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  1. Hi Hollie,
    Wondering if you think you could use the seat for a newborn? I know it says 6+months maybe with an insert to keep baby snug. Would love your imput on what you think.

    Thanks Shandi

    1. I think with a newborn insert the baby would be fine in the seat with it reclined all the way.

  2. Hello I am writing to you because I really liked you explanation about the new model of the B-READY; however, I do have some doubts and I wonder if you could help me in order to get the best stroller. I am from Chile Southamerica and here in my country there is only one model which is the B-Agile however I have some relatives living in the US that could send me the one I want. From you opinion which is better the BREADY or the B-AGILE in terms of accessories and functions and of course security because I would like to also have the bassinet especially when they are very young.

    The other doubt that I have is that if this stroller can be used in children a little bit older such as 5-6 years old?

    Best regards,

    Rafaela Peña

  3. Does anyone know if the wheel kit will solve the squeaky wheel problem on the 2010 b ready? Incidentally…I love my b ready. My 3 year old likes to ride on the bottom while my one year old rides on top. I bought the adapter for my Chicco carseat so I was happy my then <2 year old liked the bottom.

  4. Great review. Just upgraded from 2010 to 2012 model. There is no accessories as on the older one, and the front wheels are very disappointing, thought they would be robber too, but no, they are not, cheap looking foam 🙁

  5. How would you compare the agile b-ready? Which would you suggest between the two? Also, what is the be-Eclipse? How does that compare?

  6. I have not even used my britax b ready 2012 for 2 weeks its already scratched the wheels r making a scretchy noise … A lil disappointed on how much u money I spend and all this in less than 2 weeks I was better off with my Graco !!!

  7. Hollie, I am considering either the B-Ready or the City Select. I have only one 4 month old baby but I want to plan for the near future for 2 kids. Which would you recommend as an overall?

  8. I really want this stroller and car seat, cause I can use it for two kids in the future. We are having our first child in November and we will be to starting trying for our second when our first one is one. How close it that second child to you when your walking?? It looks like you will be hitting the child in with your knees and feet, so how safe it it for our second child?? Please help us out we dont know what to do?

  9. I read that the 2012 will be missing some of the old included accessories. Does the 2012 still come with the rain cover and the removeable storage bag like the old B Ready?

  10. Hi Hollie, love your reviews. I have actually been using them to do research on my next stroller (have four but I am looking for a good jogging one). Unfortunatey, B Ready does not fit the bill but it looks like a great stroller, the blue color is beautiful and the tires look awesome (just not for jogging). Wish you had included something about the second seat for those who may not realize it is an option with this stroller.

  11. Does anyone know if the second seat will work from the old 2011 version on the 2012 version of the B-Ready? Or will they be selling a new 2012 second seat? I haven’t seen this available on any websites yet.

  12. Does anyone know if Britax is going to offer the Free Ride sale (free doubles kit, car seat or bassinet with purchase of stroller) this spring for 2012 B-ready stroller?

  13. Great review as always Hollie! Very excited about the new tires! I live in Canada & plastic wheels aren’t great in our snowy winters so that has been the main reason I’ve held off on getting a B-Ready.

    Do you know if they changed the buckle on the second seat too? Or did it stay the same? When I was looking at the current model in the store I didn’t like how the straps didn’t stay together (had to slide both waist & chest straps into buckle when doing it up) so I’m hoping this was improved on.

    Thanks 🙂

  14. How much more of an upright seat is the new one, like just an inch or two? I am so bummed about the new tires, I have only used mine twice so far and wish I knew about the upgrades prior to using it. Oh well!

  15. They couldn’t take away the choking hazard foam covwered bumper bar? and The foam on the parent bar that maked dirt not just wipe away there either? UGH! I feel like I need to start my own stroller co. They didn’t fix the cup holder that falls off by looking at it? they could do this so easily!

  16. I love the changes – I’ve been holding off on registering for the B-Ready due to the wheels. There isn’t any info on bassinet changes for 2012 – UPPAbaby’s bassinet changes were huge. Any word on Britax?

  17. So bummed, I got my B-Ready last spring and just recently started using the toddler seat and my biggest gripe is that it isn’t very upright. Well shoot!

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