Baby Gizmo Spotlight Video Review: Bumbleride Mini Board (+Giveaway)

Bumbleride Mini Board

Congrats to our giveaway winner – 

Entry #1245 – Christy S. 

A few months ago Bumbleride introduced their version of the stroller ride-on board called the Mini Board. This skateboard-style board is a perfect way to extend the life of your Bumbleride Indie or Indie Twin to accommodate those growing toddlers who just want to catch a ride from time to time. The Mini Board easily clamps to the frame of your Bumbleride stroller in seconds and features a slip-resistant deck for your toddler to stand on while they hold on to the handlebar.

We found that the two swivel wheels are very durable and gave it great maneuverability. Since the board is designed for the toddler to stand inside the handlebar, at 5’5, I was happy to find out that the board didn’t get in the way of my stride as I walked. If you are super tall, like with any ride-on boards, you will probably kick the back unless you walk to the side. That is pretty standard and unavoidable for our taller friends though.

You do have to remove the board from the stroller when folding, but the clamp system makes it super easy. Our only piece of advice is that you teach your toddler not to play or step down on the brake bar as they are riding. It is positioned right in front of their toes and screams to be played with. 🙂

Bumbleride Mini Board

To get an up close and personal look at the Mini Board, take a peek at our full video review below.



We are so excited about the new Bumbleride Mini Board that we are giving one away! Woot! Woot! But wait – you can’t have a Mini Board without a Bumbleride Indie, right?!?

Yep, we are giving away one of those too!! Winner gets both AND, CANADA, YOU ARE IN ON THIS ONE!!!



  • Bumbleride Mini Board AND Bumbleride Indie Stroller (color of winner’s choice!)



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