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  2. Hi Hollie I heard the city mini gt is tippy so can u do a compassion on the motion and gt please? Thanks

  3. ^Monica, it may be similar to the City Mini GT except this has air tires, not foam filled rubber tires ! I have been doing nothing but researching strollers for days.. I LOVE this one !

  4. This seems to be a City Mini GT with a BOB cover on top (although a smaller canopy). I’m actually amazed at how many features they “borrowed” from the City Mini.

  5. looks like a really good stroller. Do you have an idea how heavy it weighs? Am considering getting the jeep cherokee. But this stroller can just change my mind. Do you know how this strollers hold up with the cherokee?

  6. I’m on the fence between the Bob Motion and the City Mini GT. Ideally I want something that can go over uneven sidewalks, grass, gravel, and maybe some snow, that also has a great, easy, compact fold. Also my son loves sitting very upright. Do you have any suggestions? I’d LOVE any help I can get in making this ridiculously difficult decision. My son is 8 months old and I STILL don’t have a stroller for him! I simply can’t decide!

  7. Hi Hollie!

    Thanks for the great review!! Any idea when they will be releasing the stroller in
    Canada? Really want one for my son!!!

    Thanks 🙂

  8. Can anyone here answer my question of how we will know who the winners are? We never gave any specific information on any of these entries except for blog comments and youtube comments. I just don’t see how 6 winners will be chosen from comments. Can anyone shed some light on this? Or are we wasting our time giving all the glory to this BabyGizmo page that just needs more “hits”?

  9. FINALLY!!! I’ve been a huge fan of BOB even before having my son! I have always said that BOB needs an everyday stroller! My wish has come true!! I now wish they would come out with a two seater so when we have our second child I can have both! 🙂

  10. Hi Hollie!
    How does the maneuverability of the Motion compare to the Revolution SE? Does it still have that “smooth like butter” push/feel through different terrains?

  11. I’m new to Bob and Britax strollers. Great deal on REI! Can you easily remove the seat or canopy for cleaning?

  12. This will be our first one, can you please tell me if this fits the infant seat rear facing or does it have to be front facing with infact seat ?

  13. I’m so glad I found this. I went test driving strollers today. There’s too much to choose from! With the car seat this seems like such a great deal, and I love shopping rei because they stand behind their products. Thanks for the review.

  14. Finally! Love B.O.B and this stroller will be a must have. Thank you Baby Gizmo for reviewing the new B.O.B Motion.

  15. Any word if they are planning a convertible version of this? It would be amazing to have a 2nd seat option and glider board option, all of which could be folded. The convertible strollers are awesome, but nothing all terrain. Huge void in market. I own two Bobs and a Phil and Teds, and nothing compares to Bob!

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