines. A doubles kit (sold separately) attaches behind the front seat easily and quickly. The doubles kit is just as great as the main seat as it transforms from toddler seat to bassinet and can accommodate all the way up to 40 lbs. If that isn’t enough, the doubles kit also reclines into two additional positions including all the way back.

Versatility is the name of the game with the Promenade! It can accommodate a car seat to become a travel system or you can set up the seats/bassinet into 7 additional configurations.  With configurations such as two bassinets or a car seat and a bassinet, we highly recommend this stroller for twins.

The stroller weighs in a 28 lbs in singles mode and 35 lbs in doubles mode which makes it pretty average in the full-size, modular, all-terrain(ish) type of strollers. It’s definitely not light but isn’t going to break your back either. The doubles kit has to be removed when folding, so you will never need to lift the 35 lb double stroller all in one piece into your trunk anyway.

Folding the stroller is really very simple but you will need both hands. It folds into a rather compact package (not tiny – but will fit in a sedan trunk!). To make the folded package even smaller, just remove the bumper bar and pop off the wheels. 

Overall, we can tell that phil&teds really thought about mom/dad and baby when designing this stroller. With transforming seats, a handlebar that really telescopes to get the job done, a full-coverage canopy, and 8 different configurations to accommodate and grow with not only one rider but two, the Promenade is a winner in our book!  That isn’t to say that this winner isn’t pricey.  It is. Retailing for $849 in singles mode and an additional $149 for the doubles kit, you are getting a luxury stroller stocked with features for a luxury price.