Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Safety 1st Go Hybrid Booster Car Seat

Are you an urban parent who is looking for a lightweight car seat that you could use in a cab?  Are you tired of being weighed down by the heavy convertible car seats while traveling but can’t seem to find anything lightweight that keeps your child in a 5 point harness?  Ever tried installing a big convertible car seat in a cab quickly while other drivers are honking and swerving around you? 

Enter the Safety 1st Go Hybrid Booster Seat.  Now, I want to start off by saying that “booster seat” in the name of the product is a little deceiving.  This isn’t your typical high back booster that positions your child correctly to allow them to safely ride in a vehicle with the vehicle belts.  The Go Hybrid is so much more!  It’s a car seat that keeps your 22-65 lb child in a 5-point harness.  Then (and only then, in my opinion) does the car seat transform into a backless booster from 65-100.  Don’t go trying to jump the gun and use it as a backless booster before 65 lbs (or 57” inches).

You are probably saying right now:  “5 point harness up to 65 lbs?  Seen it before, Hollie!” Sure, lots of seats keep your child in a harness longer.  Do any of them fold up and fit in a travel bag with a shoulder strap AND weigh 9 lbs?  I didn’t think so.  Do I have your attention now? 

This seat is unique and great for many families.  Sure, it’s not perfect for every child, every vehicle or every family but for a select group of parents, it is brilliant! 

Let’s start with who the Go Hybrid seat will NOT be good for:  people with vehicles without a top tether and possibly international travelers.  First, in order to use the Go Hybrid with the 5 point harness, the vehicle must have a top tether!  Let me say that again – the vehicle MUST HAVE A TOP TETHER!!  The back of the car seat is fabric/cushion (different than any other car seat) and the only way it works is if it is attached to the top tether.  Second, it may not be good for international travelers because we’ve heard that many cars and cabs in foreign countries (besides US) do not have the top tether. 

Who is the Go Hybrid good for? 

  • Urban parents who frequently use cabs. 
  • Travelers who want a lightweight seat that keeps their child in a 5 point harness longer.
  • Parents/Grandparents with a small vehicle looking for a narrow car seat.
  • People who transport other children around such as carpool but still want a 5-point harness. 
  • Parents looking for a car seat that is super quick and easy to install so that they can move the seat from vehicle to vehicle frequently.

Let’s get to the fabulous features of the Go Hybrid.  It has a unique, flexible back that allows the seat to fold up and fit in the travel bag.  The travel bag is about the size of a large bowling ball bag or small square duffel.  It is complete with an adjustable shoulder strap that makes carrying this 9 lb car seat so easy.  If 9 lbs sounds heavy to you – it’s not.  It’s very, very lightweight in the world of car seats! 

The seat sports two head wings to allow your child to lean their head against the side for a quick snooze.  The head wings aren’t huge so this seat isn’t going to be as easy for your child to nap in as other convertible seats though.  We love that that harness can be adjusted to fit your growing child without re-threading and the crotch strap has three different positions. 

Our favorite feature besides the travel bag and light weight is that it can be installed in less than a minute.  Seriously, it’s so easy and fast to install.  The seat can be installed with the bottom LATCH connectors or the vehicle seat belt AND the top tether.  We found that the LATCH is the fastest way to go.  This is a car seat that you can install in a cab (as long as it has a top tether) in less than one minute and have your child in it without too many city drivers honking and swearing at you.  It’s good to note that you still have to check your vehicle’s manual to see what the LATCH weight capacity is so that you can install it with the vehicle seat belt if your child is above that weight. (Note:  if your vehicle does not have a top tether many car dealerships will install one for you.) 

The Go Hybrid has a minimum weight capacity of 22 lbs.  We wouldn’t be comfortable putting a baby that small in this seat.  First, a baby that small should be rear-facing!  This seat doesn’t rear-face.  So, we would personally recommend this seat for a child 3+.

When your child reaches 65 lbs or 57”, the back with the 5 point harness removes to use it as a backless booster.  We love that you still attach the backless booster with the LATCH connectors to keep the booster from becoming a projectile in an accident.  Another good thing to note is that your vehicle LATCH weight limit does not pertain to using the LATCH with the backless booster.  The LATCH connectors will only be used to hold the weight of the booster while the vehicle seat belt will be holding the weight of the child. 

The Go Hybrid is a great option for many parents.  Would I trade in my big convertible seat that my child uses on a day-to-day basis in our main vehicle for the Go Hybrid?  Nope.  I live in the suburbs and we rarely move our car seats.  Would I LOVE this seat for travel, carpool or city life?  You betcha!  The Go Hybrid is a bit pricey for some retailing at $199.  You can periodically find it on sale and it will be worth the money for the right type of parents. 

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