Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Baby Roues Le Tour Stroller

Baby Roues Le Tour

A new baby stroller has rolled into town and we think you might want to know about it. The Baby Roues Le Tour is a full-featured, luxury stroller system that comes with a lightweight, aluminum frame, toddler seat and bassinet.

The stroller comes in three varieties, ranging from $550 for the canvas canopy and foot muff  to $599 for the Le Tour lux (leatherette canopy and foot muff) and the Le Tour argent (more luxurious fabric). Knowing the market of luxury strollers, this is a more budget-friendly option since it includes the bassinet in the package.


The Le Tour sports a roomy seat that accommodates up to 40 lbs. It measures 12″ wide, with a 19″ seat back and a measurement of 24″ from seat to canopy. The leg drop (where the seat breaks to where the child places his feet) is 9″ but there is no adjustable leg rest. A padded, 5-point, adjustable harness keeps baby safe in the seat but be careful because the super easy buckle release is a toddler escape artist’s dream.

The seat is reversible so that your pride and joy can look at you or out at the world and reclines back to four positions by pressing two large grey buttons on both sides of the seat. Instead of just the back of the seat reclining, the entire seat reclines back keeping its wide v-shape. The company recommends using the bassinet for the first few months and then moving your child to the toddler seat.



A large, accessible basket underneath the seat will hold a very large diaper bag or plenty of baby essentials. As for mom (or dad), the handy storage pouch attached to the back of the seat will hold a bottle and diapers or parent essentials such as a wallet and cell phone. We do miss a cup holder but it is very easy to add one to the stroller.

Baby Roues


Baby Roues was thinking of the taller parents because they made the Le Tour handle adjustable up and down from 28″ to 41″ from ground to handle.


You know we love a big canopy and the Le Tour doesn’t disappoint. It’s large and in charge but it is missing our peek-a-boo window that we are always looking for.

 Baby Roues Le Tour


The strollers rolls on 10.5″ front and 6.5″ rear foam tires with the front swivel wheels having the ability to lock straight for a bit rougher terrain. We found the stroller is incredibly easy to push and the all-wheel suspension is great for cutting down on the bumps to baby.



Nobody wants to struggle with folding a stroller so good thing this one is easy to fold and you can do it with the seat or bassinet attached! Yeah! Removing seats is such a hassle in our crazy baby world! It is a two-handed fold but it’s easy to do and the folded package isn’t bad for a full-featured stroller. We love that the entire stroller (chassis, seat and wheels) only weight 20 lbs. That is really lightweight for a luxury stroller and our backs appreciate it when we have to load it in our trunk three times a day.

It’s pretty great that it includes an automatic lock that saves us that extra step as well! It has a standing fold but be careful because it sets on the canopy and the foam handle – two things that you don’t want messed up!

Baby Roues


Like we said at the beginning, the stroller comes with the bassinet and the best thing about it is that we don’t have to swap fabrics. That’s right, it’s a full bassinet and toddler seat and the only thing you have to move is the canopy and the baby bumper bar.

The bassinet is deep and roomy and accommodates a baby up to 6 months. NOTE: When a baby can sit up on their own, it’s time to pack away the bassinet. The stroller also comes with a rain shield which is a nice bonus.

Baby Roues

If you are into travel systems, you can purchase car seat adapters separately for the Maxi Cosi, Cybex and Graco infant car seats. There is also a “universal” car seat adapter available.

The Baby Roues Le Tour stroller is black but the color is added with the canopy and the bassinet foot muff and retails for $550. You have six colors to choose from: black, red, pink, silver, blue and tan. If you want the upgraded to the Le Tour lux with the leatherette canopy and foot muff, it retails for $599 and comes in five colors: black, brown, blue, pink and tan.

Overall, the Baby Roues Le Tour is a great alternative to some of the pricier luxury strollers on the market. If you are looking for a full package that includes the toddler seat and the bassinet, this is one to consider.

To see the stroller up close and personal, watch our Baby Gizmo Video Review below:

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