Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: UPPAbaby G-Luxe 2013 Stroller

Uppababy G-luxe

UPPAbaby has been hard at work lately making changes to their G-Series for 2013. The G-Lite and the G-Luxe are the brand’s lightweight umbrella strollers and both have gone through a transformation to make them even better this year.

The G-Luxe is UPPAbaby’s more full-featured umbrella stroller and it has had the biggest redesign. New wheels, a new seat recline, higher weight capacity, and a redesigned footrest and 5-point harness are the most notable changes making this buggy even more luxe than it was before.

Uppababy G-luxe


With the new higher weight capacity of 55 lbs, the G-Luxe can accommodate a taller, heavier child with its roomy seat. The seat is 12 1/2″ wide, with a 20″ seat back and a measurement of 27″ from seat back to canopy. It sports a non-padded, adjustable, 5-point harness that not only dropped the crotch pad from last year’s model but features a new buckle.

The footrest has been redesigned and offers 2 positions for your little rider’s comfort. One of the biggest changes for 2013 (besides the wheels!) is how the seat reclines. Instead of the strap recline of yesteryear, the G-Luxe ’13 features a one-handed lever recline. Yep, clearly UPPAbaby wants to be BFFs when they add a one-handed recline for us! The seat has three recline positions but none of them are flat so UPPAbaby recommends the stroller for 3 months and up.


The basket on the G-Luxe isn’t bad. We say not bad because while it clearly isn’t the biggest basket on the market, it’s quite roomy for an umbrella stroller. We can easily fit a medium-size diaper bag in the basket or quite a few baby essentials. Besides the basket, there is a handy cup holder for mom but no other storage on the stroller.


If you are tall, you will probably appreciate the handles on the G-Luxe. While some other umbrella strollers will give you the dreaded stroller hunch as you push, the G-Luxe sports higher handles that are almost 42″ from ground to top of handles to give even our taller friends a comfortable push.


At first glance, the canopy doesn’t look all that huge. Not to worry though, there is a huge SPF 50+ pop-out sun visor hidden in the canopy to double the canopy in size. Pow!


The other biggest change for 2013 on the G-Luxe are the new sporty wheels. These 5.5″ wheels have been completely redesigned and are being referred to as “high performance” wheels. Let’s not confuse that with high performance wheels of an all-terrain stroller because that is not what they are. This is still an umbrella stroller but now it sports a bit heftier wheels. They are hard rubber wheels that feature a bit of “tire tread” but they are going to still perform best on smooth surfaces. Yes, with the front wheels locked straight and the 4 wheels shock absorbing suspension, they will go over playground mulch and grass better than other umbrella strollers but just don’t expect the performance of an “all-terrain” stroller.  We definitely like these new updated wheels though!


The G-Luxe is a very easy stroller to fold and unfold. You press a safety button on the handle bar, lift two finger triggers and the stroller folds down easily and locks into place with an auto lock. With the handy carry strap that allows you to fling the stroller on your back and the fact that it only weighs 11 lbs makes this is a great travel stroller.

The 2013 G-Luxe comes in five colors – Magenta, Teal, Orange, Black and Red and retails for $219. Overall, we like the changes on the G-Luxe a lot. Now if only they would get started on a side-by-side double. To get an up close and personal look at the new 2013 G-Luxe, watch our Baby Gizmo Video below.

To find out where to purchase, go to: UPPAbaby

Disclosure: Thanks to UPPAbaby for sending us a 2013 G-Luxe to review. As always, all our thoughts, opinions, and statements are our own.



  1. Hi! Im in the same situation like you. Which one did you ended up buying? I like both the uppa and the onyx. Thank u! Ann

  2. Hi Hollie,

    I need to buy an umbrella stroller for my upcoming trip in 2 weeks! Been watching tons of your videos and was hoping you can tell me you opinion between the UPPAbaby G-Luxe v.s. Cybex Onyx. Can you please help?

    Main criteria are: large canopy, good recline, ability to use when kids get older/taller. I did research on both and I see that the main differences is really the weight of the stroller and UPPAbaby have a stand. If it was you, which would you choose? By the way, no stores around me have it so I can’t take a look at it in person. 🙁

    Thank you for your help!


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