Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Quinny Moodd

Quinny is shocking the baby gear world with the release of their newest ultra-modern stroller, the Moodd. With a unique t-bar/baby bumper bar, this is a stroller you are going to love or hate. Luckily, we love it!

The Moodd has a roomy seat that accommodates up to 50 lbs and measures 14″ wide with a 21″ seatback and 24″ seatback to canopy measurement. We were able to easily fit our 9 week, 5 month and 2 1/2 year old in the seat with no problem. The adjustable, padded, 5-point harness keeps your baby safe in the seat even though the harness pads might be a bit bulky for a small baby. The buckle isn’t our favorite because it’s a puzzle piece type to secure which can be tricky with a squirming child and it’s way to easy for our toddlers to pop it open with just one push.

The seat sports an adjustable (up and down) footrest but with a short measurement of only 8″ from seat to where they place their feet, we’d like to see it telescope down to accommodate the long-legged kids.

We love the one-handed recline feature on the seat that allows us to recline the seat to 3 different positions that stops short of flat. With the deep recline, Quinny says it is suitable from birth and up. To give your little rider the option of parent-facing or facing out to the world depending on their mood, the Moodd has a reversible seat that is easy to do with two large buttons on the sides of the seat.

To satisfy the shortest and tallest of moms and dads, it has an adjustable handle that eliminates the “stroller hunch”. The handle extends out from 37″-41″ from the ground to where you place your hands.

Canopy size matters especially if you live in a sunny climate. The Moodd canopy is a decent size but definitely not the biggest on the market.  For full sun coverage, we would recommend a canopy extension.  Like many of its luxury stroller competitors, Quinny left off a peek-a-boo window from the Moodd. We like peek-a-boo windows. We wish it had one.

The Moodd sports a medium size basket underneath the seat that is accessible from the sides of the stroller even when the seat is reclined.

The stroller rolls on a 7″ double hard rubber wheel in front and 12″ air-filled tires in back. The robust, rear tires are going to charge through any terrain that you throw at it. Your little rider is going to enjoy a smooth ride thanks to the large, air-filled rear tires and the great suspension system on the stroller. The front swivel wheel rotates 360″ for maximum maneuverability but has the ability to lock straight to tackle the all-terrain that those rear tires are dying to charge through! The rear brake system is flip-flop friendly since there is a large red pedal to step down on (with force!) to lock the stroller and a grey pedal to step down on to release it.

The Moodd maneuverability is good. It’s clearly not as good as the Quinny Zapp that zips around with your breath, but you can maneuver the Moodd with one-hand with a smaller child aboard.  Put a child near the weight capacity in the seat and you will definitely need two hands. It’s good to note that the rear wheels are wide. 26″ wide to be exact.  While this could be cumbersome for catching things with the rear wheels in a tight space, it does give this 3-wheel stroller great stability.

The stroller folds down easily with two hands.  It’s not the lightest or the most compact package though. To make the stroller more compact, pop off the rear wheels with the push of a button. The Moodd has the same type of unfold as the Quinny Buzz. The unfolding mechanism helps the stroller open itself.  Well, almost. You do have to unlock the stroller’s automatic lock but with a gas-spring mechanism, you slightly lift up on the handle and the stroller gently opens it self. You do have to slightly guide it up so it’s not a hands-free unfold. That cool unfold mechanism makes the stroller heavy.  Yes, H-E-A-V-Y for a single stroller! This baby weighs in at 33 lbs so instead of easily throwing it in your trunk, you’ll be giving it the old heave-ho unless you remove the seat and put the two pieces in separately.

If you are looking for a stroller to act as a travel system, the Moodd that with its included car seat adapter that works with the Maxi Cosi Mico and Cybex Aton. Remove the seat, snap in the adapters where the seat attaches, and the car seat pops right on. 

Looking for a pram?  Add the Quinny Safety Carrycot or the Foldable Carrycot (both sold separately) to turn the Moodd frame into a rolling bassinet for baby. Other sold separately accessories include a foot muff, baby cocoon, parasol and a double front wheel that turns the Moodd into a four-wheel stroller.

The Moodd comes in quite a few different color options including the some choices with a black frame and others with a white frame. You can definitely pick the color that would suit your overall mood.

Overall, we like the Moodd. It’s a bit on the expensive side retailing for $699, but if you are looking for an ultra-modern buggy that sports some great features and fabulous color options, the Moodd just might be for you.

To watch our full video review of the Moodd, click on the video below:


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