Baby Gizmo Spotlight Review: Valco Baby Zee Two

The Valco Baby Zee Two has all the same great features of the Zee but is twice the fun. This lighter-weight double stroller is skinny enough at 29 1/2″ across to slide through a standard doorway, sports two roomy seats to accommodate up to 45 lbs each seat, huge independent canopies and a very large basket.

Each seat on the Zee Two measures 12″ wide, with a 20″ seatback and a measurement of 26″ from seatback to canopy. While our 5-year-old, 43 lb tester isn’t a stroller-rider anymore, he fit in the seat perfectly so that we knew it really did hold up to its weight capacity. The seats sport non-padded, 5-point harnesses with hard-to-do Valco buckles to keep your little ones safely in the seats and the independently, adjustable footrests will keep them comfortable.

Each seat sports a baby bumper bar but there is no parent or baby tray, as well as, no cup holders. We love that the bumper bar is covered in the same fabric (which is removable) as the seat instead of foam. Each seat has an independent, “one touch” Valco strap recline that reclines each seat to any position with one hand including a deep recline for newborns.

The Zee Two is very well-endowed in the basket area. The basket is huge and can easily fit an extra large diaper bag and additional baby essentials.

Since each rider will definitely have their own personality, we love that the canopies are independent. One child can be fully covered while the other can enjoy the sunshine. The Zee Two’s canopies are sturdy and rounded for more headroom and sport a mesh peek-a-boo window with cover on the back of each. At first glance, the canopies aren’t huge until you realize it is the fabulous Valco EXpanda hood that zips open to reveal another whole canopy panel for full sun coverage.

The one-piece handlebar isn’t adjustable and measures 40″ from ground to where you place your hands. While it is perfect for the average mom (at about 5″4), if you are super-duper tall, you might want to check it out first. Our dad tester at just under 6″ handled the stroller just fine though.

The maneuverability on this double stroller is fabulous! Once you push it, you’ll know what we are talking about. It glides along and you can even maneuver it with one hand with two small children aboard. The 7″ front and 9″ rear hard rubber, tubeless tires are great on smooth surfaces and you’ll never have to worry about a puncture or a flat with these. You can tackle your typical kid all-terrain (grass, playground mulch, small rocks) with the Zee Two if you lock the front wheels straight. We also love the flip-flop friendly, one-touch brake system to lock the stroller into place.

The Zee Two has a very easy, two-handed fold. (See our video review on how to do it.) There is an manual lock on the side to keep the stroller closed during transport. You knew we had to say it, we’d love to see an automatic lock. Boy, we are predictable, aren’t we?!?

Weighing in at just under 27 lbs, this full-featured, double won’t break your back to get it in and out of your trunk. All the wheels pop right off if you want an even more compact package or if a good wheel cleaning is necessary.

The Zee Two takes the Valco Baby Hitch Hiker (riding board) for an older child to hop on for a ride and an infant car seat adapter (for the Graco, Maxi Cosi, Peg Perego, Chicco infant car seat) to make it a travel system. It’s important to know that it only takes one infant car seat at a time.

The Zee Two is available in three colors: Sapphire (tan with blue accents), Jet (black) and Blue Opal (blue with tan accents). The Zee Two retails for $499.

Overall, the Zee Two is a great lighter-weight, easy-to-fold double stroller that is stocked with features and versatility. If you are looking for a stroller that can do it all from birth to about 4 years old and can even turn into a triple with the Hitch Hiker board, you might want to consider the Valco Baby Zee Two.